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Dec 16, 2019 · Intractable Pain (IP) Doctors in Neuropathy

I was diagnosed by my GP about 6 years ago and after he ran out of options he tried to refer me to Mayo in Rochester. I was turned down with a short trite note that they were unable to see where they could be of any benefit over what my family doctor had tried. Found that a little disturbing that my local doctor in a town of 7500 had the knowledge and resources of Mayo clinic but after talking with him again was told that idiopathic nerve issues are a needle in a haystack and Mayo would rather look at cases that are not quite so shot in the dark. His comment was, if the could perform surgery on you with a good chance of an outcome that would be good advertising you'd be in quickly. Good luck, I've not found any reliable relief for the burning and rocks in my shoes feeling and I look at everything new all the time.

Jul 2, 2018 · Don't Want To Be a Complainer in Chronic Pain

I have been on the neuropathy pain train for the last 7 years (ideopathic) and have tried everything the doctors have recommended and every miracle cure located through research to no avail. I try not to complain but find that if you don't some, everyone around you forgets you have these issues and then is so surprised when you can't do some activity or function because of the pain. I get the old oh, I didn't know you were still having those problems many time from people that you have explained to many times that no, we have found no cure and pain meds don't work. If you are not an advocate for yourself, the medical community and your friends and family move on as if there is nothing there. I can't explain that my pain in my feet IS NOT the same as your sore feet from a long day at work. Have to make a little noise or be forgotten!

May 15, 2018 · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

I too suffer with the problem of walking with neuropathy and mine is 100% from the pain aspect. Taking 900 mg of gabapentin 3 times a day to just dumb down the issue. Anymore than 30 minutes walking or standing and I am in serious pain, like crushed glass in my shoes. Used to jog 25-30 miles a week and have run many half marathons and one completely. Really miss being able to be active.

May 2, 2018 · Neuropathy Pain-Medical Community’s Reluctance To Investigate in Neuropathy

Blood work, nerve conduction study etc. Found nothing. Gabapentin seems almost worthless. Dumbs it down but not a lot.

May 2, 2018 · Neuropathy Pain-Medical Community’s Reluctance To Investigate in Neuropathy

Been dealing with idiopathic peripheral neuropathy for the past 6 years and after the first year with my GP and an extensive visit to a major university hospital, nobody seems inclined to make any further attempts to locate a possible cause or positive pain management program. Is this illness a finality that is a just deal with it situation for the rest of a patents life? I now see why depression and desperation are words used quite often by people with this affliction.

Apr 21, 2018 · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Your story and mine are almost carbon copies! Mine started as just hot sensations in my feet and progressed to burning, crushed glass feeling in my toes and a few numb spots that has leveled off the last couple of years after gradually getting worse the first 4-5. Had all the blood work, nerve conduction studies etc. and never have found anything that can remotely be aligned as a cause. Was told that I am one of the unlucky 15% that will never know why, sounds great huh. I am one that leans toward the idea that being over treated with a statin drug right before this started as the cause for my issues and some doctors will even talk the theory but none want to come right out and admit possible as they all are complicit in the over prescribing of statins. Don’t fall for all the miracle treatments on the web that will start to flood your inbox if you research there as I have had no luck with any of the creams pills etc. Good luck with your treatment, hoping you find something to treat or at least a medication that will help with the symptoms. I was an avid runner that did a marathon and averaged 30 miles a week for years and then walked and hour each morning before work and now am lucky to survive a trip to the grocery store, cannot be on my feet more than 20-30 minutes without paying a large price.

Mar 6, 2018 · Is there any connection with statin use and neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Had my GP overprescibe a statin that had my cholesterol well under control attempting to lower my triglycerides and a year later was in the same boat as you. Got off the statin but too late , have neuropathy in both feet that seems to be a life time issue. Have found nothing that works to ease the pain, good luck finding any help from the medical community. They just tell you it's permanent.

Feb 6, 2018 · Low back pain & neuropathy issues in Spine Health

68 years old and lower back+neuropathy issues make staying active hell. Used to be avid jogger and now cannot be on my feet for more than 10-15 minutes. No meds help. Very depressing.