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Mar 2, 2017 · Video Q&A about Thyroid Nodules and Cancer in Thyroid Cancer

Hello Doctors,
I am 22 year old female, have been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer 5 months ago and had total thyroidectomy
The cancerous part was a solitary nodule in the isthmus (1×0.8 cm) completely encapsulated with no evidence of capsular invasion.Both lobes were completely free of malignancy .One lymph node biopsied and came back free
My oncologist recommends RAI ablation dose to destroy any residual thyroid cells, he considers me a high risk cuz I’m young and recurrence is pretty much expected at least once in my lifetime
So my question is do I really have to do the RAI? Or I can just do regular thyroglobulin blood tests? my last thyroglobulin level was