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Thu, Apr 13 11:08am · Virus in Transplants

WOW , thank you for your response

Wed, Apr 12 11:00am · Virus in Transplants

Thank you for your response I really appreciate you

Tue, Apr 11 10:36pm · Virus

Good evenings , just wanted to share my concerns , my son has been home almost 2months after having a heart transplant , been doing everything right , my concern is his 5year old daughter has come down with a stomach virus and has been throwing up , im worried my son will catch this bug, we have been sanitizing our hands constantly but not sure that will be enough, he hadnt been wearing his mask or thing over his mouth at home cause no one was sick but immediately put it on when she threw up , but bit sure if it was lingering before she showed signs

Sat, Apr 1 3:29pm · Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) - Let's talk in Just Want to Talk

Thats is such a blessing to hear , my son is doing good and recovering real well, but im so happy it is all over with and now to look foward , and continue to pray that he doesn’t reject , so far all looks good , our hardest thing is eating right low sodium , being Hispanic its hard lol , cause we are all supporting my son and eating the same , I am always going to be here for anyone going through , what we went through , just a message away 🙂 🙂 🙂

Fri, Mar 31 11:08pm · Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) - Let's talk in Just Want to Talk

My son is doing now that he has been home feeling blessed , I hope all is good with you , and thank you

Mon, Mar 20 5:02pm · Heart transplant and caring at home in Transplants

And he is also loving and so.happy to be home

Mon, Mar 20 5:01pm · Heart transplant and caring at home in Transplants

Aww thank you everything is going good , dr visits once a week, him and his wife take care of that part, so good to finally be home and getting things back to normal, I’ve been doing some gardening, I love that , alex comes out me some evenings, when its not to hot, we also take walks drs orders not long ones maybe 2blocks, but so.far no problems , feeling blessed, and im so happy to hear from you , im grateful for you

Wed, Mar 15 2:58pm · Heart transplant and caring at home

Hello everyone , I am happy to say that my son is home after 2 1/2 months at the hospital, after a heart transplant , he came home yesterday on his birthday , now its time for us as a family to make sure he is well taken care of at home, nervous about him getting sick , don’t want to end up back at the hospital after all that time , it feels really good to start getting our lives back together , but we are a strong family , but never to proud to get some advice and hear of anyone that has been through the same thing , we have alot to learn , Thank you