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Feb 18, 2018 · Trouble with orgasm in Men's Health

Do any of you take Saw Palmetto to aid in prostate health?

Feb 18, 2018 · Trouble with orgasm in Men's Health

I take Gabapentin as well and it most definitely affects the libido! I’m female and upon speaking with other females in my support group about this, I’ve found we all have the same issue. No sex drive whatsoever, like non-existent and we range from the ages of 23-45. In the times we have engaged in sex, it’s nearly impossible to climax. Another major side effect noted is memory loss! Especially so with short-term memory and after years of use, it starts affecting the long-term as well. I’m looking into get off of it and researching to find something natural. Of course it has to be a slow process weaning off or it can cause seizures, amongst other major issues! I’ve found Turmeric does seem to help, but needs to come from an organic source and high grade potency and good quality. It comes in a brown glass bottle and needs to be stored as such. I take it along with Vitamin E and Cod Liver Oil. For some reason it works better when used in conjunction with them. My neurosurgeon recently recommended something that is better than the Vitamin E and Cod Liver Oil combined and I’d be able to cut both out. I experimented to see if the above combination helped my nerve pain by consistently taking them for a long period of time then stopping, then back on again. I did notice a difference and it does seem to help. I have constant, chronic pain due to a spinal cord injury; which involves the nerves being completely pulled out of the rootlet. Turmeric may end up being the answer and I can do alright with just that. I believe your body is the best, natural mechanism to ward off and fight anything. Sometimes it needs a boost per se’, but we are provided with plants, animals and herbs designed to do just that!