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1 day ago · Botox Injections placed near and/or around the Pyloric Sphincter. in Digestive Health

i'm so sorry to hear this. my thoracic surgeon wanted to do this to me to enable the emptying of the stomach which might be contributing to my perceived heartburn(there is no more acid reflux due to all the testing we've done). i have hypersensitive esophagus as well as weak esophagus muscles due to my rrheumatoid arthritis. the fundoplication performed should not have been performed on me. i hope this wears off for you quickly or you need to get another specialist to help you out of this chaos. i have 4 pages of medicines that i can't take due to bad reactions. My immune system is very sensitive. it sounds like your immune system is very sensitive, also. from what i've read this is a temporary fix and should not last beyond 3 months. please push for relief…. is there anyone else out there who has had the pyloric sphincter injected with botox who might offer advice for recovery to marleyeleanordietrich@monday555?…. i sincerely thank you for your feedback……..god bless…..kozlo52

4 days ago · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

from what i have read the PPI's do not have any effect on bile reflux. when your GI doctor performed and endo on you if you had bile in the stomach he would have seen this and put you on questran ( orange flavored resin powder , which is just awful to taste) to help clear up the bile in the stomach. if he hasn't told you that there is bile then you probably don't have it. have you had an esophagael manometry test? this will measure the strength of your esophagus muscles. i too have probablems swallowing, after fundoplication and later gall bladder removal. my last esophagael manometry test showed a parameter that measured 378 ( range is 500 -5000). prior to fundo i had measured 517. I have very weak esopagus muscles that can't push the food more effectively thru the stomach. thus longer residence time of ffod in my stomach gives me the sensation of heartburn, which is really esophagus sensation like burn. i have no barrett's because of the fundoplication. i was on antacis for 18 years and had no signs of all these bad things the doctors say about the antacids. take your omeprazole as he says and live your life as normal as possible. avoid caffeine, chocolates, carbonation , and cigarettes……best wishes … kozlo52

Sun, Sep 8 2:03am · Does anyone else with RA lose their balance? in Autoimmune Diseases

how long have you had RA? Is there xrays to prove joint damage? what is your latest sed rate from the bloodwork?…. i never really had a balance problem with my RA . Ar one point i used to go to the steeler games on crutches. (20 years ago). today at age 67 , my RA is still active and my left knee relacement is worn out after 15 years; my left hip replacement is worn out after 16 years . both will need replaced. my 1st right knee replacement broke at 12 years, due to a defect in the plastic piece between the upper /lower metal parts of the joint and had to be replaced. the right 2nd knee is 4 years old and working fine. the reason i say all this is if you still have your original knees and hips try to keep them as long as you can. nothing is like your original joints. if you are having a balance problem, it could be due to wear in the hips and knees and possible feet. i currently have a balance problem due to the above wear. i also lack cartilidge in the soles of my feet making walking difficult and at times balance problems. if you need to use cane or walker. this is no shame in this….. god bless and good luck…..kozlo52

Tue, Sep 3 2:19am · Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) - Introduce yourself and meet others in Autoimmune Diseases

what kind of meds are you on now to treat your RA? I have had RA since 1989. thank you…….kozlo52

Sun, Sep 1 2:24am · Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) - Introduce yourself and meet others in Autoimmune Diseases

each RA drug will either work or not work for each individual. Each RA drug does have potential dangerous side effects. the biggest can be lymphoma and you immune system is supressed so much you can get colds, viruses, flu very easily. I have a 75 years old friend who was so dischanted with all the different RA medicines and side effects that she went on medical marijuana after getting her license that she said that she has never fely better. now she can't drive anymore because if you are in an accident and get blood tested and it is discovered that marijuana is in your system that is an automatic DUI. she told me that the medical marijuana makes you feel better but your awareness of pain is known but not felt. i think it suppresses the neuro response of pain back to the brain. thsi is not a cure for RA but enable one to better tolerate the pain. as far as what RA drug to take, i can't tell you…. best wishes and god bless……kozlo52

Sat, Aug 31 4:51am · Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) - Introduce yourself and meet others in Autoimmune Diseases

i have never heard of such a treatment as i have had RA for 30 years. i have been thru almost all the biologic modifiers with terrible side effects; torn retinas, kidney failure; rashes so severe that i almost lost my scrotum… i haven't been on biologic modifiers for 17 years. i control my RA with 10 mg of oxycodone and 4 mg of prednisone. my RA is still active at age 67……..kozlo52

Sat, Aug 31 4:47am · Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) - Introduce yourself and meet others in Autoimmune Diseases

since you are on methotrexate keep tabs on your liver enzymes. i was on that for 3 weeks and it drove my liver enzymes very high. only bloodwork can tell.since you have RA what was you SED rate (0-20 is normal range)?.. god bless and good luck…….kozlo52

Sat, Aug 24 2:30am · Undiagnosed auto immune disease in Autoimmune Diseases

when you said that yuo had excessive protein in your urine, were the doctors sure you were not goin thru kidney faliure? i had kidney failure in 2002 due to an RA medicine called with massive amounts of protein as well as 43 lbs of water weight gain in 3 weeks. i also had high blood pressure. my kidneys at the time were only 30% effective. had they gone to 20% effective hen i would have been on dialysis. i stopped the RA medicine immediately and once the kidney doctors figured out how to kid my kidneys to work again, then i was sent home and put on 60 mg of lacex every day for a month until all 43 lbs were lost and the kidney tests proved positive. my ct scan of the kidneys while in the hospital revealed normal size. everything is ok today………..kozlo52