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Sat, Feb 16 12:13pm · Draino guts with tender nuts in Digestive Health

Wow all of this does not sound fun at all!! Just a suggestion, have you been to a Doctor that specializes in food intolerance or sensitivity? I don’t know much about the keto diet, the right carbs are so important in any medical diet, but doing it just slightly wrong for any specific cause can be detrimental. Treating the cause and not the symptoms can be such a struggle in healthcare.
Examine different autoimmune diseases, mine is Celiac Sprue. The simple crackers to settle my stomach were killing me. So hard, but keep an open mind and never stop trying to figure it out.

Thu, Jan 31 6:46pm · Undiagnosed & desperate. in Autoimmune Diseases

Hey I hope that you are thriving now!! These things can be so mindboggling to say the least. When a food destroys your villi nothing works right no matter what diet you choose. The good news is that you can heal. A simple illumination diet won’t do much. What most times is needed is an intense food regiment guided closely in a health clinic setting. Celiac is very hard to diagnose, not saying that is it, but in lots of cases it is. Gluten Zero and the AIP diet is worth a try. It takes much research and diligence to get healthy, and even more to stay healthy. As far as I know HLA DQ2 and HLA DQ8 are celiac genes,HLA DQ1&3 are gluten sensitive genes. Testing for all of these would be good.My sister constantly was told she didn’t have celiac, an endoscopy showed much damage, some just continually test negative. Maybe it’s because a patient is already gluten free-ish and there are just no detectable antibodies. Tricky stuff, hope you figure it out…

Apr 11, 2018 · Undiagnosed & desperate. in Autoimmune Diseases

Gluten free is a slippery slope way of eating. Read about the AIP diet. Gluten free products that are highly processed are unhealthy to say the least. Healing will not happen. Try the autoimmune Protocol for as long as you can stand and see if any symptoms subside. Not many can do it, the standard American diet is extremely hard to ween off of. Processed anything is very addictive. Hope you find your answers. If you can pick it, dig it…meat if you like…eat it. If it has a shelf life, leave it on the shelf. Good luck!!!

Apr 11, 2018 · Undiagnosed but some labs positive in Autoimmune Diseases

Sorry that you are so sick. Finding out the solution
can be so hard. I had so many of your issues and
finally got my answer after 53 years of suffering.
I have Celiac Sprue. Has anyone offered knowledge with respect to a food issue at all?
When the gut biome is upset many things can go wrong. Maybe try the AIP way of eating for as long as you can and see how you feel. It rids you of exposure to all inflammatory foods and allows some healing. Just a suggestion, you might have tried it already. It is my miracle, but we all work differently. Have you tried a good probiotic? One that needs refrigeration? VSL#3 or Kirkman brand.

Sep 29, 2017 · Connective tissue auto immune in Autoimmune Diseases

You are at the top of your game in this battle!!! Go with the day…no two are anything alike. The trick is to not tackle every little thing that comes along. Stay focused on yourself and that alone gives you the energy to help others.

Sep 29, 2017 · Connective tissue auto immune in Autoimmune Diseases

You are an inspiration. Medical diets require great self discipline. Celiac Sprue has been such a life changing diagnosis. I always say if your life depends on eating a certain way it is a no brainer. But really not many have any self control because the American diet is completely addictive to say the least. Get Jennifer Esposito’s new cookbook. It is full of information and all of her many years of the best recipes for all ways of eating great foods. Keep spreading the word!! So many never associate diet with these 300 symptoms of autoimmune disease.

Sep 19, 2017 · Autoimmune? Or is it all in my head? in Autoimmune Diseases

This is so not in your head!! But it gets into your head through all the hopelessness and helplessness that comes with this challenge.
The treatment you are getting is medical and probably helping. But other things can be done. I suggest this cookbook and this way of eating to calm your inflammation. I went on it 3 months ago for a month originally and loved how I feel so much that I will probably always do this medical diet. It takes a lot of resources and help cooking when you are not able to. It takes self control and true grit. Not many can do this but I will suggest it anyways. Clean eating with organic produce and grassfed meats is essential to healing the inflammation. Along with medical care you can do many other things. Nutrient dense foods (every bite!!), movement, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, calming music, probiotics, stress ” be gone” ways of living.
Autoimmune Protocol Diet!!! Essential but takes true grit and not many of us can get that accomplished. Take care…really…take control…read everything you can about diet…and take great care!!! Best of thoughts!!!

Sep 18, 2017 · Lexapro withdrawal in Depression & Anxiety

Hello ramos06!! Oh boy you are going through what so many of us do!! Life can be so overwhelming to say the least. One day everything is fine and the next is like we were stuck in a never ending blender for no reason. The dose really is so small that if you feel better on it then maybe go back to 10 just to see if it helps. This is all a big trial and error type of situation. Try to think if something happened to trigger your anxiety, like a tough visit or a diet change or homones? If you can’t seem to figure it out then wait for the next awful feeling and take the xanax. Time it and see if within 5-10 minutes if you are so much better or no change at all. Most of the time you are better but not always. This can be something to report to your next care giver.
I always think that a bunch of ways to approach the “crawling worm” times is best. See if an audio for hypnotherapy or yoga or a nice walk or calming music helps. Coping skills like always checking your reactions or approach when you get poked emotionally. Life requires many many coping skills to be called upon at any given moment.
Going off meds can be like taking that layer of protection away. I read that 30 minutes of any kind of exercise gives the brain good chemicals just like a pill does. This may be totally untrue but I took it to heart and it worked for me. It gave me some control over what seemed like a whole universe of problems!!
I am one of the very few lucky ones who (thanks to Dr. Borovansky at Mayo) found extreme intolerance to wheat barley and rye. After 4 years I still and always will have Celiac Sprue, always have to stay on my gluten zero medical diet. Now I have no panic attacks, no gut issues, (thanks to VSL#3 probiotics) very few foggy brain days and my mood and outlook is normal I gladly admit!!!
Never stop trying to find your answer but always do your best getting to that solution. We are so fortunate to have places like the Mayo that never give up. You can do this!!!