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11 hours ago · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Please tell us what has happened? Have they helped a good deal?

Fri, Nov 10 12:01pm · Has anyone used PRP or Stem Cell Therapy to fix cervical discs in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I found one of the places in LA I was considering. It’s not the Stanford lady dr but another well known place. You need to check them out for yourself though. I did email with the doc and he was very approachable. Don’t know a lot more though.
This Dr teaches at UCLA so I doubt he’s a quack.

Fri, Nov 10 11:47am · Has anyone used PRP or Stem Cell Therapy to fix cervical discs in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I posted that post a while back and I’m sorry to say I no longer have the LA Drs names or info. I found them originally by searching Regenerative medicine doctors at Stanford. One of them that was trained at Stanford has their own clinic in LA. It’s a lady doctor but I don’t remember her name. I know it’s in West LA/Beverly Hills area, but I don’t know the clinics name any longer. I’m sorry, maybe you can find it by looking the way I did online from Stanford to Los Angeles.

Thu, Nov 9 9:36pm · Tizanidine /Zanaflex in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I LOVE Lidoderm (lidocaine patches). They help me more than most oral medications. I’ve had problems with the generic brands because they either come off or are super sticky/gooey. I have just stuck with the name brand Lidoderm and they work great. Almost any other med I’ll use generic but this one I’ve seen a difference. If anyone knows a good company’s generic I’d love to know.

Sun, Nov 5 1:46pm · CBD in Chronic Pain

Tried to delete a repeated post and it won’t let me. Sorry for the wasted post

Wed, Nov 1 10:27pm · Withdrawal from fentynol and oxycodone in Chronic Pain

If you are asking me, I stopped at home with a Drs prescription and guidance, when I used Suboxone. Suboxone is also addictive so you exchange it for the opioids and then taper off the Suboxone. The theory is that it’s easier to taper off of. It wasn’t that hard, but I was determined.

The rapid detox is inpatient in a hopistal. It’s expensive and not covered by any insurance. It’s much easier, but not inexpensive. It takes anywhere from 3-5 days, the first 1-2 are inpatient and the last couple in an aftercare facility with 24/7 nursing and dr once a day.

Wed, Nov 1 7:43pm · Withdrawal from fentynol and oxycodone in Chronic Pain

Hi John, Have you sought out the help of a Dr? I’ve had broken bones and injuries that have caused me pain problems for years. I’ve bern on both meds you mention. By my choice twice I’ve stopped all meds to see how much pain I’m in without them, and to try and maintain without them. Just like you I’d been happy on them for a long time. One time I stopped with a Drs help using suboxone and one time I went through a rapid detox where it’s over in a couple days with medical intervention. Both times worked fine without white knuckling it. Unfortunately for me I’m in a lot of pain without any medication. Maybe find Dr. who can help.

Sun, Oct 29 9:45am · Tizanidine /Zanaflex in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Yes, I take it 1-2x a day for muscle spasms from degenerated cervical discs. I think it helps me better than other muscle relaxants I’ve tried. What exactly did you want to know about it?