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6 days ago · Being Old With Chronic Pain plus Loneliness in Chronic Pain

Parus, I can totally relate to your feelings. I never thought children growing up and leaving home would be so hard, especially if you’re not feeling well. Having family at a distance makes illness even worse. I hope this group can help you feel more connected with people, especially if they’re in the same situation. Pain and illness can be very isolating.

Sun, Oct 8 6:51pm · Facet Joint Injections - Anyone had success? in Chronic Pain

Do you know what the use in the injection? I asked my Pain Dr about them and he said they only used lidocaine and they used it diagnostically. He said because of that they wouldn’t last. I’m wondering if your doctor uses Cortizone.

Sat, Oct 7 2:16pm · Facet Joint Injections - Anyone had success? in Chronic Pain

What type of diagnosis do you have that nerve ablations work?

Tue, Oct 3 10:50pm · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Mental Health

I had a doctor once prescribed me Effexor because I have a migraine headache’s. I put on 30 pounds within a couple months and I’m a very slight person. I never carry that kind of weight and it was really obvious something was wrong to me. The doctor that prescribed it said I was just aging, I was still in my 30s. Once I stopped taking the Effexor, the weight just melted off within the next few months.

I can’t address why the night sweats, I have them now but that is because I am really older now. I do know putting on weight made me depressed and I’m not a depressed person. I was able to just taper off Effexor without many side effects at all. I would just follow your doctor’s directions and get it out of your system. That particular classification of antidepressant has the weight gain has a side effect. I wish I could help more, good luck. Jennifer

Mon, Oct 2 4:22pm · Treating osteoperosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I’m curious if you have health insurance because a bone scan should’ve covered under your circumstances. I’ve broken more than my share of bones also and they did a scan because of it. Even at 63 I didn’t have osteoporosis. I just liked sports. Best to scan it to be sure. Ca and vit D work as prevention.

Thu, Sep 21 5:06pm · Back Pain Due to Heavy Lifting in Chronic Pain

No, I haven’t talked to an agency. I was under the impression you had to go to a disability attorney.

Thu, Sep 21 5:04pm · Back Pain Due to Heavy Lifting in Chronic Pain

Really? My last long term job was in 2010. I have been hired 4 times by different companies since then in my attempt to continue to work. I’ve had to leave all of them due to bad pain. I was told I couldn’t file a claim because I didn’t have a 5year work history within the last 2 years. Maybe I need to call again.

Thu, Sep 21 3:45am · Back Pain Due to Heavy Lifting in Chronic Pain

Jim, I’m wondering if you applied for SS disability within 2 years of your last job lasting 5 years or more? That what SSD told me I should have done if I wanted to be approved. They say I can’t get it now because I stupidly tried 4 more times to go back to work. My last job was within their 2year deadline, but because I was in so much pain I didn’t last 5 years. It seems so crazy that you want to work, your keep trying to work, you get hired but fail so you are punished. I wondered if an attorney would help at all. Thanks, Jennifer