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Jul 3, 2017 · Gastritis/GERD/Reflux in Digestive Health

Just to give an update, I had a manometry, and my doc has determined, with about 50-60% certainly, for whatever it’s worth, that I am in the early stages of achalasia. Was wondering if anyone has any knowledge or experience with this disease. To me, it would explain going from somewhat normal, to terrible symptoms almost overnight before I started taking Nexium.

Now, my doctor wants me to take 30 MG of Nifedipine(as a calcium channel blocker), on top of the Nexium. Does that sound right? Will the Nifedipine help with the sour taste in my mouth?


May 12, 2017 · Gastritis/GERD/Reflux in Digestive Health

Thank you Kelly, that’s a lot of info to digest(no pun intended).

I live in NJ, and I have seen multiple doctors, at the moment, I am seeing 2 GI’s(my wife has been strongly encouraging me to get 2nd and 3rd opinions). One doctor has strongly advised me against surgery until we exhaust all options, and the latest doctor I’m seeing(out of Mount Sinai), is running a bunch of tests before I get his opinion. With the last blood test I had, my doctor suspects that I also have Gilberts Syndrome, which is I suppose one of the more minor liver diseases, but I still have no idea how that plays into it.

I’m glad to hear the surgery has worked out for you and that you are feeling well. Definitely gives me some hope.

May 12, 2017 · Gastritis/GERD/Reflux in Digestive Health

Yes, I cut down on almost everything I should be cutting down on, though I tend to cheat when I’m feeling better. Gluten, dairy, have been mostly cut out, very low sugar intake, though after my gerd symptoms, thinking about losing fruit as well. The tough part is, I don’t want to lose any more weight, I’ve lost too much as is. Doing my best to keep away from trigger foods.

I had recently been on cortisone enimas as well to better control my UC. I am now weening off those enimas, every third day, and have zero lower digestive issues, but it’s like the inflammation has traveled to my upper digestive tract.

May 11, 2017 · Gastritis/GERD/Reflux in Digestive Health

Hi all, first post here.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2009, and I had been able to keep it under control with Liadla and Canada. Fast forward 4 years to 2013, I started to get some horrible esophagus spasms/GERD/indigestion…you name it. I tried just about everything over the counter, natural remedies, and even a few prescription drugs, until my doctor finally prescribed me 80mg’s of Nexium, which eventually worked. I was able to reduce that amount to 40 mg’s a day, even tried a few times going down to 20 mg’s a day(over the counter) of nexium.

After a setback with UC, I am now on Humira, Uceris, still on Lialda and Canasa, along with trying different probiotics and glutamine.

Within the past few months, I’ve been getting a very sour or metallic taste in my mouth. After an endoscopy, 2 months ago, my doctor said there was some mild gastritis going on.

Now, within the past week or two, the bad taste seems to be getting worse and much more consistent, with some minor burning in my throat, along with discomfort in my upper stomach. I can feel things going downhill, and I’m sure my doctor is going to double my nexium intake. Ever since I started the Nexium, my weight has been dropping considerable, and I’ve had a difficult time putting it back on.

Not sure what to expect in response, I guess, for a long time, I’ve been worried about the affects of Nexium long term, but at this point, not sure I have a choice.

Was wondering if surgery were an alternative, what’s out there, and does surgery eventually eliminate the need for these PPI drugs?