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Apr 8, 2018 · Always calling out for help while in bed in Caregivers: Dementia

Hi @boston19
I would like to make a suggestion get yourself a baby monitor from a second hand store or if you have one that you can borrow from someone and put one part in her room and the other part with you and that way you can just talk to her from where you are .
I know a few people have taken that suggestion and they I really helps it's like having an intercom system and if you do have an intercom system definitely use it so you don't always have to go up to the room or down the room just thought I'd put that out there.
There's also apps that you can use to go 2 ways if you have a screen in the room or tablet I'm not to texy Savvy but I know that those things are available but personally I like the two way baby monitors,they are so sophisticated,they are great.
it's a great way to reassure her if that's what it seems like she wants without you having to go up and down all the time to wherever she may be just wanted to throw that thawed out to you it might work it may not but doesn't hurt to think about other things that might work

Apr 8, 2018 · Caring for Two in Caregivers

Oh boy can words sting !!!!

you know that old saying that goes sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me

this is what I say b.s, not true Sticks and Stones can hurt you and they will bruise you and they will Mark you but you will heal!

But words will never leave you!
they live inside of you and they live with you and people can never take them back!
I so I totally understand the pain and hurt
that's why I tell people be very careful what you say because you can't take it back.

Take it from somebody who knows keep going out to work keep going to the special activities or the leisure activities because trust me if you don't when you get to a few years from now you're going to regret it you can do about it you can't change and you won't be able to go back those times and hours and minutes and events so please do that if that means that you hire caregivers then so be it!

Apr 8, 2018 · Hi back after a long time in Caregivers

Hi there Colleen thank you for asking in short it's really bad and I just don't want to do anything else or deal with anything else and yet there's so much to deal with and yet I don't want to do anything I'm tired of this all in so many ways and on so many levels that's the shortest way I can put a very complex situations and that situations with an s thank you so much for asking that means a lot somebody so far away cares more than those here thank you

Apr 3, 2018 · Hi back after a long time in Caregivers

Hi there everybody I hope everybody had a great Easter weekend and is enjoying a spring I'm glad to be back I'm glad that I finally figure this out I'm not a hundred percent that I figured the side out but I am trying because the few times that I was on here it really did help so thank you in general to everybody and much gratitude

Apr 3, 2018 · How do you be happy after being sad so many years? in Just Want to Talk

I can totally understand and relates in many ways big time as a primary caregiver for 2 there's not enough room to be happy and when you try to reality kicks in just keep on focusing on your grandchild or your grandchildren gardening whatever it is you like even if it's for a little bit make that time that you feel better stretch and find the time or try to find the time to keep doing those things that make you feel better cuz honestly it doesn't matter how many therapists or how many professionals one sees it can't change some of the hardcore realities of Our Lives by encourage you to look at the Sun and take in the light I encourage you to look at a flower and smell it and touch it and feel it I encourage you to take time with your grandchild and if nothing else just observe and listen to their voice taking their smell and make that last in your brain so then when your brain is off in darkland you can come back to those things that make you smile also do the music put on the music you love doesn't matter that other people don't like it too bad for them this is about you put on comedy watch things that make you laugh go to movies read books that you can in between I take my books a lot into the loo I get a lot of reading done in the loom it's one of the few places the most of the time people can get to me and have me do more work as for the news don't read it don't look at it because if you need to know about it you're going to know about it one way or the other you will find out about it if you need to so why I find out about it when you don't need to for example I don't listen to the news unless I have to turn on the radio station that gives me updates on traffic was also gives me updates on the news it's not going to solve all the problems and it's not going to make us feel better all the time we do can change things one of the other things that I do is that I like really good coffee and I don't spend money on myself too often but what I do get is the type of coffee that I like and I grind the beans and I enjoy a good quality coffee as opposed to the instant Brands and all that other non real stuff LOL I know I've been going on and on just do the little things to keep your sanity into keeping the beat I know it's not easy trust me I know I'm with you on that I hope this helps a little bit and I'm sorry that I've gone on and on.

Jan 31, 2017 · IMNSHO: The Top Ten Things NOT to say to a Caregiver in Caregivers

Thank you! For writing and posting this.
I would love for this to be a code of conduct, when dealing with caregivers.
As care giver, of two adults (3 people for 15 years unitl 6 years ago) people have no clue what the life of caregiver,is likes.Until they walk in that life 24/7.
As my first time on here, this was the perfect first reading for me.
I was so pleased to read, that,I am not the only one who see red, when those kind of comments are said.
Just want to add, one more,that, I get told alot.’We all have crosses , to bear’.Yes, that is true, however I wish, my crosses would stop piling up or lighten up or have helpers to help carry them, for wile .Like Simon, carried,Jesus’s cross, on the road to Calvary.
Thank you !