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Jun 18, 2019 · 23 with near constant dizziness and lightheadedness. in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I understand. I am much older than you, over 70 and had dizziness for over 4 years. mayoclinic a blessing, network. When I had my initial symptoms of dizziness 2015…..luckily I was attended by a physician which could focus on me(had a scribe at that hospital), and not side taxed with computers to physicians time and skill. Anyway, for an initial assessment, in a system that works off to a great start(had an initial CT to brain). Soon after that initial assessment had an emergency visit relating to dizziness and given diagnosis of BPPVC(benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo), an emergency MRI at mid night. With associated symptoms of nausea. I did later have another neurologist read my CT . Never take a blind shot in medicine, as in any profession, different dedication , skill and compassion levels. Now 2019, I been free of symptoms for about two month. During the initial period I was scouting assisted living systems, and not impressed with reward of having daily meals and waiting for the final hurrah. Anyway I was luckily, my dizziness did not tax my skills in computer research and able to drive, one reason I was scouting assisted living. During this time the level of neurological assessments and treatment are poor(in a world of medicine that has chapters in genetics and personal molecular medicine). The best for treatment is/was: dramamine(antihistamine) meclizine (antivert…a trade name more costly wasted product)…..after these failures, found good old ginger about the best product to counter my type of dizziness. I did have to use a drug for nausea(for cancer patients initially) it does work, but with any complex, new expensive drugs, be careful. ) During this period, in the matrix of research, I found a great article by Dr. Martin A. Samuels M.D. Chairman of Neurology Professor of Neurology Brigham & Woman's Hospital Harvard Medical School Dizziness, that addresses Ill defined lightheadedness. One major mistake many physicians make in diagnosis of dizziness is to sort out vertigo from syncope. Because of this problem, many physicians get lost in defining dizziness solely to vertigo(a spinning type of dizziness), which is associated with Vestibular assessments and treatments, without addressing the other neurological dimension, syncope. Finally, since I was having less problems with nausea and regular dizziness, tried my final approach(all anti hypertensive meds, have side effects of dizziness) I changed anti HTN meds from CCB(Norvas), to an ARB, it did help the final step in the battle. But as all medications, the ARB's now found to have cancer side affects, had to return to my CCD. Such is the world of medicine, people, market and ones story. Luckily Mayo provides us with a network to share our story. JIM>>>

Oct 18, 2018 · Chronic dizziness due to vestibular issues. in Brain & Nervous System

Yes, chronic dizziness. Had my condition for over 3 years. Plus research on my part, advocate, files and articles. I was fortunate, when I had my initial symptoms, able to drive(fortunately, never lost my ability for safe driving), and fortunately, had an insightful compassionate young physician at the ER of a mid sized hospital. Did a professional neurological assessment and CAT scan to brain. Soon later had an MRI to discount any critical changes in cerebral area. Again, an insightful physician at same hospital, at mid night. I am not really sure of the diagnosis but that physician did his best, my dx: bppv positional vertigo(my symptoms were not consistent with positional changes). Later a smaller hospital, not impressed with the physician there, lacked a neurological assessment only a brief talk about vestibular dynamics(and useless prescribe of ativert(meclizine: same useless cheaper cover). As I coped with my condition, constant research , first one must do is define the symptoms most likely and use the proper term. Dizziness is usually a lay useless term. I did find the best summary of balance problems/vertigo at Brightham & Women's hospital, I believe the chief neurologist: D. Samuels. Vertigo, yes, can be associated with vestibular area, anxiety, or central areas of the brain. I did have a second opinion of my MRI to selected neurologist to validate that image. Then go from there, log the symptoms and signs, research the better options of physicians and other resources(herbal: ginger, Quercetin, etc.)…plus ultimately a holistic integrated approach. Luckily my symptoms has not worsen and a load full of information and insightful professionals on subject.

Aug 30, 2018 · Desperately Trying to Get Diagnosed in Autoimmune Diseases

I was amazed at one comment about socialize medicine. In Wall Street lately, Bankruptcy Is Surging for Older Americans. More or less related to aging and its consequences. I rely on socialized medicine(Medicare and TriCare)….and I was not impressed with my insurance company when I worked for the federal government. As I edged towards retirement and the "aged", first my private insurance over-charged for colonoscopy costs, I fought it with certified letters and medical para legal letters, ….got lost in the confusion within insurance workers…the socialized Medicare wiped out that disaster. Then I was interested in the Long Term Care Partners for federal employees(John Hancock and MetLife)….I wanted to test the water of real medicine, rejected "…we are sorry to let you know that we cannot provide the insurance coverage…based on my health"As we age and medicine goes from academic to real, the options narrow. Similarly, I tried to maintain my LPN license, MiPlus(in Michigan), the nurses the first subjects(could not login) after 6 months of efforts, I opted to lose my renewal of license due to new cyber communications(I should say ex-communications). In the context of all this, plus news of efforts to default more and more patients out of the medical systems, to save money(ACA tried to address). Ultimately, when one is out of options, either one can opt for medical tourism(recognized by insurance companies), or an interesting option is MEDICC(the only nationwide bridge between the American and Cuban health system(remember Cuba as poor as they are, have an equal and above medical results compared to all U.S medical investments.) Keep posted….JIM retired LPN(lost license in Michigan MiPlus renewal upgrade systems.)

Aug 28, 2018 · Desperately Trying to Get Diagnosed in Autoimmune Diseases

I agree with others, holistic/integrative approaches best. Along with an over 3 year bout of dizziness, initially had some issues with leg and lower back pain. Luckily, the issues of pain for the most part resolved; first conventional/traditional assessments, (I never had much luck with NSAIDs, probably not sensitive to the chemistry there), but found turmeric quite effective and a balance day(some movements/30 minutes around the house and farm) and of course initially get imaging and labs. And somewhere in there, a supportive interaction with others that are worthy of positive support in ones life. JIM>

Aug 26, 2018 · Desperately Trying to Get Diagnosed in Autoimmune Diseases

Sorry I am late, I have and had many issues with different cyber systems, in fact , in Michigan I lost my LPN license due to upgrades MiPlus. A story in itself. Sorry for your neurological issues. I understand. I retired from nursing in 2006, for a few years neuropathy. Luckily I love research(in fact, I believe research has more positive therapeutic affects than half the medical service. ) Yes, I always learn much in the research. Computers, texts, files, magazines, people, etc. For my neuropathy,(plus I have a substantial medical library at home), yes to use standard medical institutional services. It is difficult to sort out the more science based professional medical staff , at times medical university complex, other times that special physician is found at a middle sized city or small city. In fact, in my latest bout of neurological problem(dizziness), I assessed over 200 different neurologist in Michigan(looking for a radiological-neurologist), failed but did my best in finding that professional to validate an earlier MRI to brain. Health is an integrated affair. The best choices of a medical professional one can trust. I was fortunate, in my second bout(dizziness), young physicians did an excellent job(in ER) to give me the best possible start in understanding the new symptoms. Later I was not so fortunate, a lesser quality base in the physician. Plus I rely on my educational habits and instincts. (Worked in medicine for 20 years). For starters, it is critical one find the best word to describe ones illness. Dizziness is too vague and usually much of the information on inter-net is lay bulk with little substance. I rely on my medical library and ICD codes and NIH for start. Also impressed with medical stories in Medscape. Yes, in early phase of 3 years of dizziness, some spasm. I started my Adult Male MVI. Also based on the medical information, I add Fish Oil, Tumeric(science based medical herbal), and glucosamine/chondraitin effective for muscular aches . All are based on genetic sensitivity. There is regular progress in biotech. regarding biomarkers and biotargets…hope for vague neurological problems. I was ready to opt for a nursing home at initial of my dizziness symptoms. But the dizziness did not tax my driving ability. Plus I do regular research regarding BPPV and dizziness, a noted paper was from Dr. Martin A. Samuels, M.D. Chairman of Neurology Harvard Medical School… is a constant search, never to lose hope, so long the symptoms do not tax ADL's. Plus to keep my spirit, spirituality(what seems effective), I have a support family in the Philippines, a big plus in my over 3 year bout of dizziness. Plus Mayo Chat ….a professional connection, digital communication, one is in constant battle to sort out the waste. Hang in there, plus we all know, there is always genetic mutations constantly going on….possibly at times for better. JIM retired nurse…lately based on research changed my blood pressure medicine(Norvas), a high degree of sa dizziness for folks over 60, based on research, no medical service person flagged this dynamic. JIM>>>>>>

Apr 29, 2018 · Staggering when I walk with lightheadedness in Brain & Nervous System

I understand somewhat the challenge. I been coping with dizziness for over two years. Luckily, my first encounter with a medical professional was critical. Over two years now, most of the progress is in the medical research I do and less on regular medical systems. I did find a great resource in understanding dizziness: Martin A Samuels, M.D. Neurology Brigham & Woman's Hospital . He groups dizziness to four classes: Vertigo, near syncope, dysequilibrium, ill-defined. Based on my assessments, my dizziness is not related to hearing or vestibular area…based on my symptoms and assessment, to proprioception. It seems you have a handle on your cause of the type of dizziness in your case… is critical to define the primal cause and move on from there. JIM>>>>>>>

Apr 21, 2018 · Dizziness for over 2 years. in Brain & Nervous System

Fortunately, cleared from a bout of neuropathy for over two years. Now coping with dizziness, had CT & MRI to head, cleared. As formerly, researching neurology of dizziness. My CT was validated by second opinion neurologist. Fortunately, my initial physician did the most comprehensive evaluation and treatment, others not so good. My dizziness, luckily does not affect my driving, which would tax my independence and research. I am sensing a proprioceptive type of dizziness. Many medical professions have a poor concept of types of dizziness. I doubt if I have BPPV, since my dizziness is not related to position changes. I am now searching for the side effects of Norvas(dizziness for older clients).

Feb 26, 2018 · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

I am not a physician. I am not impressed with Gabapentin. But the technology, in plant medicine, including(marijuana), compared to the 60's or 80's….the science is unbelievable. Plant strains with little or no THC, and the science of phytochemistry is world wide and much advanced(I support wholely medical marijuana), the oils of that plant, in the right strain…functional food medicine. Good Luck. JIM>>>