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Mon, Jun 22 6:36pm · Badgut RN: Looking for answers to help with gastroparesis    in Digestive Health

@rossjt I have a quality life despite having gastroparesis. If you’ll scroll back towards the beginning Of this discussion, I had one rather long post where I listed 11 things I do. If you get time to read it and have questions about anything I do, please let me know.

Fri, Jun 5 11:13am · Badgut RN: Looking for answers to help with gastroparesis    in Digestive Health

@fourof5zs Hello Zaroga – hope you are doing ok! I remember you posting about your experience with domperidone in another conversation on this site. I am so sorry it did not work for you. It has worked so well for me with no side effects whatsoever. That’s what’s so crazy about drugs. They can affect anyone in anyway at any time.
(I was always so surprised that a compounding pharmacy made domperidone for you since it’s not approved for use in the United States. I did not realize they could do that.)

Thu, Jun 4 4:26pm · Badgut RN: Looking for answers to help with gastroparesis    in Digestive Health

@annieoh hello – I don’t think domperidone is new. I’ve been taking it for a couple of years after it was prescribed by my gastroenterologist for gastroparesis. He explained that I would have to call a mail order pharmacy outside the USA because the FDA would not approve it for use here. I get mine from Canada. It is approved for use worldwide except in the USA. It’s even over the counter in some countries. It helps improve stomach motility.

Mon, May 18 7:11pm · Badgut RN: Looking for answers to help with gastroparesis    in Digestive Health

@mariesgut i hope you look at the other discussions suggested by Amanda in the first response to your post. Lots of good information especially in “gastroparesis diet”

We all deal with gastroparesis differently. Here’s my take: 1. Avoid spendIng a lot of time trying to figure out how you ended up with it. I did that. I still don’t know.
2. Mine was diagnosed when a bezoar was seen in my stomach during a radio frequency ablation of my Barrett’s esophagus. (I used to have an extremely fibrous diet – lots of celery and broccoli and oranges – the list goes on and on!)
3. Speaking of Barrett’s esophagus, is your doc doing a biopsy for that? (you said that your doc found severe redness from acid production – that’s what I had In my esophagus when a biopsy was done and Barrett’s diagnosed over 20 years ago.)
4. Did your stomach emptying study indicate ‘severe’ Gastroparesis? My study indicated ‘moderate’ so I feel very fortunate.
5. After much trial and error, I now eat at least 6 times a day – more like snacks than meals. I eat slowly and chew every thing down to nothing before swallowing.
6. I do not eat FIBROUS foods. (At first I avoided all fiber. But when my doc gave me the go ahead to try adding quick oats and iceberg lettuce to my diet, I started trying more things.)
7. This is my definition of whether or not a food is FIBROUS: If I can chew and chew and it almost turns to liquid in my mouth, it is not FIBROUS and I will eat it. However if I chew and chew and it still there is still texture in my mouth, it is FIBROUS and I do not eat it.
8. I steam the hell out of vegetables so that they melt in my mouth – Brussels sprouts for example. (I love broccoli too but no matter how long I steam it, it remains too fibrous for me to eat.)
9. I take domperidone twice a day. My prescription says to take it 4 times a day but I only take it twice a day. (I call domperidone my illegal drugs from Canada!)
10. I take a probiotic twice a day And a colace twice a day.
11. I rarely have stomach pain, nausea, or bloating. The only time I have reflux is when I forget to take my Prevacid. (In my opinion reflux is caused by GERD, not Gastroparesis.)

Ok. That’s my story. Obviously I am not a medical professional – just someone with Gastroparesis.

Thu, Apr 30 7:12pm · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

The short answer is avoid acidic foods. But also avoid any foods that you know cause you to have reflux. And take your medicine that prevents reflux.

Thu, Apr 30 4:36pm · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

Yes, delayed. I was supposed to have one the last week of March and it was canceled. Which was fine because I think I’m more afraid right now of Covid than I am of my low-grade dysplasia becoming high grade dysplasia.

Thu, Apr 30 4:01pm · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

@riflemanz64 as I have said before, you are the poster child for this condition and how to deal with it properly! I have not been and therefore am now in the middle of having up to nine radio frequency ablation’s for low grade dysplasia that developed in my Barrett’s.

Sun, Apr 5 9:22am · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

Hi Linda @l3440r (it took me a while to figure out that was an L, not a 1 at the beginning of your @ identifier!)
My experience is similar to yours except my ablations haven’t stopped yet. I have had 5 so far. But from the mapping the surgeon did last year, he estimates I’ll need at least 4 more. We had scheduled 3 for this year but may not be able to get those in due to covid19. My March procedure was postponed indefinitely.
Both my surgeon and my gastroenterologist have told me I’ll be taking prevacid daily for the rest of my life even after the ablations are complete. They don’t want there to be any chance for low grade dysplasia to return. I don’t either!
I have been taking prevacid for over 20 years for Barrett’s.