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15 hours ago · Gastroparesis* in Digestive Health

Ok @ken82 — you’ve given me lots to think about in the next 3 days before my scheduled surgery! Like do I want to go thru with it!!!

My GI doc thinks the Gastroparesis developed because I have type 2 diabetes which can damage nerves. Who knows.

23 hours ago · Gastroparesis* in Digestive Health

But wouldn’t I have had immediate problems if that was the case?

My Nissen came undone all by itself. That’s why I’m having to have another Nissen. The surgeon who is doing the ablations on my Barrett’s said he can’t really do anymore until I get the Nissen redone.

1 day ago · Gastroparesis* in Digestive Health

Thank you @ken82 — that helps me. I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis about 2 years after my nissen when they found a monster (a clump of undigested food) in my stomach during an EGD!
So now I know it wasnt caused by my Nissen. That’s important to me since I’m having another Nissen next Tuesday!

2 days ago · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

@eileenmaud I’m very sad with you about your husband. But I want to share my PPI experience with you in case you haven’t seen it in previous posts. I have been taking prevacid for over 20 years. My doc does my blood work every year and I have never had any of the deficiencies that you hear about. I feel very fortunate. I don’t have to take magnesium supplements or get B12 shots even after taking prevacid for 20 years. And before that I took tums all day for at least 10 years. I don’t take any particular vitamin supplement I take a Sam’s Club brand multi vitamin every day.

We’re all different. When I first started reading all of the negative reports about PPIs I was really alarmed. I asked my doc if there were any alternatives. There are not. I will be on prevacid forever because that’s what works for me.

2 days ago · Gastroparesis* in Digestive Health

Thank you for your reply @ken82 — so did you start having problems immediately after your Nissen fundiplication? Is that why the mayo dox diagnosed it as “post operative” Gastroparesis?

3 days ago · Gastroparesis* in Digestive Health

@ken82 thank you for sharing your story. I had my Nissen in 2015 too. I don’t think it caused my mild Gastroparesis but I’m not not positive. What were your symptoms in those 2 months after the procedure? How did you know something was wrong? How did mayo diagnose Gastroparesis?

4 days ago · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

Yes @barb2025 you’re right! BE is a very serious thing. If I had treated it more seriously over the last 20 or so years, I probably wouldn’t have developed this low grade dysplasia and wouldn’t be having all of these ablations.

Fortunately only a very small percentage of people with Barrett’s develop cancer. I hope your brother is doing better.

6 days ago · Gastroparesis* in Digestive Health

I may have said this before but it continues to amaze me how differently Gastroparesis affects each of us. I am fortunate to have a more moderate case of Gastroparesis than most of you.

But I did go thru a period of time when I went back and forth between constipation and diarrhea. Yuck! The 10mg domperidone twice a day helped me with no side affects. But my doc had me taking miralax twice a day for the constipation and it was just too much and caused diarrhea. He changed it to once a day in combination with colace twice a day. Still too much.

I think you just have to figure out what’s right for you yourself. I have been taking 2 colace a day for months. I mark my calendar at bedtime each night with a check mark or an X indicating whether I did or did not have a bowel movement that day. If I don’t go for 3 straight days, I take miralax the next day. That’s what works for me.