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17 hours ago · Nissen Fundoplication Problems in Digestive Health

I clicked on Zaroga’s link. In my area there are 4 listed and 2 of them are MDs.

2 days ago · Nissen Fundoplication Problems in Digestive Health

How interesting! I’ve been googling and reading about functional medicine. I had never heard about it until today. Thanks for the posts!

Sat, Nov 9 1:14am · following gastroparesis diet while managing constipation in Digestive Health

@stubeckj70 Bless your heart! I agree with you that finding the right diet when you have multiple conditions is virtually impossible! Like @fourof5zs said, we’re all different and so you have to go thru a lot of trying this and that to see what works for you. I’m afraid to even try some of the foods that work for her — baked beans and chopped nuts — because of the high fiber content.

My doc initially had me taking Colace and miralax twice a day to prevent constipation. That was way too much. After a lot of experimenting, I figured out what works best for me: I take colace twice a day. And then if 2 days go by without “going”, the next day I take 1 dose of Miralax which ALWAYS results in me “going”.

Fri, Nov 8 10:24pm · Nissen fundoplication success in Digestive Health

@riflemanz64 No, none of my procedures were done at Mayo. I’m very fortunate to have very good docs and surgeons right here where I live.

Wed, Nov 6 11:54pm · Nissen fundoplication success in Digestive Health

Again, glad you asked! It’s kind of a long story.

My first Nissen was done about 5 years ago. I had been hospitalized and had lots of tests to determine why I suddenly was running a high fever for several days. (Turned out to be something non-Gastro.) But 1 of the tests showed that about 1/3 of my stomach was up in my esophagus — a huge hiatel hernia! So I had the Nissen to repair it. It greatly reduced my reflux.

Then about a year ago I started having these bouts of sudden severe stomach cramps 2 or 3 times a month. I would rush to the bathroom where I would have an explosive BM while retching violently trying to throw up at the same time!!! It was horrible!

Then this last July I had my 4th radio frequency ablation for low grade dysplasia on my Barrett’s esophagus. Afterward the surgeon told me my Nissen had come completely undone and that I would need to have another Nissen Fundiplication before he could do the next ablation.

When I had the appointment with my Nissen surgeon he was surprised that the first one had come undone. I told him it probably had something to do with the violent retching. (Seriously. It felt like my stomach was flipping over.) He asked me all about when that started and to describe the symptoms. And then he asked if I still had my gallbladder and I said yes. So he asked if I’d be willing to do some tests for my gallbladder. Said if there were any problems, he could remove the gallbladder laparoscopically when he did the Nissen.

Ultrasound was done first. No stones. Then a gallbladder function test was done. The results from that showed it was functioning at 92%. Greater than 35% is considered normal — until you get above 80%. At 92% he said my gallbladder was considered hyperactive and he recommended removal. I got a second opinion from a doc who agreed — in fact, he told me he had never seen a gallbladder functioning as high as 92% before!

So in late september I had the Nissen and gallbladder removal at the same time. Again my reflux has been almost eliminated — and without the gallbladder I haven’t had any sudden severe cramps with the explosive stuff and retching and vomiting all at the same time. I’m very pleased with a successful surgery outcome.

Wed, Nov 6 5:20pm · Nissen fundoplication success in Digestive Health

Hello @aliceorangebike ! I’m glad you asked. I’ve had 2 Nissen fundiplication procedures and have been very happy with both. I have Barrett’s esophagus and will be on prevacid for the rest of my life. But the Nissen pretty much eliminated my reflux without any adverse effects.

Fri, Oct 18 4:24pm · Burning feeling in the throat in Digestive Health

Thank you for replying @bonnieh218 ! She’ll be so glad to know that at least one other person in the world has this! She doesn’t have reflux or redness. Just the burning sensation. I’ll be looking forward to hearing what your doc says at your November appointment.

Thu, Oct 17 11:59pm · Burning feeling in the throat in Digestive Health

Does anyone experience burning in their throat when they eat or drink? I’m not talking about heartburn down in the chest area — this is in the upper esophagus. I’m asking for a friend who has this condition. None of the docs she’s gone to have been able to figure out the cause.