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Tue, May 19 3:14pm · Dizzy spell after panic attack. What if it happens again? in Depression & Anxiety

@mattie @sherrygore17
I'm a Volunteer Mentor and not a medical professional. I too have had panic attacks primarily in the past, but I had one last week. When I have a panic attack my blood pressure goes very high, like 180/100+ and my heart rate races to 150+. I'm surprised that your BP is so low when you have one. I have a few questions about your experience and health.
– Do you have diabetes and if so, is it controlled by medication?
– Do you take a medication for your panic attacks?
– What other medications are you taking?
– Have you been tested for thyroid problems?
– Do you mind sharing your age?

I'm asking these questions in order to offer suggestions or recommendations based on my experiences. I can let you know that after I began taking an antidepressant medication in 2012, I no longer had panic attacks,. The ones I've had since then are called "dumping" and are related to my having RnY gastric bypass surgery in 2014. They are due to my eating too many carbohydrates in one sitting. Unfortunately, with the COVID19 stress, I overindulged with 2 pieces of cinnamon bread (35 mg of carb Each!), and a spoon of crunchy peanut butter. In a few minutes I felt terrible and started having a panic attack that proceeded to feeling nauseous and it wasn't until my arms, hands and fingers felt icy that I figured out I was dumping. I just had to lay there until it finally wore off.

I'm looking forward to seeing your response.

Tue, May 19 11:24am · HypoThyroid and depression in Depression & Anxiety

@mummy43, My friend has heels that are so dry they develop deep cracks that bleed eventually. Of course she hates wearing shoes and wears only flip flops or goes barefooted. She can't afford pedicures, which wouldn't help now anyway due to isolating. Her doctor told her to use super glue. Apparently it closes the cracks and allows them to heal a little. It also prevents infections.

My heels used to be like that when I was younger, but no more. I also used a battery powered pumice file at first when the problem was worse. Now I use a heel file, similar to a nail file but much larger and supported by strong plastic frame. It has a rough side and a fine side. I now use it on a regular basis to keep the skin from getting hard. Anytime I notice my heels getting a little scratchy with dry skin sticking up and catching on my sheets, I get out my trusty file. Of course, I also use body cream or lotion daily after my shower. Aveeno works best for me.

Tue, May 19 10:57am · HypoThyroid and depression in Depression & Anxiety

@contentandwell, I use Aveeno Stress Relief or Aveeno Oatmeal Colloidal (I think) lotion for my sensitive and dry skin. My friend saw it and said her son's doctor recommended it for his eczema. It must work for him as I didn't know he had eczema.

Mon, May 18 9:18pm · HypoThyroid and depression in Depression & Anxiety


Oh, I don't drink anything until I can eat after taking the pill, but I didn't know about waiting for an hour before drinking coffee. Thanks for the information. Since I usually take it around 4 am, I think it's OK, but there are times when I wake up late. I'll pay attention.

Mon, May 18 1:51pm · HypoThyroid and depression in Depression & Anxiety

This is GailBL, and I'm a Volunteer Mentor. I wanted to let you and others know that I am also hypothyroid challenged. I know to take my Levothyroxine in the morning 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything. I usually awaken early around 4 am to use the bathroom and take my thyroid medication. Yesterday I did my usual routine, but my allergies were very bad, and I kept clearing my throat from post nasal drip. Being half asleep, I used a Halls sugar free lozenge to calm my throat. However, I hadn't waited for the half hour time since taking my Levothyroxine.

All day yesterday I had very low energy and as the day wore on, I felt very depressed. It's unusual for me to be so depressed because I am taking Citalopram for depression. I tried going for a walk and just didn't have the energy to walk farther than 1/3rd mile. I was concerned about what was going on with me. This morning when I took my thyroid medication, I remembered yesterday's experience. The lightbulb went on in my brain and I realized I was probably reacting to having too little thyroid hormone in my system yesterday. I know from my last blood tests that I have been running low even with medication, so it may be time for a change up.

I wanted to let you know that experience as that may be happening with you. I don't know when your thyroid hormones were last checked, but that may be part of why you're feeling the way you are. I also think the entire Pandemic Emergency and our political system can be depressing. I'm an extrovert and I'm struggling to find things to do that allow me to "get out there" without actually getting out there. At 71, with T2 diabetes, controlled high blood pressure and having had Acute Respiratory Syndrome in 2004 that hospitalized me, I am very aware of the dangers the COVID19 holds for me as well as for my husband and our daughter with whom we live. I hope you're feeling better now. I'm feeling my usual self today.

Would you be willing to give me an update on how you're doing and what you've done to help you?

Fri, May 8 3:01pm · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

@bill54321 I can't get tested for no reason. I would have to get my doctor to say I need the test, and I don't think I do. My husband and I haven't been around other people since late January, and we have a great disinfecting system. If I feel a need to get tested I will.

Wed, May 6 11:44pm · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

I haven't been tested yet. I am in the vulnerable group, but have been isolating since the end of January. Hopefully I won't need a test. Thanks for asking.

Mon, May 4 5:05pm · Depression: What medication can I try after so many years? in Depression & Anxiety

@wsh66, I've used both CBD and THC for different reasons. I found CBD calming during my withdrawal from taking Tramadol 50 mg 4 times a day after my L5 laminectomy in Dec. 2016. I withdrew from Gabapentin and a muscle spasm med first after 4 months on them. No fun! I waited nearly a year to get off the Tramadol due to continued pain from my L4, and concern about how hard it would be after my Gabapentin withdrawal experience.

As I began to slowly withdraw from Tramadol, I experienced a great deal of anxiety and fuzzy thinking. I decided to try CBD which I had never used before, to see if it would help. To my surprise, it REALLY eased my anxiety from withdrawal and I was successful in my getting off the Tramadol.

I also had discovered ART (Active Release Technique), which was recommended by a Connect person as helping them with back pain. I researched it and found a local practitioner who my therapeutic massage person recommended as he just happened to be the masseuse's chiropractor. I was a bit nervous about using a chiropractor, but had tried everything else to no avail. Dr. Andrews said $600 for 2 sessions a week for 3 weeks. I decided to take a chance and his work nearly completely relieved my pain. I still go to him about once a month for other issues but no longer for back pain.

Since I can't take NSAIDS and have osteoarthritis pain, my doctor prescribed Tramadol 50mg again, but only 1 a day. It does help, but sometimes pain recurs in the evening. When that happens I take a 10 mg. marijuana edible, along with Tylenol. It works for the pain, but I don't think it would work for anxiety. In fact when I was trying to figure out the correct dose, I took too much once and had a panic attack. So, I caution everyone about that. I hope this information about my experience helps you.