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Feb 20, 2018 · Any Optic Nerve Meningioma Patients Who've Had Surgery? in Brain Tumor

My present meningioma is behind my right eye next to my optic nerve. It is a remnant from my original atypical meningioma that was removed on 4/29/2015, by neurosurgeon matthew hummel in austin, tx. He didnt say it but I think he left the remnant because it was too close to my optic nerve. I had radiation with cyberknife in jan. 2016. Had several mris and it came back again on nov 2017, had cyberknife again in jan 2018. My vision is still good, have 20/20. Hope this helps.

Jul 13, 2017 · Multiple Meningiomas in Brain Tumor

I was offered gamma at MD Anderson, The neurosurgeon who removed my meningioma in Austin, TX recommended the cyberknife, I had the cyberknife in Austin, TX. The cyberknife procedure was real easy and comfortable for me, I had no side effects nor any sensation of burning it was a positive experience, they were 5 consecutive 1hr. Sessions. I would know in Oct. If it worked or not I am having my MRI then, to see if tumor stayed the same or if it grew.

Jul 10, 2017 · Multiple Meningiomas in Brain Tumor

No. I didnt have any side effects from cyber knife. I had 5 treatments in a row for 5 days one hr. Each time. My tumor is 7mm in size behind my right eye. The original tumor was on mytemporal lobe it was the size of a ping pong ball. I wish ur sister all the best.

Jul 9, 2017 · Multiple Meningiomas in Brain Tumor

Nancy, this is 07ram. I had a type II Meningioma removed in4/2015. The neurosurgeon overlooked a small piece of the tumor that is now lodged behind my right eye very close to my optic nerve. I had cyberknife radiation, 5 consecutive sessions on jan 2016. My surgery and cyberknife were done in Austin, tx. But I saw another neurosurgeon in houston tx. At md anderson, becuse my neurosurgeon said he wouldnt touch my remant tumor cause it was too close to my optic nerve. The neurosurgeon at md anderspn is Franco DeMonte. He said he would do my surgery, I told him that I didnt want another craneotomy, he told me that he wouldnt do a craneotomy, that he would perform the surgery through the side of my eye, but that he thinks that the surgery wasnt necessary now, that we could wait and see if the cyberknife radiation was helpful and watch and see. I am supposed to have mri this coming oct.i know your sister lives in Georgia, but she could consider md anderson with dr. DeMonte. Hope this helps

Jan 22, 2017 · Meningioma, Grade 2 - Alternative treatments to stop growth? in Brain Tumor

Thanks for replying. I think d Dr. Moved d mris to 1 yr cause it didnt grow but I might give him a call n ask, I could also chdck with oncologist and ask about another round of cyberknife, again thanks for d info.

Jan 17, 2017 · Meningioma, Grade 2 - Alternative treatments to stop growth? in Brain Tumor

Miss Young, I have not explored complementary therapies. Thanks for responding

Jan 16, 2017 · Meningioma, Grade 2 - Alternative treatments to stop growth? in Brain Tumor

I had a cranotomy to remove tumor about size of ping-pong in apr. 2015. Neurosurgeon missed a small piece abt 7mm that is behind right eye next to optic nerve. When I had follow up mri 3 months later he said he wouldnt operate me again bcse it was too close to optic nerve he recommended radiation. I had 5 sessions/treatments with cyberknife on jan. 2016. I had mri on oct 2016 and tumor was same size, neurologist moved/change mri to every yr. Instead of every 6 months. I saw another neuro at MD Anderson and he said he would remove tumor without craneotomy, that he would get to it from the side of my eye next to my right temple. But that we could wait to see if cybrrknife would stop growth. Has any body had any experience with type 2 meningiomas? Have any body has tried alternative treatments or supplements to stop growth of meningiomas?

Jan 16, 2017 · Sister has severe head pain 3 years post Meningioma surgery in Brain Tumor

my neurosurgeon at MD Anderson says he can operate/remove small tumor but he says that he thinks is better to wait and see if the cyberknife would stop its growth. he told me he would approach/reach tumor from the side of my eye and he doesn’t need to do
craneotomy. i still feel pressure but overall my eyesight is 20/20 and i have some inflamation on my right eye, i am ok. thanks for responding