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Jan 27, 2017 · Mother of special needs children losing her mind in Mental Health

Dear Georgette….Thank you for writing. There are two sides to every story, aren’t there? It takes very special people to work in these facilities and we are very thankful for you and those like you! You know it is difficult for us children to turn our responsibilities in looking after our dear parents over to someone else. So thank you for sharing. I wish you were in my mother’s home! Take care and keep the love flowing, Mrs. Joanie

Jan 26, 2017 · Mother of special needs children losing her mind in Mental Health

That is very kind of you. I should more thankful for my children and how well they do do, when there are so many others with suffering and extreme discipline. The 30 year old is dusting and vacuuming for me today! I have felt “lifted up” more this week. Just started taking more iron yesterday, as I know the doctor was concerned with my levels a couple years ago and I was very diligent about it back then. Going out now to do some of my 14 year old daughter’s paper route and get some exercise. It’s been a good lesson for her and gives her a sense of responsibility and also “hands on” with money/bank account, etc. (She is just learning the difference between a 1$ and 2$ coin and that one coin is twice as much as the other. She loves to spend it….but…..not able to comprehend saving. Also looking into shower timers, because her and our 30 year old have no concept of time. I always have to turn the hot water off on our daughter after 15 minutes. These things do seem petty, I know. But it is always something and it’s constant – from one child to the next and the next……3 special needs here. Thanks for now.

Jan 18, 2017 · Mother of special needs children losing her mind in Mental Health

I appreciate your praise, but I really don’t deserve it. I do keep reading it though! I have so very much to learn. I had to put my dear mother in a care home 7 months ago. I was getting sooo close to “going sideways” and definitely feel mentally weaker in the last year. But I feel that these care homes are provided for us if need be and Lord knows I needed help. Mom did tell me years ago that if she ever got to the point where she didn’t know what she was doing, to put her in a care home. I felt that she wouldn’t want to be a burden to me, so I try to keep that before me. Now of course, she wants me by her side 24-7. She used to ask me here next door in her suite we built for her, when I tucked her in each night….if I was sleeping in her bed with her! Tee hee…what would my husband say? I do have others too that need me and with special needs children, my husband says that even though I don’t feel I do enough for them, just being here means everything to them. I am grateful for all who are able to look after their aged parents at home. It is a service like no other! Thank you for writing.

Jan 12, 2017 · Mother of special needs children losing her mind in Mental Health

Dear Fernanda……I’d like to encourage you with a “you do sooo well”….but sometimes that is not what we want to hear, is it? Because sometimes we don’t do well. I really need to hear these little successes other mothers have managed to find in their daily lives with all the cares and needs required. We don’t need sympathy….just another one who understands.

I want to be a happy and loving contributor to my children’s lives and to know I can help, comfort and nuture them and know that they are coping with their difficulties and are doing the best they can do. I want to be able to see their little accomplishments and make these mean more to me instead of always wishing they could do better.

I was included at a large (200+ people) special education conference 6-7 years ago and came away feeling really uplifted because I could see there are so many special need children out there and there are so many that spend their life helping fulfil these children. I want to be able to do this too. So I struggle on, day after day….forward 1/2 step, back 2….forward another 1/2 step, back 2…..not able to see that maybe there is more progress being accomplished than I realize because I am so caught up with all the details.

I can see the little things for you include 1 hour a week w/others in similar situations, a bicycle, enjoying your play time with your children and giving it your full attention, 10 minutes of meditation and time to read before bed. These little times turn into very big moments of “recharging” yourself and do add up. Yes….this is needed. I’d like to think I was organized enough to do this, but tend to just “shut down” and plod along trying to “tune out” things until the next crises hits. There doesn’t seem to be any time I can schedule to rely on others to “take over” so I can get this total relief. I’ve always something on my mind or a need somewhere.

So I will think on what you’ve said and make another attempt at this. I’m trying to make it an issue to walk 1 mile a day – takes about 20 minutes and this MUST happen and my family must come to see how important this is to me. But I need to see the necessity of it before I can show them, don’t I? I think this little goal will help me in quite a few areas.

I go back to the doctor today after a month now on my latest anxiety meds. I do feel calmer…but wonder if it’s not the best for my tummy. Thank you for your time and take care, Joanie

Jan 11, 2017 · Mother of special needs children losing her mind in Mental Health

Yes, I married and moved to Canada 8 whole years ago from the States!!  Your reply and first paragraph says tons!  I must memorize it by heart!!  Thank you!  I’m home by myself delighting in quiet time….but it’s gone the second the door opens and the others come home. 

Jan 11, 2017 · Mother of special needs children losing her mind in Mental Health

Hello!  I feel a connection already.  I took 140 mg of Teva-Venlafaxine XR for a few years and now at 53…I can’t cope, go to pieces, cry over anything and everything and just collapse in bed for a day or two with no relief in sight.  I am now taking 15 mg of Escitalopram and feel more calm after a month on it.  I have other things on board as well that I’m trying to accept and get through….2nd darling little grandbaby now, still grieving the 1st one still-born at 32 weeks, my dear 85 year old mother w/severe dementia that I’m trying to get medical coverage in Canada for and have her in a care home, so feel guilty about that and my 3 special step-children…..but I do have a very dear loving husband. 

Jan 11, 2017 · Mother of special needs children losing her mind in Mental Health

I am a 50 year old mother/step-mother and have 7) children of which 3 (ages 14-30) were born with microcephaly. It is a constant thing and I’m trying my 2nd anti-depressant/anxiety med and am going crazy and long for the “train to stop” so I can get off. Are there other mothers out there with special need children that have found answers to surviving and living happily from day to day or rather night to night and being the support to their children that I should be? Thank you, Mrs. Joanie