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6 days ago · Importance of focusing on Positive with Depression & Anxiety. in Depression & Anxiety

Hi Merry, I still can’t remember how post, so I’m writing here. I’m so very depressed depressed!!!! Mornings are the worst!!!! I’m lying down in my bed 🛌 trying to go back to sleep or just rest, but I cannot because my mind is too busy!!!! My sister and I don’t want to call her that anymore, Gail and her husband have gone home and I’m really so very glad because I don’t want to hear from either of them again. They’re cruel and abusive and I don’t want that. I can’t handle such behaviour ever!!!! I’m going to try and nap or just rest. I hope that I can!!!!

Fri, Nov 1 9:49am · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Hi, I’m suffering big time from my depression!!!! I can’t get up, I didn’t eat breakfast yet and I’m crying 😭!!!! I’m not feeling well emotionally!!!! I have tried a few things that I know, even taking a shower 🚿 and I feel miserable 😭!!!! I also have my s.a.d. lamp on. I feel like I’m going to drown!!!!

Mon, Oct 28 9:17am · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Hi Lisa, thanks for checking in on me. My sister and her husband are still here but they are going back November 4th. I don’t hear anything from him anymore and unfortunately my sister’s dementia is getting worse daily. I haven’t been feeling well physically and emotionally. I’m dizzy 🥴 and I’m not sleeping well. My niece and her family and my other sister have been a very good support for me.

Mon, Oct 21 4:38pm · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Hi Lisa, I’m very depressed! I can’t wait for my sister and her husband to go home! She is not my family anymore! I can’t allow them to break my mental health because I’ve been working hard and long to get well!!!!

Sat, Oct 19 9:50am · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Hi, I’m glad that you got out. I wish that my sister Gail would do the same but unfortunately for her she also has dimentia.

Sat, Oct 12 12:20pm · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Thank you for this reply! My sister’s husband has created this going back 25 years and he doesn’t want to stop!!!! He is so very angry at me for moving out of the house that they rented from someone because he wanted me to continue paying for everything regarding the the house and I don’t have a steady income. I believe that he’s a crook and if I stayed in the house I would be broke in two or three years. And there’s more to tell.

Fri, Oct 11 9:37am · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Hi, my sister and brother in law are here in the city. They live overseas and my sister has dementia and it’s getting worse daily, she is only 69 years old. But the way everything has been going my family and I will never see her again because of him. She’ll die overseas and I don’t know if he will return her body to us. He is a big time narcissist and thief, he bankrupted our family business, broke up the family that my sister, her daughter and her daughter’s family don’t have anything to do with her. We are broke!!!! He always says that we took “his” money. What a cruel evil 😈 man!!!! As for my sister it turns out that she is a liar and thief and has given up her family for him. I’m trying so very hard to go to sleep but I’m thinking too much about them!!!!

Thu, Oct 10 8:43am · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

Hi, I still don’t know how to post! Oh well. I’m great full for finding out who really loves me!!!!