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2 days ago · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Hi Lisa, I’m exhausted and I have an on going conversation in my mind, I am having a hard time making it stop!!!! I’m moving out of a house and back to a condo. I’m getting away from Gail and Uzi, she is my sister but I have no contact with either of them because I don’t want my depression to get worse. I worked too long and hard to feel even just a little bit better. The two of them were setting me back, especially him, so moving is a very good idea. I’m supported by lots of people including my social worker. She was thrilled when I told l told her that I was moving. It took me, with her (Pam) two years to get here. She her supervisor were starting to get worried about what else they can do to help me.

Tue, Sep 10 8:36am · Recent, totally sudden, traumatic loss of our daughter, 45. in Loss & Grief

I’m so very sorry for your loss! I’m sending you big hugs!

Sat, Sep 7 5:49pm · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Hi. I hard everyday to feel good and get things done. But this morning I could do nothing but lye in my bed and crying and very sleepy and slow at getting anything done! Life sucks big times right now!!!!

Sat, Sep 7 8:52am · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Hi Lisa, it’s with both. I don’t have anything to do with either of them. I’m moving out of the house they rented because I cannot afford to live here both financially, emotionally, psychologically. It’s so very sad!!!! I need to keep sorting out my things but today or at least this morning I’m having a hard time doing things!!!! I can’t stop crying and I can’t calm myself down!!!!

Wed, Sep 4 8:01am · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

I don’t take any of those. I don’t talk to my sister and her husband. Things are really bad!!!!

Wed, Sep 4 7:58am · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Hi Lisa, I still don’t know how to post.

Sun, Sep 1 4:11pm · Possible Depression & ADHD - Need Advice & Support. in Depression & Anxiety

Hi, I haven’t posted anything for a while. I’m doing my best to feel good. Today was the first day in two weeks that I needed to take an Ativan.

Wed, Aug 21 2:32pm · Importance of focusing on Positive with Depression & Anxiety. in Depression & Anxiety

Laughter is good, but I can only cry!!!!