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Dec 27, 2016 · Connection between depression, epilepsy and nutrition in Epilepsy & Seizures

If you have anyone who might know of a connection between seizures and blood sugar, let me know

While checking our 42 yr old son’s seizure activity noted that the 2 bad ones where after he had pigged out at family meals.. the last 2 have been between 8-8:30 in the am, before he had anything to eat. There has to be a connection somewhere and I am always looking for clues…

he was out about 20 min – on the last seizure at 8:14 am and it was 8:36 when he awoke on the floor of the kitchen.
He was having 2 per month but now has the VNS which has helped a little – now he is going about 2 months between seizures and they seem to be milder. The VNS hurts sometimes and makes him cough, changes his voice level –
did you have yours removed?