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Fri, Sep 20 3:28pm · School age kids having behavioral problems in school in About Kids & Teens

Thank you so much, that's what I do, I try my very best to alway be patient and understanding of him and his needs, it's impossible to keep him from all the harshness, he's so very innocent and I've seen children in my own family mistreat him but I'm trying to create a safe space for him and surround us with people who love and care for us and will stand with and support us always. I appreciate your prayers and love.

Fri, Sep 20 2:49pm · School age kids having behavioral problems in school in About Kids & Teens

I'm actually not a member of that group, I'm in another group called Autism Spirit, they usually post links from ASTT, the group operates out of two locations that are quite some distance a way from us, about 3 hrs drive either way I belive they have two branches so getting to a meeting is very difficult, thank you for replying to my comments and for taking the time out to research resources and groups available locally, I just need to find a space where we can fit comfortably. The schools are either to expensive or far away, so that's a whole other issue, I don't really have anyone close by to help out should I go to a meeting and I need someone to pick up the children if I run late or anything so I'm kinda between rock and a hard place.

Fri, Sep 20 12:12pm · School age kids having behavioral problems in school in About Kids & Teens

Definitely there are issues, mostly societal and like I mentioned with the limited resources available. I really expected the groups to be like this one, where a person can post about an issue or concern or ask a question and the community will try to assist as best they can but so far it hasn't really been like that, the group admins mostly post links to articles and workshops, but honestly it's all about what the groups are trying to accomplish but basically they're stagnated due to lack of dialogue with the relevant authorities. Someone will try to answer the questions but the support is lacking.

Wed, Sep 18 10:35am · School age kids having behavioral problems in school in About Kids & Teens

Thank you and yes we live in Trinidad, I have joined several local groups on fb and have tried to find out as much as I can, but special education isn't a part of the mainstream school carriculum, children have to attend private institutions which is quite costly, a simple 1/2 hr of occupational therapy can cost $350TT or more. One of the groups I've joined has been requesting a meeting with the education minister for so long, they formed a petition which has over 15000 signatures and the ministry refuses to acknowledge the request, so that should give you an idea of the struggle. The resources are very limited, this country is so small and honestly the differently abled and special needs individuals are continually overlooked, sure the authorities will come out and say they have this in place and that but parents can't seen to be able to find these many resources, even getting a government assisted grants are difficult, this past week there was a release by government saying a grant will be made available for special needs/disabled but parents and caregivers have to jump through hoops to access it and sometimes the application isn't even successful. Another example I can give is my own experience. When my son was diagnosed with ASD in March, the Dr wrote a report and gave it to me to present to the school principal so an aide can be assigned to him as well as concessions during exams, the principal assured me he'll give it the school's social worker the following week when she came to visit. He had a Dr's appointment last Monday and she asked if he was able to get an aide, so I told her not yet, I went the very next day to speak with the principal again only to be told he gave the report to the social worker just the week before at the beginning of the school term. So he had the report for months and didn't hand it in, parents and caregivers complain that request for aides had been made for years and none were forthcoming. It's an uphill battle honestly. It's like society just overlooks the most vulnerable.

Wed, Sep 18 8:38am · School age kids having behavioral problems in school in About Kids & Teens

Thank you, there are schools for special needs but it's expensive, therapies are expensive, because it's not more mainstream I think and also there's very little support from government for the special needs community on the whole. My son's teacher honestly I feel like she can try a little more with him but I don't know, things are so different here, the education system is archaic in my opinion, it is complete academic learning, there is no exception for different learners, most days my son will go to school and come home without doing anything at all because he hates to write but tablets and laptops are not allowed so he's missing out on what is being taught. I'm trying however, I don't push him, I work with him according to what he can handle.

Tue, Sep 17 7:58pm · School age kids having behavioral problems in school in About Kids & Teens

Hello and thank you for your concern, yes the situation was resolved satisfactorily. My son is doing better in terms of he's not afraid to go to school anymore however he's since been diagnosed with ASD, and unfortunately our country doesn't have much resources in place at mainstream schools for special needs children, so he's isn't coping so well with the academic side of things but I'm doing what I can to help him. Thanks again.

Fri, Jul 12 8:20pm · Yeast infection symptoms in Women's Health

I suffer from yeast infection due to the fact I'm pre-diabetic, and even though my hbac1 has decreased because of my complete change of diet, I still get them, for quick home remedy try sitting in a mix of equal parts water and apple cider vinegar, I just use a big basin and sit for about 15 minutes, I find it really helps me, I hope you get some relief, I know how it feels, how it can affect your everyday normal life.