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Jan 15, 2017 · Extremely painful toe/s in Brain & Nervous System

Update: Neurologist prescribed Gabapentin 300mg twice a day. Wants me to try it for 90 days. I know this Dr. personally so I will take a chance. Been a week on it and the it has gotten rid of the pain though the numbness remains, which we all know is a tough nut to crack. Some on here have said that this is not a long term solution so I will keep you advised if the pain creeps back in.

Footnote: I go back to St Mary’s tomorrow morning for my final eye surgery for the detached retina. Finally will be done with that mess. Irwin

Dec 24, 2016 · Extremely painful toe/s in Brain & Nervous System

Thank you Colleen for the suggestion/referal concerning the grief counseling. I had some pretty intense one-on-one therapy for 2 months. Now go twice a month to a grief and loss group thru Seasons Hospice. All as helped even though I have a long way to go, I am doing much better. Again, thank you. Irwin

Dec 23, 2016 · Extremely painful toe/s in Brain & Nervous System

Thank you both. John I agree with you that it is peripheral neuropathy. The underlying cause tbd. Due to new Insurance coverage I unfortunately have to wait till after the first of the year to see a doctor. I live in Rochester Minnesota and always use the Mayo Clinic.

Thank you for some of the things I can use until I see a doctor that might relieve some of the pain. Standing/walking there is very little to none on pain. Sitting, lying down, being immobile is when the pain sets in. Otherwise numbness.

I will keep you apprised as I go. Been a crazy year 2016: Had a hernia repaired, cataract surgery that resulted in a detached retina and more surgery (which is still in progress), and lost my wife to NSCLC in September. I am only 61 years old. Looking forward to a brighter 2017.


Dec 22, 2016 · Extremely painful toe/s in Brain & Nervous System

Toes on both feet are numb, some more than others. The 4th toe on my left foot is extremely painful….like a shooting/stabbing pain. It is also reddish and painful to the touch as well. It wakes me up several times a night.

I exercise 3-4 times a week at an Atheletic Club, eat right, vitamins, normal weight, generally healthy.

Is there anything I can do/take to stop this painful situation. Will have to wait till Jan. 1st to see a doctor. Any help or suggestions would be appreviated. Thank you. Irwin