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Tue, Feb 18 5:45pm · New to this group. Considering Jacksonville, FL location in Chronic Pain

Can you respond with a little more info about exactly what they do in the 3 week rehab program that is so beneficial? I’m thinking of going. Trying to get off of strong meds. Is it like physical therapy? Or is there more to it?

Tue, Feb 18 5:40pm · New to this group. Considering Jacksonville, FL location in Chronic Pain

I’m fairly new here too. I have chronic spine pain and I too have considered Mayo in Jacksonville, as we live part time in Gainesville, FL. and the rest in St Pete Beach. Is your pain spine pain?

Feb 24, 2017 · Herniated disk and pain. What helps? in Spine Health

@pedaboo I hate the wait for a needed appt. Keep calling and be nicely assertive, stressing your pain. Reasonably caring office assistants usually find a way.

Feb 24, 2017 · Herniated disk and pain. What helps? in Spine Health

@pedaboo I would suggest you find a GOOD pain management doctor WHILE you are seeking solutions. Sometimes the pain interferes with our ability to think clearly (i.e. problem solve) and by mediating the pain, we can seek good solutions. You have to be cautious also about over medicating, which also muddles the mind. It’s a fine line. I can tell you this though. Once I was able to alleviate my horrific back pain I was then able to get to the cause of the pain. I did go to one doc who was no help before finding my current doc who is a Godsend. Very caring.
Best to you!

Jan 15, 2017 · Mayo Dr. Sood Dealing with Pain in Chronic Pain

Thanks Michelle!What my daughter didn’t realize was that we would have paid for the wedding anyway. And I think she knew that, knowing us. I just wanted her to know I REALLY wanted her to read that book!She didn’t really need a lure.Looking forward to your book!Thanks again.

Jan 15, 2017 · Mayo Dr. Sood Dealing with Pain in Chronic Pain


I read your post re the book “Guide to Stress Free Living,” (Mayo Forum) and found that on Amazon there are several books by that title.

Can you share the author with me?

Thanks much! And I love that you pay your daughter to read valuable books! We told our twenty something daughter that we would pay for her wedding if she read Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover.” She not only read it, she and her hubby live by it, and are now parents of 3 children living debt free! She gives it as wedding gifts too.

Thanks again,

Dec 27, 2016 · Facet ablation in Spine Health

@andilynn, I would encourage you to consider some pain management doctors. I’ve had years of experience with them, and found that though two were not good, two have been terrific. Here in Florida we unfortunately had the “pill mill” epidemic where greedy doctors were doling out opiates without making sure the patients were not substance abusers. Since the crackdown on these doctors I’ve found that there are anesthesiologists and M.D.’s who are most reputable and truly care for their patients. I found the two good doctors through contact with a support group of chronic pain patients. They were extremely knowledgeable about the doctors to avoid especially. The group had guest speakers who were professionals and my BEST pain management doctor was one of those speakers. She saved me. Don’t give up! Help is out there.

Dec 14, 2016 · Facet ablation in Spine Health

I have tried nerve root ablation twice for low back pain. My very experienced pain management doctor did it. She is an anesthesiologist. She was terrific in the preliminary diagnostic part of the procedure, and found the exact cause of my pain. She showed me on the scan the exact nerve! I knew she was correct because when she touched it I felt the pain, so I was extremely hopeful. But after waiting two weeks I felt no relief. Didn’t work for me. I do know that it does work for some. I tried it again several months later. Same result. It is not at all horrible to go through and I would eagerly try a third time if that stupid nerve would stop my horrific pain! But now I’m back on strong meds. Exercise helps me if it gets blood flow to the area, SO swimming and stationary bike helps. I have to be careful about lying down too much. Though it initially relieves the pain, too much will weaken my core muscles and pain worsens. Learned this the hard way. Hope this helps someone!