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Nov 26, 2016 · Been treated for major depressive disorder for most of my life. in Depression & Anxiety

Hi Rose. I have been struggling with mdd since my teenage years. I’m 42 now and the past 10 years it had been severe after being diagnosed with spastic cerebral arteries and pseudo tumor cerebri. The fatigue and loss of drive have been debilitating. My primary care doc prescribed Ritalin for me and it helped for awhile before losing the stimulating effect in my cns. He then prescribed vyvance and I was thrilled that it too worked very well with increasing my energy but then stopped shortly after. It seems that I become tolerant after a short period of time. Currently just taking Trintellix but still experiencing pretty extreme fatigue. Maybe you’ll have a better outcome with it. Contact your pcp to find out if he/she would prescribe it for you. Praying that you find some relief.