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Mon, Sep 7 1:44am · Shoulder Replacement Surgery: Range of motion? in Joint Replacements

I encourage you to put time and effort in planning for your recovery time. I am fiercely independent but not for recovery. There are a ton of valuable resources for planning and being realistic. Recovery is long but healing begins immediately so each week of recovery brings new freedoms and relief. Don’t try to do this alone, friend.

Mon, Sep 7 1:40am · Shoulder Replacement Surgery: Range of motion? in Joint Replacements

I did not entertain the idea of being home alone. I stayed with friends. Pain medication, etc. makes me totally goofy. Loose clothing will make everything simpler. I cut the seam on old shirts to accomodate my surgery shoulder. YouTube gives great videos showing how to bend forward allowing the shoulder to drop forward gently so you can change. Educate yourself on techniques, details on sleeping, etc. Again, loose clothing is a big clue. You will do great!

Mon, Sep 7 1:26am · Shoulder Replacement Surgery: Range of motion? in Joint Replacements

I had a total shoulder replacement of my right shoulder in July 2019. My shoulder was hurting quite a bit though the pain often felt as if it were down my right arm as far, at times, as my elbow. I learned that was normal and related to the nerves being impacted by the damage in my shoulder. My shoulder had significant damage directly related to arthritis. Years ago I broke my right arm just below my shoulder. I did not receive physical therapy at that time. My range of motion was impacted from that injury. Not severely but noticeably. I was convinced a shoulder replacement was going to be a difficult surgery with a painful recovery. My experience was almost startlingly different. The surgery went well. Recovery went well. Physical therapy went well. Range of motion is good with a bit of pain when reaching behind. I believe, for me, the success I had was directly related to me following all the suggestions for resting, taking meds, using shoulder sling all the time required, etc. I used YouTube to show me how to position my arm while sitting and sleeping and changing clothes. The warnings about being slack in these areas got my attention. I also stayed with friends for several weeks so I was safe and free to recover. Of course physical therapy was critical also. Yes, it was painful. Yes, recovery seems to take forever. Was the surgery successful and worth it? A thousand times yes!!

Tue, Jul 7 9:21pm · Shoulder Replacement: Still having pain in Joint Replacements

I had a total replacement of my right shoulder a year ago. I thought it would be an awful experience. The truth is that the surgery, recovery qand p.t. went well. My shoulder only bothers me if I overstress it or make a sudden twist motion. The difficult things: having my arm in a sling for a long time and maintaining my arm close to my body. I learned so much 00ggc4

Sun, Mar 29 4:16am · Antisocial Personality Disorder in Mental Health

Your willingness to reach out says to me that you are experiencing a great deal of suffering as a result of rage and, almost miraculously, are seeing yourself as a part of the equation and reaching out for help. You are already at the heart of what must happen for any of us to change. I cannot fix other people…ever. I can take them hostage resulting in an empty and unfulfilling result. Or, I can seek change in my own self, humble myself to accept help and. as time passes, begin to experience a bit of freedom of bondage to self. In the long term a truly amazing change can occur in us. Bravo, matrix169.

Fri, Mar 27 5:45am · Antisocial Personality Disorder in Mental Health

It took me awhile to think of what I could offer. I have a number of friends and a family member who are driven by a variety of disorders that are incredibly difficult for them and for their family members. I spent many years in therapy myself. Difficult years and well worth all of them. I'm sober and clean for 35 years. It has taken all of this and failure after failure for me to learn one simple thing. When my son rages and he rages often we both are better served if I will allow him to exhaust himself and his rage without comment or reaction. Often we can talk with some degree of reason at that point. Our relationship is not an easy one. He had a closed head injury which created issues causing rage and he has explosive rage with a personality disorder. I love him more than I love my life yet it requires a great deal of energy and desire to be in his life. I fully believe long term therapy and an appropriate medication would improve his life dramatically. Like so many of us he cannot accept that option. This is a long post. Disorders require long and exhaustive therapy if a change is to be gained. I cannot imagine having rage that consumes me. I admire every effort anyone spends trying to manage it. Suggestions I have offered my son: walk away when he feels the first hint of rage, exercise to exhaustion when he feels rage controlling him, get outside help, feel free to delete this post if it is not helpful. I am officially sheltering in place close to the coast of North Carolina. Stay well, friends.

Dec 31, 2019 · Adult Life after a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Brain & Nervous System

Hi! I don't know why it took so long to think of coming to a chat with my questions. I do it in other areas of my life. I am writing because my son finds it difficult to put these questions into words. My son is 45 years old. He was thrown from the back of a jeep when he was 16 and incurred a closed head injury. He did not receive a great deal of medical care other than diagnosis and tests related to that diagnosis. No one suggested follow-up therapy, etc. He has problems with his short term memory, cannot follow conversations with quick give and take or follow verbal directions but very good with hands on tasks. He does have explosive rage which is much reduced in a calm and regulated environment. But my question is about a physical phenomena that happens periodically. When under stress the area where his head hit during the accident will swell and become sore to the touch. My son will get a bad headache on that side of his head, he will feel a strong pressure behind his eye on that side and the veins, etc. will bulge out in the subject area. He does not have insurance for testing, etc. Does anyone have experience with this happening to them and what do you do about it. Also, I wonder if he would be eligible for medicaid due to the multiple impacts on his body and in his ability to gain employment that will support him. He does work but certainly is not able to handle complex tasks or multi=task outside of his specific functions. Any feedback is appreciated.

Nov 29, 2019 · Shoulder replacement: Post-surgery suggestions in Joint Replacements

Hello, all! I signed in and read a few of the latest comments. I have been stunned at how well the shoulder surgery went, the brief period of pain (especially compared to what I anticipated) and how well physical therapy is going. I don't know what to say about a pain that continues after the surgery. I also have had a total knee replacement with pretty much the same story. I know I would seek out another opinion. I live in North Carolina where Duke is considered the absolute best in medical care. As a result, many people will choose to go to Duke for their second opinion. Persistent pain is challenging. Pain management classes are an option. Lack of sleep is a real problem for me. Lack of sleep makes everything more difficult. I am currently trying yet another method to help me develop a sleep pattern. One huge decision on my part has been to practice acceptance of a current situation because I get so angry when my body is sick or hurts. It is very important to practice caution when using sleep medications. Chronic pain sucks and makes decision-making about what to do next far tougher. If available, allow mentors and close friends to help you. Many blessings!