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Nov 7, 2016 · Mitral Valve & Tricuspid valve regurgitation: when to see a cardiologist? in Heart & Blood Health

Hello. I am a new member here. I have a question with regards to this topic. Can multiple or frequent PVCs (Premature Ventricular Complex) be a definite cause for a diagnosis of Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation?

I know of a person who has been experiencing fatigue and weakness with shortness of breath and a feeling of heaviness on the chest. The person (47 yr. old female) had recently taken an EKG and was found to have multiple PVCs. A 2D Echo was also done and one of the results was having “Trivial Tricuspid Regurgitation”, with the rest of the findings being normal.

So my question is, are they or can they be related? I know arrhythmia is with the electrical conduction and the regurgitation, I would think is more on the physiology of the part (valve).

I am very much interested because I am a recent BSN graduate with EKG Monitoring studies..and reviewing for my NCLEX exam.
Your reply will be very much appreciated.

Thank you.