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Jan 12, 2017 · Possible Adjustment Disorder? in Mental Health

Hi—thank you for noticing my message.I do have family support through our children—-have no siblings though. t am on medication for my anxiety & depression.I am normally a private person,need only close friends to talk things over with,they know when I need a hug..I do yoga.meditation & walking which all helps.I feel that during the 5 years that I cared for my husband(at home) that I had done felt all the grief I would ever feel–that has not been the case,unfortunately.During his illness I was very angry at our medical system—Doctor after Doctor had no answers as to what was wrong—-they kept giving him one pill after another until I asked how they could do this if they didn;t know what the problem was—still do not understand that part.Finally in 2011 a neurologist made a diagnosis–the prognosis was not encouraging.For me my home is my safe place to be—friends can visit anytime,welcomed with open arms.There is so much that brings back memories,I envy seeing other couples & wonder if they know how fortunate they are to have each other.I do pray alot,.feeling that God is the one constant in my life.I have attended 2 grief sessions—-everyone says it will get better —but no one can tell you when–they simply say you will know when it happens.I do consider myself fortunate in that I could care for my husband & had attended a care-givers session sponsered by our local hospital—am glad I did that.Knowing it is 1 day at a time is what is important & cherishing the many memories.Again,thank you for listening.

Jan 11, 2017 · Possible Adjustment Disorder? in Mental Health

.Most of my adult life I had enough self-confidence for 3 people,then in 2008 my husband became iii–we went to many Doctors,Specialists,etc with never being given a reason for his condition–alot of things were ruled out,of course—then in 2011,a neurologist informed us(mainly me at this point) that he suffered from MSA—I had never heard of this before,apparently it can be a combo of Parkinson’s and ALS.Recently I read on the Mayo clinic that my condition could come under adjustment disorder–causing my depression.I cared for him at home until 2013 when he passed.