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Jan 22, 2017 · multiple meningioma brain tumors in Brain Tumor

Well I decided to call the radiation Dr at mayo..Dr Lyons…in AZ… cost me 35,000 out of pocket to do it there! Barrows was still nasty to me when I thought maybe I should try to get in there to save some cash but it was another long wait and was told that I may not be able to do any procedures and the wait was 2-6 weeks so that was putting me at mid march! A chance for it to grow larger….So I had the Linac machine done on me Jan 4…..Certainly much easier than going thru surgery without any help available…..I have been resting and will go back to work on Jan 31….Guess I didn’t need that much time off but that’s ok……….I am doing well, get a little notice of pressure in the L front lobe area but not like before…..most likely it is dying………next MRI will be for April so for now that is it………

Dec 12, 2016 · multiple meningioma brain tumors in Brain Tumor

ok so i am new to this group and i have a left frontal lobe that was discovered in 2014……….I have been to barrows and the doc there was just terrible…..Said some things he shouldn’t have and insisted I get surgery….Well I can’t do that and he seemed to think I wasn’t a candidate for radiation, he didn’t even want to pass it along to see if I could….well I made a 2nd opinion at mayo and yes i can have radiation! So I do have options…even thou they would like to have surgery too but I still have a choice! I was on WW and for 4 months and now found that it grew again so Dec 14 I am going back to see the radiologist what we can do to get started……….I live alone and have hardly any help as all the friends still work and I recently went back to work too….my question is how well did anyone tolerate the radiation? I guess the doc wants to do the 6 week low dose one………..Can I drive> Can I go to work? any ideas and suggestions and thoughts would be helpful….sooner than later