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May 31, 2018 · Dysuria, burning urination in Women's Health

I took the tea two or three times a day, the oregano oil with breakfast and the baking soda with my nightly pills. I read that you can take that twice a day, but I only took it once. I guess it’s high in sodium, so it can’t be taken forever. I did it for about 8 days at first and then stopped for a few days. I still was uncomfortable, so I think I went back on it for another week. This was all last summer and my memory isn’t very good on that.

May 31, 2018 · Dysuria, burning urination in Women's Health

I found your letter very interesting because you mention that you’ve been drinking lemon water and green tea. I am 99% sure that those items caused my problem to begin with. I was drinking lemon water and green tea every day. They can both be bad for the lining of our bladders. I still drink the marshmallow root and leaf tea almost every night…just plain. I stay away from coffee and tea. Occasionally I’ll have a little chocolate (I avoided it while suffering because of the caffeine in it). Found that patting a little coconut oil around the entrance to the urethra a few times a day helped with burning. A little Replens on your finger patted around the sore entrance helps too, but don’t use the applicator or try to shove any up “there”. Hormone creams make me feel terrible, so I stay away from that. I started feeling better after a month or so. Just knowing I was working on it made me feel empowered. I would have gone to see a urologist, but I could tell I was feeling better, so I waited. After a couple months I knew the problem was healed. And if it comes back, I know what to do again and I would start my “treatment” at the first sign, so it wouldn’t get so bad.
Good luck and please keep me posted!

May 30, 2018 · Dysuria, burning urination in Women's Health

Kastro, I’m so sorry you have to deal with this – it is awful. I have had two flares of interstitial cystitis that cause terrible burning with urination, but no infection. Has any doctor checked you for that? Here’s what helped me. Sorry the list is so long!
1. At least two cups of marshmallow root and leaf tea (unsweetened) very day (I buy it online).
2. I bought size 0 empty vegetable capsules and filled them with 1/8 tsp. Baking soda and took them every night at bedtime with water for a couple weeks to help get the urine to be less acidic. This helped so much!
3. Oil of oregano gel caps – one every day. I got the Solaray ones online.
4. Lots of water all day long.
5. No sugar or flour.
6. No acidic foods. That includes anything even closely related to tomatoes, berries, pineapple, anything lemon. The only fruit I ate was apples. I think bananas are okay, I just don’t like them.
7. Absolutely no caffeine. That means no coffee or tea, even decaf. No green tea for sure. Herbal tea that’s caffeine free is ok.
8. A heating pad or hot water bottle felt good sometimes, other times it didn’t.
9. I didn’t eat much during this time because every food was suspect in my opinion. But, my bladder healed and I got well again.
No doctor helped me with this, I just read everything I could find and figured out what worked for me. I pray that this info will help you and someone else.
Take care,

May 28, 2018 · fibromyalgia pain in Chronic Pain

Thanks for the additional recommendations. I drank pickle juice for one and it did help. I take baclofen every night and tizanadine if I get up at night with a brutal one.

May 27, 2018 · fibromyalgia pain in Chronic Pain

I struggle with spasms in my lower legs and feet. Taking 20 mg. of baclofen, prescribed by my neurologist helps with this. Maybe that will help others too!

May 8, 2018 · Raynaud's Syndrome in Autoimmune Diseases

I’m sorry your daughter has to deal with this syndrome. Hopefully, she’ll learn some things to help manage it. I was diagnosed with Secondary Raynaud’s stemming from lymphoma. It’s mostly in three fingers on my right hand at this point. It started in one finger last summer, then spread. Cold weather makes it worse. My neurologist suggested taking beta-blockers next winter to help. The fingers start hurting, then turn white, then blue. Sometimes the blue stays for a few days. If I’m at home, I’ll wrap a warm heating pad on the hand for awhile to help settle it down. Sometimes it’s mildly painful, other times more severe.
I hope your daughter can get some relief.
~ Andilynn

Feb 27, 2018 · Is there any connection with statin use and neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Chipper, I am sorry you have to deal with this. Hopefully at some point you will feel a little better. About a year after stopping statins, I could walk without a lot of pain. I take a low dose of lyrica which helps too.

Feb 27, 2018 · Is there any connection with statin use and neuropathy? in Neuropathy

I believe that taking statins caused my peripheral neuropathy. I’m on Lyrica now and quit the statins. I have improved, but every time I try to restart statins I get excruciating leg cramps. So, I won’t be taking them anymore.