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Tue, Jun 23 10:11am · Mailing sputum issues in MAC & Bronchiectasis

To All: Has anyone had experience with nebulized Perforomist or nebulized Yuperli? I saw a new pulmonologist in Tulsa yesterday and she wants to add this to albuterol, saline and toby. Twice daily. I'll never get away from that nebulizer, it seems. I'm willing to do anything to help my situation but am wondering if any of you have had luck with either of the above???? Thank you much

Fri, Jun 19 10:44am · Mailing sputum issues in MAC & Bronchiectasis

fdixon I live in Ks and my pulmonologist is with Mayo's in Rochester. I take my samples to a local lab — and I have them fax me the results (usually the next day)…… and then I fax the results to my Dr at Mayo's. Doctor is fine with this and it's a fairly quick turn around. I'm just saying — for what it's worth. I can see the results myself immediately and I can be sure Mayo's gets it immediately.

Mon, Jun 15 11:12am · Late Shift in MAC & Bronchiectasis

America.….. are you saying you are not coughing up tons of phlegm when off antibiotics? I'm on them and I cough something terrible. Sputum says pseudomonas and I've been on tobramycin over a year with no relief. Has anyone else used toby and not been helped with it? Everyone I've spoken to feel it is a wonderful drug but it hasn't helped me. I'm now so short of breath that I think I might keel over. Has anyone found anything to stop the cough and phlegm production? If I didn't cough, I think I would feel close to okay. Thanks for your help

Sat, May 23 8:23pm · Two bits of good news!! (and nebulizing with saline) in MAC & Bronchiectasis

windwalker…….thank you for the post. It always gives us a little ray of hope. Personally, I'm plagued with pseudomonas as I have been for over a year. Have done the toby for more than a year — still positive for pseudomonas. Going to try it a while longer, I guess. It is discouraging. The constant coughing and phlegm is quite embarrassing and hard to work with if you're going out at all. With the pandemic, I could clear the whole WalMart store in 3 minutes. Ha! Therefore, I don't go in, of course. Thanks again for all you do.

Thu, May 21 1:17pm · Two bits of good news!! (and nebulizing with saline) in MAC & Bronchiectasis

rits — I read with great interest about the.09% saline being as effective as 7 or 9%. My doctor at Mayo's in Rochester has told me the same but I didn't know if that is right. I've always used 3% (and don't have any trouble with that. But he did say the 0.9% was just as effective. Perhaps there are others who do not agree with this?????

Mon, May 4 9:03pm · Nebulizing Equipment in MAC & Bronchiectasis

sounder27 Thanks you much for the information you shared. Appreciate it

Mon, May 4 8:48pm · Nebulizing Equipment in MAC & Bronchiectasis

margiebanks……. thank you again for sharing with me. I'm planning to contact Mayo doctor when I finish this session of Toby to say "it's just not working for me".

Mon, May 4 10:04am · Nebulizing Equipment in MAC & Bronchiectasis

krene5 ..…. thank you so much for taking time to share what you're doing. Certainly I'm interested and appreciate all your info.