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Thu, Jul 11 10:41am · Nausea control in MAC & Bronchiectasis

jkansas66 ……. I'm from Kansas also so I'm just jumping in here to say, for goodness sakes, just ask them to definitely do another sputum test. Sometimes you have to tell them what you are there for. Believe me…….. Where in Ks are you — I'm down in the SE corner

Tue, Jul 9 5:41pm · MRSA was found in my sputum in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Natalee.….. When I went to Mayo's first time, one of the bacteria in my sputum sample was MRSA also. I believe it's quite different in your lungs than in blood or skin. It wasn't hard to remove. Most of the time since then (four years ago) it hasn't shown back up.
Believe me, it's much easier than pseudomonas — which I'm dealing with now and have been for quite a while

Mon, Jul 8 3:55pm · I am new to Mayo and have my first appointment on Aug 5th. in MAC & Bronchiectasis

jammer …… It is a clinic setting. Never had to remove any clothing. They did scan of lungs from front and back side (people doing that were extra nice too. I was in Rochester but think they all treat people wonderfully. Saw pulmonologist after the scan and he told me what I had and that it was chronic but they could manage it. I was quite ill when I went and I asked him specifically if I were going to die from the disease. He smiled and said "You will die with it, but hopefully not from it". It is chronic and not curable. That was four years ago this Fall. I'm 78 years old so I think they are doing a good job with me. He prescribed what meds and told me how to take them. There is a pharmacy right there and they can fill everything for you. You will leave feeling much better than when you arrived. If I can answer any more questions, please just let me know. Oh yes, I coughed up some yukky phlegm for them to test. They had results of it within a couple of hours also. I hope this helps.

Mon, Jul 8 1:56pm · I am new to Mayo and have my first appointment on Aug 5th. in MAC & Bronchiectasis

jammer..….. I'm a Mayo patient too…… I don't know your pulmonologist, but I'm going to say I'm sure you are going to be pleased. They work together there and you will have the advantage of a consensus opinion versus just one person. And…. I've never encountered a Mayo patient who wasn't totally pleased. Get ready to smile……

Sun, Jul 7 4:59pm · Starting Arikayce - nervous in MAC & Bronchiectasis

rits….. thank you — I printed the coupon and will take it to Walgreens — hope they honor it. Thanks again

Sun, Jul 7 2:44pm · Starting Arikayce - nervous in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I read with interest about the 3% saline from Walgreens for 15.50. I too buy that at Walgreens in Bartlesville, Okla and they charge me 30 plus dollars for a month. Can you tell me thename of the prescription drug program and if it's open to the public? Thanks so much


alleycatkate…… thank you for responding. I have heard great things about Dr. Leventhal (Florida, right)? I use Dr. Moua at Mayo's in Rochester. I was wondering where your doctor is. Thank you


alleycatkate — I read with interest your post and would like to ask which Mayo's and which doctor you are seeing — if you can share.