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5 days ago · Cellulitis and Sepsis just released from the hospital in Skin Health

@cindylb, Good Tuesday morning to you. How are you and your family today? We "talked" recently about cellulitis and it's impact on our lives. Since my husband is so prone to get it, as well as my oldest daughter, I am somewhat familiar with it. At the very least, we watch for it, to make sure that any treatment for it is actuslly working.

I can relate to what you were saying about the various antibiotics that are used to treat this condition. As long as a sore is treated in the very beginning, my daughter does well with almost every antibiotic there is. Augmentin never works for her, no matter what it is prescribed for. Her PCP knows this, of course, and prescribes accordingly.

Most antibiotics work for my husband. The problem he had when he had to have surgery on his legs was because he did not realize how serious the infection was. The sores were painful to touch, but he could not actually see them. They were on the backs of his legs, where he could not see. It was only when I observed them, did I see the redness and apparent inflammation. At that point is when he made an appointment with his PCP.

Scientists tell us that there are, indeed, some antibiotic resistant bacteria roaming out there. Hand washing frequently generally takes care of most of those. Unfortunately, every now and then a few escape our best efforts. I had a spot on my knee several years ago that I thought I could take care of at home. I did go to my doctor, and he was able to lance it. The infection had burrowed down much further than I had thought.

Suffice it to say, I will be looking further into the readings concerning Cellulitis and Sepsis. This affects my family and yours. It affects many, many people. I thank you so much for bringing up this important subject. I believe you mentioned having severe allergies to various medications, and this limits the availability of treatments . Would you be comfortable in telling us a bit about this?

For us, after several days of using a particular drug to fight cellulitis, if there is not any noticeable improvement, we make another appointment with the doctor. We don't grit our teeth and bear it, like we used to. I am certain you feel much the same. We do, how ever, use warn packs to help with the pain.

I am thankful for medicine properly utilized that helps us live our lives. I wish you all good things and days as free of pain as possible. I hope that these past few hurdles are mere "glitches" on your road to recovery. Hugs and lots of positive energy sent your way.

Love and light,

6 days ago · Cellulitis and Sepsis just released from the hospital in Skin Health

@Chris Trout, Volunteer Mentor , thank you for those kind words! You give this little ol' Southern lady's heart hope! I used to be so terrified when I was in school. So many rules to remember. Then I found myself in an English Class for students suspended long term for criminal activity. We teacher type folks lovingly referred to this school as the "Last Chance Hotel." The lead teacher selected a book for the entire class to read. "All Over But the Shoutin'." Prize winning author Rick Bragg wrote about my South, where I had gone to college, where I had been proposed to by the handsomest man I knew. Where I made new friends who would challenge me.

Where I learned that it was a big world out there, much bigger than the small town I grew up in. Where I learned that love, home, friendship and family were the things of the heart that would stand the test of time. I met Mr. Rick Bragg when he came to our town to speak at the Princess Theater. He talked about writing from where you come from. Poor English grammar but you get the point.

Write about what you know. Speak from your heart. Let people know you mean well. That you care. Simple. To the point. As best as you can.

As it turns out, he is first cousins to some good friends of mine. And I tell you truthfully, I will not feel one bit of shame when I invite myself to the family reunion. Yes. I am a groupie, indeed.

Be in good health my dear, and take good care of you. You make me smile.

Love and light,


6 days ago · Cellulitis and Sepsis just released from the hospital in Skin Health

@cindylb, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. This is a gathering place of individuals who are trying their best to be good consumers of their own health care. These days, we really have to do our homework. Doctors are so busy, nurses, too, and often, there is miscommunication. So it is helpful to have a place to come where we can ask questions and get things sorted out in between medical appointments .

I am not a medical practitioner in any sense of the word. But our Director, @Colleen Young mentioned to me that you were going through a really tough time with Cellutis. She knows all about what both my daughter and my husband have been through with Cellulitis. Both are doing quite well, now. I am a Volunteer Mentor here at Mayo Clinic Connect. Mostly I hang out over at the Autism site, or at the Depression sites. Gratitude and Chronic Illness . All are valuable to me.

You did not mention Diabetes in your story. My husband and daughter both are Diabetic, and take strong precautions whenever they get a scratch or a cut. Their ability to heal is compromised by the excess sugar in their blood. My daughter has a difficult time keeping her blood sugar under control. So does my husband. I am Type Two Diabetic, and I am on a strict low carb diet. Yet, I still do not heal as quickly or as well.

My daughter has Lymphedema, primarily in both legs. Her recent bout with Cellulitis landed her in the hospital for a week, hooked up to IV antibiotics. Antibiotics in pill form had ceased to be effective. Her leg looked like it was about to be Gangrenous. Thank God her PCP sent her to the ER with orders to be admitted. She is doing just fine now.

My husband had cellulitis in both legs, several Thanksgivings ago. He had to have surgery to take care of it. The tiniest scratch or mark can send him into a severe case of infection. While you do not have Diabetes, the fact that you have Lymphedema puts you at a somewhat greater risk of infection. So you will need to be proactive in your routine of self care. Cold weather can cause some folks to have cracked skin. Chapstick, body and hand lotions will help to keep skin smooth and clear. If you have even the tiniest scratch, always make sure you keep it clean and covered with antibiotic ointment. Wear gloves to protect your hands from the elements.

Needless to say, if you suspect an area of skin is not healing as it should, do not hesitate to call your PCP. You may avoid another hospitalization if your wound is caught in time.

I am so sorry you have had to go through with this serious condition and all it entails. But you are not alone. Many other folks have this and although it is not easy, there is strength in numbers. We are here for you, and happy to lend an ear, any time. As we say often over at the Autism site, "We are better together."

Please let us know how you are getting along. We can learn from one another, and help each other.


Sun, Dec 1 4:11pm · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Mental Health

@windwalker , wow!!!!
You make me smile!
I am so happy to hear that you and your precious hubby have made adjustments to your lifestyle. That you understand him so much better in the light of Autism.

Autism is a gift. To many, it is a struggle, trying to find resources and accommodations to help an Autie survive in an increasingly loud. Demanding society.

I wish you well in this next portion of your life. It is refreshing to hear that you, too, are downsizing and simplifying, in order to smoothly transition into this next phase of your life.

I pray many blessings for you and your family as you go forward with confidence. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely, kind thoughts with me.

Hugs and love,

Sat, Nov 30 6:14pm · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@contentandwell, congratulations! I hope my surgery goes as well as yours did. My Doctor is board certified and loved in his field. My husband and daughter both had theirs done by him. Yes, I will be so glad to have it done and get it over with. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with me. I appreciate that so much!

I hope that you have had a restful holiday and made a few memories. Ours was small, but good.

Love and light,


Thu, Nov 28 3:53pm · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@Gingergingerw , yes ma'am, they are doing one eye at a time. I would like to be brave and just have it all done within a week, but I am hesitant to do so. I would hate to have both eyes done around the same time, if something went awry. We shall see! ( No pun intended!)

I an so thankful for this beautiful gathering of encouragers . Cyber friends are indeed real friends. Sometimes it is easier to communicate on here than it is to interact with some of our own family. Conversely being on here helps me to communicate my true feelings to others in real time.

Now for a post dinner nap!


Thu, Nov 28 3:42pm · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Mental Health

@teresa, Volunteer Mentor, the turkey and dressing, and green bean casserole turned out perfectly. We only had one dessert, since we are all watching our calories. And it was no sugar added cheese cake. Yum.

We used my Mother-in-law's French plates, think they are called "Faiance." Not too sure about the spelling. If she was still with us, there would have been crudites, deviled eggs, homemade cookies and pies, and a typical French salad with home made French bread. Corn on the cob, too This year we just did the basics.

For everyone who celebrates, I hope everyone had a wonderful day.


Wed, Nov 27 9:52pm · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Mental Health

@ethanmcconkey , @gingerw , @rosemarya, and the rest of our crew, Happy Turkey Day in advance!

I celebrated 45 years of marriage today with my boyfriend of 48 years. I was totally smitten with him from the first day I laid eyes on him. He was 16 and I was 17. He just might be on the Spectrum. I have my opinions about that. If you knew how he was back then, and how I was, you would realize what a miracle it was that we found each other.

Both shy, introverted, totally convinced that neither one of us would ever get married. But he made me laugh. He was brilliant. He was a devoted person of faith. He was easy on the eyes, too, which was kind of nice. Most of our dates revolved around church activities , hiking in the mountains, playing and singing around the piano with friends. Simple things. Just typical life, back in the early seventies.

We loved going to the library together, of all things! I was convinced he was the "one" and I did my research. I even took a French class at the university where his mother was a professor. I wanted to know what I was getting into. I learned some French to add to the two years I had in high school. And I discovered that Dr. Peterson was a unique, brilliant, fascinating woman. She and I got along famously.

Fast forward to 2019. Our new washer and dryer combo was delivered today, two hours later than anticipated. There were issues that had to be addressed, which I won't go into, so as not to bore you any further. Let's just say we are very grateful to be together, with all of the things that a couple endures. It's still worth it.

I am thankful for my gift of this wonderful man, who stood by me through all the years that I was unaware of being on the Spectrum. Autism is not a death sentence. One can find friends, family, love, and acceptance, all the while dealing with the consequences of living in a Neurotypical world. If it can happen to me, there is hope for everyone And it's great if you are happy being single. Not everyone needs or wants a live in companion seven days a week. It is extremely important that we all learn to love and accept ourselves. To enjoy our own company. I do. I need my space.

As I write this, my 66 year old hubby is watching Flash on Netfix. I needed some down time so I am in the living room, anticipating another holiday tomorrow with a small family group. So many memories cloud my mind, as they have done all day long. Some bittersweet

Gotta go for now. The buzzer went off and I must baste the turkey. I hope that you all have the best day tomorrow, and that you make some memories for yourself. If it's just you and a glass of cider as you watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, that's a start. Take care of you.You are enough.

Love and light,
Mamacita Jane y