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Jul 21, 2017 · Red nose due to radiation treatment for basal cell carcinoma in Cancer

Thank you for the info. I did read the article. My last treatment was July 10th. I keep aloe vera gel on the redness continuously for moisturizing. Again thanks for your comments…

Jul 20, 2017 · Red nose due to radiation treatment for basal cell carcinoma in Cancer

I recently had 7 treatments of radiation to a basal cell carcinoma bump on the tip of my nose. It is very red like a bad sunburn. Forgot to ask how long before the redness fades??? Anyone have this experience???

Jul 20, 2017 · Metastatic breast cancer: Anyone else? in Breast Cancer

Hi Sistie…so good to hear from you…we certainly are following a very similar path. How did iBrance fail you??? I took one round of 21 days of iBrance but my counts dropped so low and have been slow to rise. I see my onc in August and don’t know what he plans to do next…continue with iBrance or try something else. Where do you live?? I am in Fort Myers, FL. Just lately I had 7 days of radiation on the tip of my nose to get rid of a basal cell carcinoma. They didn’t want to use the Mohs method as my counts were so low I was in danger of infection.
I forgot to ask how long my nose will remain bright red!!!!!
So glad your brain tumor is almost gone…and I’m glad to know you are there…pink sisters…

May 8, 2017 · Metastatic breast cancer: Anyone else? in Breast Cancer

I will be interested in the replies. I live in Florida and we are supposed to be able to have marijuana prescribed but it isn’t happening!!!

Mar 27, 2017 · Scary,strange,possibly"near death"symptoms:begging for some insight in Just Want to Talk

Just found your post. I retired to Fort Myers, Florida too. I’m being treated by doctors at Florida Cancer Specialists in Cape Coral. My diagnosis is recurring BC metastisis to the bone. I have been receiving hormone treatments for 2 years. Wonder if you go to the Cancer Center on Colonial near Rt. 75???? They have a support group that meets monthly. I also go to meetings with a support group at Seven Lakes on Cleveland Ave. in Fort Myers. I went to Moffet in Tampa for a second opinion and they concurred with my treatment. Doesn’t sound like you have any cancer or am I misunderstanding your post. You certainly have enough issues. How are you doing now…your post was from October!!!

Mar 19, 2017 · Metastatic breast cancer: Anyone else? in Breast Cancer

Wandering…wondering if you got to Arizona this season???? How are you doing?? I have been on a timed release oxycontin 20 mg. for pain. Are you taking any pain meds???? My latest annual mammo in February indicated new calcifications in the original breast and recommended a biopsy or follow-up mammo in 3 months. My onc recommended waiting the 3 months. Not sure what that will mean.

Mar 5, 2017 · bone cancer symptoms in Breast Cancer

I have metastatic breast cancer metasticised to the bone which I think is different than bone cancer. I agree that waiting so long does not seem appropriate. Your oncologist should be able to get you to a specialist sooner. I have been living with MBC for over 2 years. This past August I experienced severe pain in my hip bone. My oncologist called the radiologist immediately and I had 10 concurrent days of radiation to the spot. The pain disappeared completely. Maybe radiation would help you.

Dec 31, 2016 · Metastatic breast cancer: Anyone else? in Breast Cancer

Hi Colleen…I had a fine holiday as my 2 sisters live nearby and although our kids  visited this Fall, we had nieces and nephews visiting this month.I am receiving xgeva and Faslodex hormone injections once a month…two years now.   Wondering if anyone else on this regimen dyes their hair.     I used to color mine blond but my oncologist said probably not a good idea…although he really didn’t know for sure how doing so would affect my hair.   Anyone out there with that experience???