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4 days ago · Surprised by expected death toll in COVID-19

I heard yesterday that the government expects that 100,000 to 200,000 Americans will die from Covid 19. I am vee frustrated by this because that seems like more than Vietnam and Korea combined. I don't understand how this could happen. Was the government caught this flat footed?

Fri, Mar 27 1:36pm · Making facemasks in COVID-19

This is my latest batch of facemasks. I make 8 at a time using my production system. I cut the 2" elastic band into 1/4" strips, tack, sew, turn inside out, then sew border three times. It really helps to focus to pass time at home.

Fri, Mar 27 1:32pm · COVID-19 Coronavirus and Lung Health: What can you do? in COVID-19

I got a pneumonia vaccine yesterday. I qualify because I have asthma. People can qualify for other chronic lung disease or conditions as well. People don't die from Coronavirus. They die from pneumonia caused by the virus. I got the vaccine that protects against 32 strains of bacteria that cause pneumonia.

Wed, Mar 25 4:51pm · Making facemasks in COVID-19

I heard in the fabric store that people are also using elastic hair bands for facemasks. I found the 2“wide elastic and I cut 1/4“ ribbons. That's been working for me.

Wed, Mar 25 4:46pm · Making facemasks in COVID-19

I watched the video link from the Allina health system website. Blue Cross of Minnesota and Allina health have some sort of partnership going. But I was at Joannes fabric store and they had free fabric and directions there. The hardest thing to find is elastic because there's been a run on elastic. I bought 2“ wide elastic and cut ribbons that are 1/4 inch wide.

Wed, Mar 25 2:01am · Making facemasks in COVID-19

Hi everyone, I am spending time learning to sew and making facemasks for the hospitals. They asked for volunteers to make these due to shortage. I spent several days trying to hand-sew masks. It was so time consuming. So I bought a $99 sewing machine from Walmart and have been learning to use it by making facemasks. I still can't reload a bobbin so I bought preloaded bobbins. I haven't sewed since I was in home economics class in 8th grade. I plan to donate these 11 facemasks tomorrow at a local hospital. They have a drive-through lane for donations.

Wed, Mar 25 1:44am · My son on lock down: Hard for people with special needs in COVID-19

Hi, my daughter has been delayed coming back from California. She had 2 flights canceled and she's trying again tomorrow morning. I heard rumors that the government might shut down air traffic. So I hope she makes it. My son Michael doesn't really read but he can take an eye test. So he can recognize letters. He's really social because he has Williams Syndrome. I think he's getting used to his new routine. Staff took him by our house yesterday. And he seemed happy to see me and know that I am staying at home too. So he knows that it's everybody. I think it makes it easier to know that he's not being punished. I think kids and people with disabilities might blame themselves for what's happening because they don't understand virus. They are thinking this is one huge timeout.

Sun, Mar 22 8:37pm · How are you getting together with others virtually? Zoom etc. in COVID-19

My siblings in California are going to set up weekly family meetings on zoom. My brothers are techies so they know how to do this. Can't want to see my extended family. Everyone is at home unless essential worker. Definitely sounds like a good plan.