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3 days ago · Help find a vaccine for COVID-19 in COVID-19

Hi everyone, I heard the Azd1222 trials havd started up again. But my appointment was taken off the calendar during the postponement and I don't know if and when I will be scheduled again. I think they were scheduling about 30 people per day. I think that 1500 was the number of people they were aiming for in the Twin Cities.

Tue, Sep 8 12:37pm · Help find a vaccine for COVID-19 in COVID-19

Regarding your question about being nervous – yes I am a little nervous. But I think it's important to do everything we can to stop the pandemic. Also I am beyond child-bearing years and I took my daughter to California last week to start her first job. She's got a job as a fabrication specialist for prosthetic devices. So I am an empty nester and I have the time and evergy to focus on the trial. I also have access to world class medical care if something happens. So why not me?

Tue, Sep 8 12:31pm · Help find a vaccine for COVID-19 in COVID-19

Hi I got a call yesterday that the trial has been postponed for one week. So I didn't havd to go today. It was something like someone had an adverse reaction in another place and they are trying to figure out what caused the adverse reaction.

Mon, Sep 7 1:03pm · Help find a vaccine for COVID-19 in COVID-19

Hi everyone, I got a 24 page document to review last weekend before my appointment tomorrow for the vaccine trial. It's about informed consent. I have to sign it before I can participate. It's a lot of legalese. It said something about covering our unreimbursed medical expenses after our own insurance pays. I don't know what that means because we aren't supposed to be charged for the experimental vaccine and screenings. I don't know if that means expenses for bad reaction to the vaccine or if I get hurt in a car crash. So my appointment is tomorrow morning in Bloomington, MN. It's supposed to be a two hour appointment. I already informed my Mayo Clinic doctor because he has my medical records and knows all about my chronic conditions. People can have chronic conditions but they have to be stable. I get excellent care at Mayo Clinic and they keep control of all my chronic conditions.

Sat, Sep 5 11:05am · Help find a vaccine for COVID-19 in COVID-19

Hi I went through an advertisement that popped up on my Facebook feed. So it was targeted advertising. This was the day before Governor Walz announced the vaccine trial at his daily press conference. But Health Partners was picked to enroll 1500 people from the Twin Cities. I wasn't in the high risk occupations they were looking for. But I am person of color and have stable chronic conditions. They are looking for 25% people of color. They are also looking for 25% people over 65. So with phase 3 it seems they are trying to get a cross section of the Twin Cities to include seniors, minorities, and chronic conditions. With phase 2 the subjects were healthy and 18 to 55 years old.

Thu, Sep 3 12:58pm · Help find a vaccine for COVID-19 in COVID-19

There's a questionnaire people fill out on line first. Then you know right away if you're eligible. I don't know why this happened to me but I was directed to make an appointment right away. Then I got sent a link to my email to something called study hub. I had to activate it in 7 days. So I did and created a password. So people can start the process and drop out if they don't feel comfortable.

Wed, Sep 2 11:20am · Help find a vaccine for COVID-19 in COVID-19

I signed up for a vaccine trial last night. There was an advertisement on Facebook. The trial I signed up for is phase 3 of Azd1222. I havd first appointment next week in Bloomington, MN. This is vaccine from Oxford. They are accepting people of all ages and with well-controlled chronic conditions.

Sun, Aug 30 2:25pm · Flu shots are available in COVID-19

I just follow the Coronavirus precautions like washing my hands, social distancing, and wearing a mask around people. Those precautions good for flu, too.