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Wed, May 20 11:38am · Sending covid patients to nursing homes in Minnesota in COVID-19

Yes, that's the article. I got it in my email last night. Since then I had felt like they lied to us. We were supposed to sacrifice by staying home, shutting down businesses to protect the vulnerable. Then we find out that they were transferring contagious covid patients to nursing homes and assisted living. I feel like maybe we have mass murder in Minnesota. I was wondering why we had so many dying in long term care. They were announcing the death toll daily and it was almost all from long term care.

Wed, May 20 10:35am · Sending covid patients to nursing homes in Minnesota in COVID-19

Hi everyone, there's an article in the Star Tribune today about the practice of transferring covid patients to nursing and long term care homes. I wonder if other people read it. I was very upset because they transferred covid patients into facilities where non-covid patients were living. Now over 80% of covid deaths are residents of nursing homes and long term care. This is upsetting to me and I haven't been able to concentrate. I wonder if we infected and killed elderly and disabled residents. Why couldn't they make sure covid patients tested negative before they transferred them or put them in separate convalescent homes?

Wed, Apr 29 1:19pm · VP's visit in COVID-19

Hi I feel really bad about what happened. I went to donate blood recently and we were met at the door by staff. They put something iny ear to measure my temperature. Then I was allowed to just go to the blood center. I wouldn't dream of not following their directions because I was in their building. I also think watching the video of Mike Pence talking to the people wearing masks is very traumatizing. They are wearing masks to protect him. But he is not wearing a mask to protect them. It's like they are disposable to him. It was like watching people get abused by a strong man and they couldn't stop him. I think it's a trigger to women and children than have been abused. It's a trigger to people who have suffered from Coronavirus and their friends and relatives.

Wed, Apr 29 1:15am · VP's visit in COVID-19

I have been stressed out with all the discussion on social media about VP Mike Pence’s visit to Mayo Clinic. Everyone is talking about Mike Pence not wearing a facemask. That does bother me. But now I don’t know even know what he was in Rochester for. I thought they were going to talk about testing.

Fri, Apr 24 9:49pm · Making disposable facemasks in COVID-19

I already think it's more comfortable. The shop towel is absorbent so I don't feel that it gets damp. I have trouble breathing through my tightly woven cotton mask. I got a twelve roll pack of shop towels at Sam's Club pretty cheap. I could make these much faster and cheaper than the cotton facemasks. I am part of the effort to provide facemasks to North Minneapolis. But I fear we can't sew fast enough to meet the needs. I think we need more options.

Fri, Apr 24 12:55pm · COVID-19 and MAC: What are you doing differently to protect yourself? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I wear a facemask in public and try to maintain distance between people. But frankly I don't believe we can protect ourselves completely. I think the key is to get exposure but just a little bit. I think viral load is the key thing. These facemasks are designed to lessen but not eliminate exposure. I think our immune system has a better chance with a little exposure but not a lot. I think we will gradually build up immunity. But that's just my opinion. I don't know if just a drop of virus is enough to kill.

Fri, Apr 24 12:49pm · Making disposable facemasks in COVID-19

Hi everyone, I am trying to make disposable facemasks with blue shop towels, tape, and a stapler. I have been making fabric masks with a sewing machine for the community. But it takes a long time. Plus people need a sewing machine, skills, fabric. I can do max 24 per day. I believe we need a simpler way for people to wear facemasks. I get that we aren't supposed to wear medical masks. But why can't we make disposable masks with materials we can get in stores. I don't get the whole emphasis on fabric masks that have to be laundered.

Mon, Apr 13 1:18pm · Making facemasks in COVID-19

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is OK and coping with shelter in place. I have been coping by working on new facemask designs. One is DIY surgical mask with shopping bag material and cotton. The other is all cotton but has yarn instead of hard to find elastic for earloops. Personally I think it's helpful to direct one's mental energy into something that takes focus. To me focusing on facemasks makes the stress of worry, boredom, grief easier to deal with. I see up a little workshop on my 4 season porch. It's my happy place.