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6 days ago · Three more races in Healthy Living

Tomorrow morning is Reindeer Run. I am planning on participating. This is my first chance to wear ice grippers on my shoes.

Fri, Nov 23 12:17pm · Three more races in Healthy Living

I am feeling good and stronger. Its my third race. My next race is Reindeer Run. The distance is 5k. So I know that I can do that. But the cold weather is getting challenging to. I worked so hard to do the distance over Twin Cities Marathon weekend. Then I was challenged by the brick pavers on Halloween Half weekend. Yesterday it was cold and windy but no snow or ice. I don't know what the weather will be like in December. There could be snow on the ground.

Fri, Nov 23 11:54am · Three more races in Healthy Living

Wow you sound like you know what you're talking about. I start with two bras. A regular one and then a sports bra that I get in three packs from Walmart. I think the combo is as good or better than the expensive running bras sold in sports stores. Then I wore long sleeve wicking fabric base layer. On top I wore an Under Armor cold gear hoodie and jogger pants. I wore wool hiking socks, polar tech watch cap, and I lightweight infinity scarf from Walgreens. I like the thin fabric because I can breath through it and it blocks wind. I also wore mittens, and a garmin gps forerunner 35. I use my watch to watch my pace and time. I also wear a running belt for my phone and keys. I try to keep my pace about 3.2 mph. I can't worry about people passing me because I am running my own race. If I keep around 3.2 mph then I can keep going with jogging and not start walking. I wear New Balance 840 with an insert. I can buy 7d with New Balance and they are deep enough for aftermarket orthodic inserts. I try to get an insert with support and cushioning. Inserts are very important for my running. I go to shoe, foot professionals to help me select shoes and inserts. I knew I couldn't do that by myself. I also wen to the mayo sports medicine department for a check up and some training sessions to make sure that I could jog safely.

Thu, Nov 22 10:53am · Three more races in Healthy Living

I finished my 6k race. It was cold but I made it through.

Sun, Nov 18 11:18pm · Three more races in Healthy Living

Hi everyone, its Sunday night and I have my 6k Turkey Trot race on Thursday morning. I only practiced on the course once. That was last week. Yesterday I jogged for two miles in my neighborhood. Just for training. Well I am still too cold. It is the temperature plus the wind. I think the wind is harder to deal with than the cold. After I go jogging I end up staying in bed until past noon the next day to recover. But I still plan to race on Thursday. I have to layer my clothes and wear a hat, scarf, and wool hiking socks. I decided I am not cooking on Thanksgiving Day. I will be too tired to cook so I made reservations at a restaurant. No guilt at all.

Sun, Nov 18 11:09pm · Three more races in Healthy Living

Is that a hydro flask?

Sun, Nov 11 5:02pm · Three more races in Healthy Living

Running in cold weather with cotton fruit of loom sweatpants does not work. The wind blows through and its not that insulating. Running in down jacket can be bad too because perspiration condenses on inside of jacket. Then the wind hits and makes you even colder. I hope the under armor cold gear helps because it's supposed to be insulating and also allows perspiration to evaporate. I didn't talk to anyone about what to wear for cold weather jogging. So I am just trying to figure our what works. I learned that 6k is 3.7 miles. So that is 0.6miles more than 5k. I have to be ready for longer race in cold weather. I tried drinking water that I leave in car but it was so hard to drink because it got too cold. Almost frozen.

Sun, Nov 11 12:41pm · Three more races in Healthy Living

Hi everyone, yesterday I went practice jogging along the Thanksgiving turkey trot route. It was really cold and windy. But I kept jogging anyway. The wind was blowing my face and ankles. I was wearing a down jacket but perspiration built up so it made me colder. So running in cold windy weather is way different than running in October. So I went to buy under armor cold gear hoodie and jogger pants. I think I need wool socks and mittens too. One thing about running in cold weather is that your body heats up and perspires. So its different than just walking. I am still in bed because I am exhausted from my practice running. I woke up with sore throat. Turkey Trot is a 6k instead of 5k along Shepherd Road in St Paul. The Reindeer Run comes next and that's in December. That will probably be even colder.