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3 days ago · Thinking of training for 5k in Healthy Living

Haha. This is where I started my slow jogging in St. Paul. This is on route of 5k. Its all concrete and not too pretty. But then there's a left turn on Summit Ave and it looks nicer. This was total work for me even though I was going slow. So my goal is to finish in one hour and not get hurt. I am supposed to feel my body moving and that's supposed to be fun. But so far the only fun is after I am done. Running does seem to improve my mood.

3 days ago · Taking son to mayo this month in Caregivers

Hi I know we have to come back for more pictures in 3 or 4 months. Then they compare the pictures to see if anything has changed. The same thing is happening with my son's cardiovascular system because of his genetic syndrome. That's why my son has had a pediatric cardiologist since three years old. They are following him for life. So the eye doctors said they would follow my son's eyes. And its good that all his medical records are in the same place. Last time we were they put a blood pressure monitor on my son's arm and said to walk around for eight hours. Then they said he had hypertension and started him on meds. So I already do worry about my son's health. It's just now I might have to worry about his eyes in addition to his cardiovascular system. I'm also supposed to worry about calcium but I don't know how to do that. I do have a lot of stories and history at Mayo Clinic. This isn't my first rodeo. We are veterans.

3 days ago · Thinking of training for 5k in Healthy Living

That's why I had to go back today. It was like 90 degrees yesterday. So I went back earlier today and it was 73 degrees. That was more doable. I do feel a little weird jogging so slow. But nobody seems to be laughing at me as a jog by at a slow pace. My goal is the keep jogging and not stop to walk. That means jogging slowly so my body can keep going. Its like being a turtle.

3 days ago · Thinking of training for 5k in Healthy Living

I went jogging in St Paul today. I practiced on part of the 5k route. So I went 2.2 miles really really slowly. Like walking speed but in jogging motion. I read somewhere that slow jogging is healthy way to lose weight and help with diabetes. It doesn't put as much impact as running. So I am trying slow jogging where I can still talk if I need to. I am trying to jog and not trip and fall and hurt myself. I have to be able to go 3.1 miles to finish 5k in Oct.

3 days ago · Taking son to mayo this month in Caregivers

Lately I have been wondering why these doctors were so focused on my son's optic nerves. I don't know what it means if an optics nerve is swollen or doesn't look normal. They said it could be like Down Syndrome eyes. But they don't know. So I thought it was a nice appointment. But I don't even know if I am supposed to be worried.

3 days ago · Caregiving Report: The Gender Gap in Caregiving in Caregivers

I was the primary caregiver to my son. I quit my job when he was in seventh grade because there are no after school programs after 6th grade. My husband kept working because we had to eat. But there really was never any question that I would be taking care of our son. I also went to all the meetings at school and social services. I also have been driving our son to Mayo Clinic. I'm the mom.

5 days ago · Thinking of training for 5k in Healthy Living

That sounds wonderful. I hope to get my a1c down from jogging. I read somewhere that slow jogging is the best for diabetes. My goal for the 5k is to slow jog the route in an hour. I have been going to group physical fitness at the mayo building in Minneapolis. We meet at 545am. The trainer put my on the treadmill and changes speed and adds incline up and down. I thought I needed more training help because I didn't know how to train for 5k and not get injured. So I feel better having a trainer. My 5k race is in October.

5 days ago · Taking son to mayo this month in Caregivers

My son's genetic condition often causes strabismus. So the first doctor was looking for strabismus or misaligned eyes. Then he looked into his eyes and noticed something about optic nerves. So the doctor said that there are other doctors here that know more about optics nerves. That's why he went to get the neuro ophthalmologist. Then the doctors were both leaning over my son looking into his eyes. The first doctor was spinning a toy that flashed and sparkled so my son would look at it. It was kind of funny watching them playing with toys so my son the patient wouldn't get scared but just look at the toy. Then we went to another room and took all these pictures of my son's optic nerves. When we were leaving we stopped at the optician. She ordered my son eye glasses for nearsightedness. My son paid his $3 copay for glasses because he's on medical assistance for disabled people. She got it approved because I know my son's social security number and she found him in the system. So I am pretty happy how it went. But I don't know what's up with the optic nerves. The doctors said it could be like Down Syndrome where the eyes just look different but there's nothing wrong. So we have to go back in 3 to 4 months to see if anything changes with the optic nerves. So I think optic nerves are more important than possible strabismus. They didn't tell me anything about strabismus because they were so focused on the optic nerves. I guess I am just going to wait to see what happens with the before and after optic nerve pictures. I feel better that people are watching this. My son is getting excellent medical care. He also has a pediatric cardiologist that has been following my son for 24 years. All the Mayo doctors seem to know this pediatric cardiologist.