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Sun, Jun 23 3:39pm · multiple meningioma brain tumors in Brain Tumor

I have a tumor pushing up against my brain stem, not sure if that is the same thing, but my doctor felt surgery would be too dangerous so I had Cyberknife Radiation. Could that be an option for you? Sending strength and a huge Montana hug. love,peg

Thu, Feb 28 11:24pm · Watching a Meningioma Brain Tumor in Brain Tumor

Hi, I was diagnosed with 6 tumors in 2010, some large, some small, and some in iffy places. Since then I have had 2 craniotomies, 1 gamma knife, and 1 cyber knife radiation. After the 2 craniotomies, I opted for radiation on the small tumor by my brain stem, the small one on the left very close to my optic nerve, and the left-over mass & bone with tumor pressing on my right optic nerve. In 2010 I was 62 and made the decision to remove as much as possible because of my advancing age:-) My thinking was I'm healthier now:-) then I might be 10 years from now which might make surgery and recovery easier. I opted for the gamma knife and cyberknife in 2012 and 2015 because I didn't want to risk another surgery. Two seemed to be my limit. A lot of talk with husband and family, lots of prayers, advice of my neurosurgeon helped us make this very important decison, however my neuro did suggest a key-hole surgery for the tumor next to my left optic nerve. After much consideration, we decided on the gamma-knife radiation. These are huge decisions and require lots of research, etc. I know more about my brain now than I ever did, and I was able to prove to my husband that I really did have one:-) While this is a tough situation and I don't always feel good, I weigh out my blessings versus my tumors, 1000's of blessings 6 tumors, and try to find the bright side. My license plate reads, fndthfn, Find the Fun, not always easy, but do-able. I wish you all the best, we're walking this road together and as I tell my friends, "Love Will Keep Us Together". Peg

Mar 16, 2018 · Optic Nerve Meningioma patients in Brain Tumor

I have had experience with this. My surgeon removed as much as he could, but I still have bone and tumor pressing on my right optic nerve.In fact it is bent into a V. I did have cyber knife on the remaining tumor. My outcome has been pretty good. I also have a tumor near my optic on the left and this year I had gamma knife at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. I have also had cyber knife on the tumor close to my brain stem, and I have had 2 craniotomies to remove meningioma tumors. My neuro did offer surgery on the left optic tumor but after much prayer and consideration my husband and I opted for the gamma knife because I feel it is less invasive and honestly I just didn't feel up to another surgery:-) Weirdly my half brother also had a tumor wrapped around his optic nerve which did happen to blind him before he knew he had it. His VA surgeon removed as much as he could. While my sight isn't 20/20 I can see very well considering all that has been done. I only need glasses to read and my peripheral is definitely a bit dicey but a head turn takes care of the problem. The radiation did not shrink my tumors but hopefully stopped them in their tracks. I have referred to these last naughty 3 as Ted, Tina and Tiny. While they are not exactly pals we've worked out a way to get along:-) Wishing you all the best, consider all your information and advice and then listen to your heart and head. It's a beautiful life. Hugs and love, peg

Dec 8, 2017 · multiple meningioma brain tumors in Brain Tumor

Hi and Welcome. You and I are in a similar boat, one of my 5+ tumors is in my sphenoid wing,and in the bone and tumor and bone are pressing on my optic nerve and have been for at least 7+ years. I did have that one excised as much as possible and the rest radiated. I can see pretty good considering. I just did gamma knife on the tumor on the left side and I’m a fan of radiation versus surgery, although I’ve had 2. We are definitely strong warriors and a good sense of humor doesn’t hurt as well:-) All my best to you. peg

Aug 21, 2017 · Meningioma and Cavernoma in Brain Tumor

Hi, went in for my MRI chat with neuro doc. and not a thing was said about the cavernous thing mentioned on the last report. Go figure. It either disappeared or was not critical enough to talk about. My doc wants to watch and wait for another year, but If I want to I have the option of surgery now, I just have to be ready for the results as well. As we know there is always a chance for deficits when working in the brain. I’m pretty sure I need ALL my wits about me so will wait for the year and enjoy my present quality of life. It is really a wonderful life and I hope you’re being well taken care of. It’s your turn. hugs, peg

Aug 21, 2017 · My sister Jill's treatment plan at Mayo in Brain Tumor

I am wondering if you could share the size of your sisters tumors. My doctor told me today it was my call, I could have surgery now or wait for a year. He did not like the option of radiation because of probable damage to the optic nerve. His recommendation was wait for the year, and then see, but waiting is very hard for me. I like to make a decision, and then go. He is very conservative in his treatment and would rather I wait and enjoy my present quality of life, then do surgery with a questionable outcome. I came home, had a root beer float and may have cookies for breakfast:-) Hoping your sister will have a great recovery, just let her know we all have to get used to a new normal, but it’s wonderful as well. hugs, peg

Aug 20, 2017 · Small tumors versus large tumors. in Brain Tumor

I am wondering if those of you who have had brain tumor surgery had it only for larger tumors or if some of you had smaller tumors. My 5th tumor has now grown to 9 mm, not too large but still believe I am having some symptoms, pain, headaches, etc. but my neurosurgeon does not believe I am. So, am I just nutty:-) maybe:-) or can small tumors also cause symptoms. It’s so hard to tell if it’s from the other two tumor surgeries or the radiation on the other tumors. Anyway, life is still sweet, challenging, yes, but still sweet. hugs all, peg 🙂

Aug 20, 2017 · My sister Jill's treatment plan at Mayo in Brain Tumor

Sending her another huge hug, and hoping for the very best outcome! I see my neuro tomorrow and we’ll decide what to do with my new tumors. One for all and all for one! hugs and love, peg:-)