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Wed, Feb 5 3:29pm · Lump by screw from gamma knife surgery, anyone else? in Brain Tumor

Joan, thank you so much for reply. I will be seeing my neuro on the 18th so will see what he recommends, and then decide what I think is best for me:-) Wishing you all the best. peg

Wed, Feb 5 3:26pm · Lump by screw from gamma knife surgery, anyone else? in Brain Tumor

Wow Jill, you have had quite a rough time! I love my neuro but he only deals with surgery stuff, all he other, he basically does not have time for. Our town did have a neurologist but he retired so need to find another and talk about the smoke, etc. I am seeing my neuro on the 18th so will post what he thinks Ishould do, and then post what I'm going to do:-) All my best to you. peg

Tue, Feb 4 11:00am · Lump by screw from gamma knife surgery, anyone else? in Brain Tumor

Your post is so interesting because for the last year I have been smelling smoke as well. It's so weird. I just found out my tumor is growing even though I've had cyberknife radiation. It's rather distressing and will have to make a decision as to whether go for more radiation or more surgery. I've already had two craniotomies, and feel that is my limit. I think it's very difficult for docs to understand our symptoms because they have never had brain tumors or symptoms of. Wishing you both the best. love,peg

Sun, Feb 2 9:03am · Watching a Meningioma Brain Tumor in Brain Tumor

Wow, I thought maybe I was over worrying about my multiple tumors after two craniotomies, gamma knife and cyber knife, but have had swelling on my right cheekbone, pain, etc. and now find out the meningioma behind my right eye has started to grow , is invading my sinus and above cheekbone. Good Grief right. Has anyone had an experience with this. I was told it's too dangerous to operate so will need another round of radiation. This is definitely the never-ending story, and yet doctors act like having meningiomas are no big deal. peg

Sep 19, 2019 · Any Optic Nerve Meningioma Patients Who've Had Surgery? in Brain Tumor

I was not diagnosed as a teenager but looking back I believe I probably had the tumors then, a slight eye bulge, etc. but didn't get diagnosed until 2010 at age 60. When I look back on my pictures one eye is definitely a bit different than the other. I am sorry to hear that you are going through this, but we're here for you. Wishing you all the best. Peg

Sep 15, 2019 · Any Optic Nerve Meningioma Patients Who've Had Surgery? in Brain Tumor

I am so sorry to hear that. The same thing happened to my brother, same eye as yours. We found it weird that a brother and a sister with two different fathers both had meningiomas. I had many and he had one, but he is blind in his left eye. I need another surgery on my right eye and I'm so afraid that I will completely lose my vision in that eye. My brother has adapted well, he can drive, hunt, etc. all the things he enjoys doing, and I'm hoping you can as well. My best wishes. peg

Sep 8, 2019 · Balance issues and hearing loss in Hearing Loss

Wow, I was so impressed by Joyces response and I love it when I learn something new. That being said, we all live in fear of falling, at least I know I do, and I have taken some epic falls myself. Of course they all hurt and you get up hoping nothing is broken, or that no one has seen you:-) or as in my case once I landed on the grass in front of the funeral home, having missed many piles of dog poop, which as I like to say, is "On the bright side":-) I do walk as much as I can to retain as much balance as possible, sometimes use a walking stick, and like someone else said no quick turns, fast ups and things we know are likely to make us dizzy and off balance. Know your surroundings as much as possible, hang on to a friend, but do keep moving. My husband is convinced I've perfected the tuck and roll method so I guess if we're going to fall it might be best to check out & learn the most non-injurious way. I wish you all the best. Some days my favorite colors are black, blue & green. hugs and love,peg

Aug 29, 2019 · Lump by screw from gamma knife surgery, anyone else? in Brain Tumor

Hi, Along with multiple brain tumors, my MRI also indicates an empty sella. I'm not sure what that means and it doesn't seem like my doctors are concerned about it. Do you think I should be. Wondering what you found out. I didn't have a lump from my gamma knife and hope yours is healing. peg