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Oct 22, 2016 · ~ Retired, moved closer to kids, unhappy ~ in Mental Health

How about getting another dog while living in VA? It will help you meet people just like you did in MD, I’m sure…..

Oct 5, 2016 · T.E.N.S. for spinal stenosis pain in Spine Health

I agree with you @overwhelmed.

When I worked as a paralegal in both personal injury and insurance defense, saw many examples of both forms–the most common was the portable TENS unit -routinely used after modalities (if treatment rendered by a chiro), or following exercising and stretching with a PT. My PT uses the TENS unit in conjunction with an ice pack.

BTW-My PT’s use of the ice pack/tens unit was to increase my ROM. That was prior to the MRI that confirmed a diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis aka frozen shoulder. Once the frozen shoulder was confirmed, we knew there really wasn’t any way to relieve the pain with the except of a Manipulation Under Anesthesia, so the TENS was stopped.

With having limited ROM in both shoulders, along with excruciating pain in the left, there’s no way I could apply it myself. Heck, I can’t hardly put on/take off a bra/blouse without assistance.

Oct 5, 2016 · T.E.N.S. for spinal stenosis pain in Spine Health

To try one out, go to a chiropractor or get referred to a physical therapist. Both use TENS units in their practice(s).

Good luck!