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Jan 27, 2017 · Depression since my brother-in-law passed away? in Depression & Anxiety

I have struggled my whole life with depression. Mine is biological and situational. I also have a sleep disorder where I want to sleep ALL the time!! I know a lot about depression, having a college degree and had a career in related fields. I know the best practices. My question is…… If one is socially isolated (as I am) and have no in-put from others, no one ‘checking on me’, initiating outings, etc. etc…..and no internal self motivation or discipline. … HOW does one get motivated to START?? How do I start… getting out of bed and dressed, go for groceries, make meals, call a friend, exercise, STOP sleeping/going back to bed during the day, eat terrible things, etc……. and NOT CARE that I’m doing this even when I know it’s bad for me. Yes…. I am on meds. Yes ….. I see a counselor as often as I am allowed per insurance– once every 3 wks. But something is not triggering here. Yes… I can talk to my doctors….. but I see them individually– not as a TEAM that all talk together about my conditions. …. And because some are ‘med checks’ I see them very infrequently for short appointment times….. basically to write continued prescriptions. And with most of them I babble about all of this…. like they are a counselor and not a med dr. Or can’t explain myself well enough in few words…… (see how I write… ??) And then I go home and continue this very bad lifestyle pattern. Initiation of activity and social outlets are just too hard… I don’t make myself. And I get soooooo anxious about things, it is just easier and calming to stay home and ‘putter’. I have thought of changing meds….. but who am I to say??? and how do drs. decide WHAT meds to prescribe??? And which dr. do I bring this up to?? I have 5. And then how long does it take to see if they are working? If not… what next?? …… And so it goes….. Thanks for listening…. I know that the purpose of this group is not…. nor can be…. to solve …. and may not be for the very reasons why I write …. venting ….. but venting to others is more effective 🙂 (sorry) …. Also apologizes for piggy backing this post… It should/could have been a new post …. but something that I say TOO often during the day ……… Whatever …..