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Sep 16, 2016 · Meet fellow Caregivers - Introduce yourself in Caregivers

Hi Scott i will certainly do that for Miss Bella thank you for this group caregiving is very hard but i try and keep mom happy healthy and want her to be het best self even when she wont know who we are.. im so sorry for yer lose i lost my only brother dec 12 2007, our youngest son was murdered in our home november 19, 2008 and lost my mamma Jan 7th 2013
I took care of yer the last 4 months of her life she was dx with cancer in Sept 2012
My father in law we lost him to ALS in 2005 and now mom has late on set alzhymers life just isnt fair but i have to remember the lords thinkin is higher than mine.. i dont understand the why’s of it all but i do it all because i love my mother in law.. we are doing what she wants and that is to stay in her own home. We have to sell our home. But its just a house her happiness is what counts for me she has lived here almost 50 yrs.. even if she were totally blind she could still find what she looks for…anywhere else for her wouldnt be a good thing. So here i am and here you are… im sure i will learn alot from everyone here and yer all in my prayers

Sep 16, 2016 · Meet fellow Caregivers - Introduce yourself in Caregivers

Hi, i know my mother in law was gonna sell her home of almost 50 yrs of livin here and she wanted to stay in her own home but knew she couldnt alone due to her eye site caused by silent strokes so we have moved in here home her son my husband and i care for her. He has 2 other brothers but in almost 10 months the youngest just now said he wanted to help with mom. The older son doesnt want anything to do with her because ahe changed her trust to make my husband trustee. And its hard carein for anyone who is gonna pass, she is pretty healthy at 79 walks 3 miles almost daily but i can say that givin her vitamins B & E along with the Aricept has greatly improved moms memory she leads a very active life even though she cant see.. if we would have put her in assisted living for her that would have made her life short and she would be unhappy my job is to see that she is get best self at any and all costs even when the time comes that she doesnt know us.
If you feel like you didnt make the right choice for yer mama, I’d make sure they took care of her like you would if it were possible fir you but never feel guilty. A great book to read is The 36 Hours. In Feb mom’s mmse was 18/30 now with Aricept
And bring her vitamins B & E level up her last mmse which was in May was 25/30
And if she could see she would be great here at home alone.. i hope i have helpef you
I do understand caring for our parents is gard i took care of my own mother when she was Dx with cancer and she was at home until her last days and she passed in hospist 4 months later.. after being in hospist for only 3 days. Those were her wishes but it still wasnt easy. I play a game with mom now i “lose” my coffee cup and she’ll find it in the microwave. I think keeping them happy any and all cost is the key to them living longer also on Amazon they have a macanical cat that my mom just loves by hasbro but she also stole my little tiny dog lololol for her own which is fine with me. It comes down to allowing them to be as independent as possible. Just do the best ya can and see that her care center is giver her the same care you would give her if you could.
I’ll keep yall in my prayers..((((hugs)))

Sep 16, 2016 · Meet fellow Caregivers - Introduce yourself in Caregivers

Hi i am new to this group my name is Kepi and i care for my husbands mom whom i love very much we moved in with her in Dec 2015 because she had some silent strokes that has left her legally blind and in Feb on the 8th she was Dx with late on set Alzhymers. In Dec i downloaded a book called the 36 Hours because i felt there was something else going on with her. On the 8th of Feb. Her secondary caregiver brought home the same book from her Dr. She was put on Aricept after her mmse was 18/30 in May her mmse was 25/30 after i looked at her lab work i noticed her vitamin B levels were way down along with her vitamin E so I also added those in February. She is doing really great. And of course we had a small dog which she now owns lololol Bella just lives mom and mom loves Miss Bella. Thank you for ketting me share and join this group.