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Nov 7, 2018 · Brain Anuerysm - So Scared in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

All of my appointments were at mayo clinic in Rochester, MN. I presume wherever you are at a Mayo Clinic the schedules are similar. Be prepared to be having quite a few tests. You will probably have an EKG, and blood tests. These are basics for every visit. Be prepared for other tests following your Neurologist visit. It may or may not be quite a hectic day for you depending on what tests they can preview ahead of your visit. Have all of your tests results been forwarded to the Neurologist that you will be seeing? If not, you can carry them with you to your appointment and hand them in when you check in. I kind of like carrying them with me…then I'm sure they arrived. Also with the Mayo sites go to Aneurysms and read the information. Many times they include a list a questions that you can ask the doctor. Better yet, have a copy of your own questions for yourself and for the doctor. My Mayo doctors are very patient and will cover all questions. The more you know about the tests that you have had done before your appointment the easier it is to visit with your doctor. Ask for written copies of all of your test results so that you can read them ahead of time. Make sure they are the radiology reports and not just a summary from your doctor. Better yet, buy a 3-ring notebook and start a paper record file. You will be fine!! There are many wonderful people at Mayo that will help out if you get lost finding appointments. Just ask. Prayers for you on your Aneurysm journey!!! Try to stay calm and relaxed.

Nov 5, 2018 · No Love Involved Caregiver in Caregivers

Just make sure you take some time for you and your family. Taking care of yourself is so very important. Especially when the holidays are creeping up on us. This site was my "venting" place when I was dealing with my mother's Alzheimer's disease. It's been so very helpful. Keeping everyone in my prayers.

Nov 2, 2018 · No Love Involved Caregiver in Caregivers

It's been awhile since I've responded here and was wondering how you are doing? Care-giving is such a difficult task and taking care of yourself can be a tough job. Have you found time each day/week just for yourself, and your family? Do you have respite care available to you? Our local hospital has a list of trained persons willing to sit for a few hours at a time. Some even over night. Of course, they charge per hour but it would probably be less than Adult Day Care fees. Check with your local hospital. Let me know how you are doing.

Sep 15, 2018 · Caregiving Report: The Gender Gap in Caregiving in Caregivers

It's so hard to understand why her (MIL) own family thinks that just because she's in an assisted living facility that she doesn't need to be visited. They go away for 6 months at a time without seeing her. One lives 30 miles away and hardly visits. She is a living, breathing, human being, and they don't "give a dam". Pardon my french. It makes me cry – knowing that when she is gone that they will wish they did more. Looking forward to hearing more from your "reading". Have a great week.

Sep 15, 2018 · Caregiving Report: The Gender Gap in Caregiving in Caregivers

Thanks again, Scott, for your article summary. Non-caregivers have no idea what it's like. My husband and I looked after my mom and dad. This includes the 15 years of watching mom slowly deteriorating in front of us and my siblings not caring. The thought that since I was not working (working part time didn't count) it was OK to put all the burden on Dad and us. Even though I'd had a clipping of an unruptured brain aneurysm and a diagnosis of Fibromuscular Dysplasia. Thank goodness the last four years they finally helped out. They missed out of so much of my parents lives by only visiting once or twice a year. I will always cherish those days. Now, my husband and I have been put in charge of caring for his mother who is 93. No Alzheimer's – so we continue in our roles. She has been like a mother to me for the past 42 years. Why turn my back on her now. We can still play cards, laugh and enjoy ourselves. Thanks for the article and letting me vent!!

Sep 13, 2018 · No support at home! in Just Want to Talk

I don't have diabetes but I do understand what it feels like not to be helped or supported. I've had major health issues myself and – because the scars are not visible – people think I'm able to "do everything" for "everybody. I have to put myself first. My health first. If I cannot take care of myself, I won't be able to take care of anyone. I have to constantly remind my husband – that I can't do things. He's getting better at helping out. A little more understanding of my limitations. Do you have a friend or support group where you can talk about your diabetes and how to handle your diet and glucose changes? I have a friend that is on medicare and just the cost of the insulin for her blows my mind!! It's very expensive!! Maybe here you can find someone that you can share with. I will keep you in my prayers. Having God as my support system really helps me. Blessings

Sep 13, 2018 · No Love Involved Caregiver in Caregivers

I am amazed that you have taken care of your FIL for three years!! What strength you have combating all the issues. I am no professional by any means. From what I read I feel that it is maybe time that you step back and let someone else do the care. Especially if his own family gives you no support at all. Do you have a care team set up that meets to discuss issues? It's not that you can't do the work — you've shown you can for the past 3 years –but is it worth risking your health and well-being because you are not supported at all? There are many wonderful suggestions in above posts that I would seriously take into consideration. I spent close to 5 years trying to convince my brother and sister that my mom was having dementia problems. They just wouldn't listen. Hardly ever visited – only for short times. They did help out during her last years but they missed so much of her life prior to that. She has been gone for 1 1/2 years now but I still have resentment towards them for not even wanting to meet to discuss issues with them. Plus all the work that my husband did as well. No thank you's. Nothing. If there is no "family" support system work with other professionals to set something up so that you can have time for yourself and your family.

Sep 1, 2018 · Memory care in Caregivers

Hi merryone! One of the hardest things for me to deal with was the first time I visited my mom and dad and my mother didn't know me. She thought my husband and I were total strangers. About a year before this happened we moved them 2 hours away from us so unfortunately, visits became fewer than normal. After being their caretakers for years…mom no longer knew me. I still had 1 1/2 years of visiting her and enjoying her company. Accepting her for who she was. May God be with you through your struggles. Start with baby steps…or jump right in getting to be "you" again. It is a very tough road but God is there to help. Blessings to you.