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Tue, Jun 16 8:16am · Mom diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Need advice on helping her to eat in Lung Cancer

Hi Kj9. I am sorry about your Mom’s situation. While the diagnoses cant be changed, you and your sister may be able to impact the quality of the process with little things. When my Dad experienced the cachexia following removal of his esophagus, we quietly left little snacks everywhere. Those snacks included the boost extra, small portions of dinner, potato chips, candy, various beverages, and anything else we could think of. We figured out which “tastes” were pleasant and which ones to avoid. His “taste” became very different from what it was before. We took off all the pressure to eat. He began to nibble. We were able to stop the progression of the cachexia, but not really recovery. His quality of life improved dramatically, as he gained some energy. We were able to have 10 more years with our very skinny Dad. I hope that you and your sister will be able to celebrate your lives together with your mom, and feel the beautiful bond you clearly have.

Tue, Feb 4 10:30am · Gastroparesis Diet – Questions, Suggestions, Tips in Digestive Health

Good morning techmom. I was wondering how you were doing. I hope you are able to achieve a better quality of life by focusing on some new things to "try" while staying within the parameters of your dietary restrictions and safe movement. Have you looked at adding Tai Chi to your daily routine? It helps the individual move through patterns of weight shifting, head positions, and gentle strengthening for stability. It also facilitates "Mindfullness", which decreases stress levels in our bodies. Lower stress levels help bowel motility, then on to better absorption of those nutrients we are trying to acquire. It also helps with pain control and flexibility of the joints in a gentle way. I hope you are feeling well today!

Tue, Feb 4 10:30am · Gastroparesis Diet – Questions, Suggestions, Tips in Digestive Health

Hell nonnie1,
Slow stomach emptying and slow bowels are very frustrating and tend to dominate our every day decisions, as you clearly know. My one suggestion for you, as I continue to play the daily balancing game, is a gentle but brisk walk daily for about 20 minutes. Schedule it so you have already consumed a good portion of your daily food, so the gentle movement of your body can have an opportunity to mobilize the stomach and the bowels indirectly. Another technique I use, is I lay flat on my back stretched out and gently massage the belly area. I can pretty much feel where the stool gets hung up, as it masses in a firm area. The massage is very gentle and sometimes just a little jiggle will produce that gurgle I am looking for. Continual liquids is imperative. A bottle of water with a bit of lemon is nice to sip on so I can get a continual stimulation for my gastric juices, which facilitates both the stomach juices and on to the bowel motility. Obstructions are not fun and I have had my fill. When An obstruction is threatening, I keep bone broth in my cupboard so I can switch to total liquids until I get the gurgling I am looking for. The liquids keep the gastric juices going. If you totally obstruct though, this won't work and you will need intervention. Good luck with this, and keep those steady liquids going. While we don't have control over everything, we do have control over behavioral alterations in our day to day. That's the best we can do.

Tue, Feb 4 10:30am · Gastroparesis Diet – Questions, Suggestions, Tips in Digestive Health

Good morning Teresa. I use bone broth because it's a clear liquid that is high in protein, low in sugar, and bland. When I am nauseated, the broth is more tolerable. You can boil your own, or buy it pre made. Pre made is nice, because when I don't feel well I don't want to try to boil down a chicken. Sugar levels are important to consider for many people with varying issues causing GI dysfunction, from bowel flora to diabetes concerns. Thus, bone broth becomes a good choice, vs pop or even Gatorade, to maintain electrolytes and stimulate the bowel motility without loading. However, since each person is very different, the choices need to be made according to that individual's specifics. Hope this helps.

Tue, Feb 4 10:30am · Gastroparesis Diet – Questions, Suggestions, Tips in Digestive Health

Hi Tech Mom. I can post a few more strategies, but it is important to know that I am not a Nutritionist. I am just "into" nutrition. With that said, another strategy I use to get those nutrients ingested effectively, is building smoothies. It is a liquid route to get the raw veggies, proteins, and fresh fruits. You can do it through blended soups as well. The liquid and puréed forms of the foods pass through my stomach with less difficulty. Then they are able to be digested in the bowel more effectively. The smoothies (hot and cold) can be made to taste quite nice. I use them regularly when coming off an obstruction (especially the hot form) in order to achieve the nutrition I need when I am limited to only "cooked and soft". I use the cold form as a supplement to sneak in the nutrients in general. I also take a b-complex vitamin in powder capsules ( easier to move through the stomach). All my vitamins are chosen with the slow stomach in mind. I cannot afford to have those unpleasant things come back up into my esaphagus and mouth. Therefore I choose as many liquid versions, and buffered versions as possible. There is a lot going on in various research areas on FODMAP and bowel flora. It's good stuff and relevant to the variants of so many people's issues. The world of gastroenterology is exploding with new information. I hope this helps. We must try to live mindfully amid all the frustrations and explorations.

Mon, Jan 13 11:34am · Adhesions affecting digestion and causing pain in Digestive Health

Thank you to all of you for the info. It is helpful. I feel like there are a lot of people with this issue at varying degrees. Today I can think again, as my pain and nausea levels are down. It is a relief to be able to talk to others who actually understand. I am quite lucky, because I am still able to exercise. Plus I can make weird food taste good (I love taste!) if I allow myself to be creative, when I have to adjust the levels of stool burden according to my fluctuating bowel activity. So thank you!

Fri, Jan 10 8:17am · Adhesions affecting digestion and causing pain in Digestive Health

Thank you Teresa. I am actually scheduled for Gastro (again) in Feb. I am tired. This has been ongoing, leading into this last year. I had to leave work. I was not ready for that. My adhesions are likely profuse, so there will be no straight forward fix. My docs are very good. I am confident in that. They know I have been running hard away from another surgery. I am always looking for working pearls and the latest info. Thanks Teresa. This blog helps.

Thu, Jan 9 5:57pm · Adhesions affecting digestion and causing pain in Digestive Health

Wow! Thank you for that information. It is optimistic, and I need that right now.