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Sep 23, 2018 · Talking Frankly about Living with Advanced Cancer in Cancer

So wonderful news & congratulations. Hope everything works up for the best. Send you an ocean of positive energi & love. Let us know, how it is going & take care.

Aug 8, 2018 · Metastatic breast cancer: Anyone else? in Breast Cancer

Hi @colleenyoung,
Thank you for your mail. Sorry about confusion. I have this auto correction which try to change almost every word to Swedish. The result is always interesting, confusion or laughter… yes you guessed right I have mets on parts of my skull and in one lung. It was expected or at least I thought it was expected. I mean nobody lives forever and now both my body and mind are at peace, a bit sad but I feel ok. They are going to start with Zoledronsyra drops at the beginning av September, every six weeks and afterwards every 6 or 7 months.
Honestly don’t know what to say about Capecitabin. The first 6 months was awaful, I had terrible rashes on my arms, back, under my feet, in mouth, on my skull, hands and bleeding & itching on my clitoris. They tried to give me lower dosage and rashes on my arms and back disappeared but still the skin on my arms shows the traces of those terrible rashes. I easily lost my balance and fell down. I gained liquid in my lungs and was operated twice. Now I take only 1 000 mg per day, without any pause in between. Less side effects but some of them are still there. Now that I have mets on my skull and probably in one of the lungs (I have already three tumors on my breast and chest), don”t know if I continue taking it or change to something else…I have not received the complete treatment plan, yet.
I have two wonderful grandchildren . A smart beautiful girl who becomes 4 in two weeks time and a boy who is almost three months old.. i feel really lucky and satisfied with my life. I have done my best to see the positive aspects of my life and do whatever I can for others. I have lived in war, gave birth while they were bombing our city, lost two unborn childtrn, was forced to seek asylum in Sweden which became our home. Lost a lot of loved ones but every problem, took me to new paths and let me discover the strenght in myself and the love and friendship around me. Have made wonderful friends and mostly have been happiness and laughter in my life. When down the nature helps me with long walks and time to accept my life.
Friends we have so much to enjoy and love to share with others. Share your love and warmth with others, please❤️

Aug 4, 2018 · Metastatic breast cancer: Anyone else? in Breast Cancer

Hi everybody,
Sorry I was busy accepting my latest cancer result & couldn’t be there for you. I was experiencing some strange prins around my right era, inside. I met my oncolog for a month ago and after some x-rays they found that mets have spread on my head bone. They have a meeting and want more & thorough examinations and x-rays, before starting the treatment. For the time being I am on Capecitabin 500 mg pills, hoping to keep my tumors as they are.
Wow, a Cruise to Alaska sounds wonderful. I have no list to what I Wish to do, I just take the days as they are and try to have at least one long walk in the woods for about an hour. Next is to visit our grandchildren as much as possible, read and read and talk to my family. Then I have to do all the tests and more. Nobody believes that I suffer from cancer stage 4 which has spread. I have cancer, so what? I try to find positive thing in my life and the world around me to keep me alive. Of course the anti-depression medication helps more than possible, lol! Love you all,

Jun 16, 2018 · Metastatic breast cancer: Anyone else? in Breast Cancer

HI dear @rae3 & @nicole66
Welcome to the group. I don't know where to start but cancer patients are far more surviving their cancer than before. There are so many new treatments and medicines that they are mindblowing. I just wish you all good luck and lots of positive energi. Here in Sweden we read about that nowadays 70% of cancer patient survive their cancer thanks to new treatments and medication. I am one of the lucky ones who has survived my breast cancer for the last 23 years & changed both treatments & medications many many times. Falsodex together with chemo helped me almost a year but suddenley it was time to change and this time must change chemo treatment again.
Just remember that life is wonderful specially when you have your beloved ones with you and they show their happiness in having you around. Nicole please let your mother know how much you and the rest of family loves her. She must be really afraid of every shadow now. She needs reassurances that she is needed and that her family stands by her and need her. Have patience and get help from your community to help her better. Don't let her imagine for one moment that she is consuming your time and energy.
Dear Rae, wish you all the best and goodluck. You are going to have your hair grown again. Take care of yourself and sorry I don't know about the possible solutions to your problem. But remember your life is precious, every day, hour, Enjoy it as best you can, cry but have fun, too.

Jun 2, 2018 · Talking Frankly about Living with Advanced Cancer in Cancer

Hello @ventibug
Hope your Samsung & you have a long lastning & satisfying relationship, ahead of you. I am an IPhone & IPad user & it is too late to start learning how to use an android gadget. I have a computer but don’t remember where I have parked it. My memory is a bit of mess and I have accepted my condition with difficulty, due to 23 years of chemo, cancer & other treatments. I am always such a positive and happy person but now I feel that I am lost in the deepest whole of depression that can be found on earth. I feel that my husband is very tired of being this great strenght, loving partner of mine. It is not easy with ups and downs in my different treatments, side effects and various reasons to be hospitalised, more often recently. Between us I am tired of being alive but sitting in this waiting rom before the final D”eath”day. I have being diagnosed 4 time with stage 4 cancer. I don’t know if it was thanks to my Sunny personality or my wonderful oncologists that I have survived this far. But as said before, it has become tiring just waiting. On the bright side, I Said hello to my new grandchild, a little boy for almost two weeks ago. Didn’t even believe to be able to meet my first grandchild, a very bright and beautiful girl who would be 4 years old quite soon. So you see life is full of surprisens even when we found ourselves at the bortom of darkest whole in the world. My aim is to find a comfortable and pleasant mind zone for my beloved husband, where he can relax and gather his strenght back.
I am so happy that you are a believer, your trust in God Will help you through this ordeal. Nobody understands your situation better than you, but please find a place in your mind that you can the reasons for being lucky. Mine are that I have a wonderful tired husband, a handsome son, two wonderful grandchildren, and still with my spread stage 4 cancer for the past 3,5 years, I have been enjoying most of my days. If I die now, you must know that while feeling the blue, I am the luckiest woman alive.
Take care beloved ventibug❣️

Apr 16, 2018 · Talking Frankly about Living with Advanced Cancer in Cancer

Hello @margaretrivers, Wish you luck with everything. Hope you can do your PET-Scan today and everything goes just fine. Radiation was very effective, in two of my cancers. My body is a cancer-loving one so it is always looking for more challenges to keep on this adventure going on. Just keep calm & positive about this stage of your life. Remember the good in your life, the last laughters ”real ones” and enjoy them again. Love yourself and try to find positive aspects in every ”happening”. Even in the worse hour, if you look around there are so many beautiful things to enjoy. I do this when I feel deep down in the shit hole, sorry for the language, but I have been fighting cancer for the last 23 years and for the past 3 years I have been diagnosen with spread cancer stage 4. When I am in the deepest I look around me and a bird singing, a child’s laughter or a smile makes me feel alive. Have a nice day and good luck.

Apr 9, 2018 · Talking Frankly about Living with Advanced Cancer in Cancer

Oh, I don't feel very special or chosen. I am just a human being, no better no worse that is really going to die of cancer, if not get hit by a bus as everybody else, all those who are not going to die of cancer. Here in Sweden 98% say that if they aren't driven over by a car. Well, actually there aren't many who were driven over by stray cars or cats, lol!
Allison, I feel and know what you are talking about. They want to give us courage but they belittle us and doesn't understand how much it hurts. The worse are those who change the subject immediately as if the cancer through talking becomes contagious.
Hope you were able to sleep a bit more. My lovely girlfriend from my youth surprised us with her visit all the way from Toronto. Her presence has been a great comfort to my husband & me. Just love to be able to laugh, joke about anything and everything and be sure that she doesn't take it in the wrong way.
Dear Allison, in case of non- understanding people, turn a deaf ear to them & ask them many times to repeat what did they just said until the umpth time and then ask them innocently so your plan is to be hit by a bus? But I never wanted neither planned to die of cancer. How am I able to change to your category?
Take care & have fun,

Apr 8, 2018 · Talking Frankly about Living with Advanced Cancer in Cancer

Dearest @allisonsnow, It sounds like a great night! Hope you wake in good time for church, too. If not, don't worry, look at it som a present from the above for all your pain. Continue enjoying the life we have. Take care, sweet Allison❤️