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Jan 23, 2019 · Need Patient's Experience with Mayo Clinic. Is it worth it? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Mayo has just changed their patient computer system to one that does monetize procedures according to two doctors I know there. So they appear to have moved away from putting patients first and have joined the rest of the profit motivated system in this country.

Sep 5, 2016 · Autoimmune Diseases and Fatigue in Autoimmune Diseases

Walking my dogs and yoga are great. Tai chi in a group also nice.

Sep 5, 2016 · Autoimmune Diseases and Fatigue in Autoimmune Diseases

Are you getting the magnesium oil at a vitamin shoppe or other store or do you have to order online? I would love something to apply to my knees. The capsaicin is too harsh my skin won’t tolerate it. Traumeel cream helps some but would like to try this…

Sep 5, 2016 · Autoimmune Diseases and Fatigue in Autoimmune Diseases

Please know it is not hopeless! It is hard, but try moving for 10-20 minutes a day, even just walking at the mall or in your neighorhood. Daily small amounts of activity can actually be energizing. I have to force myself sometimes but it really is worth it. Is there a gentle yoga or tai chi class you can join nearby? Even if you miss classes sometimes just having that on your schedule can be encouraging and you may meet people with similar concerns who have some understanding of what you’re going through. If your doctor is not addressing this or taking seriously maybe it’s time to find one who will. Give yourself permission to rest when you need it. That helped me a lot because I was stressing myself out thinking I was letting people down and I just had to say hey, I need this rest. I started keeping a gratitude journal that I write at least 3 things I’m grateful for every day and then when I’m really down I can look at it and things seem better. We are all so individual and have to just try things to see what works for each of us. So pick something to try and keep a log of whether it helps or not. That way you can take back control of some part of your life and see that you are trying to move forward. My mantra is “This is only temporary”. Where you are now is not where you will always be. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

Sep 5, 2016 · Autoimmune Diseases and Fatigue in Autoimmune Diseases

Yes, sleep deprivation has a lot of side effects on memory. It’s hard to be social if you’re fighting exhaustion. From reading the posts here it seems everyone is so unique and what works for one doesn’t work for all. Seems like it’s something we have to keep trying at. It does seem that doctors don’t always take into account the global effects of fatigue. Keep trying and keep a log of what you try because we sometimes forget what worked so well before. Also keeping track of things makes you see you are taking control and I find the lack of control I feel when I’m exhausted can be so stressful. I keep a gratitude journal and even when I’m down I can look at it and feel better. Sending good thoughts and prayers to you.