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Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

I had same problem. They really push fiber supplements which never helped me. I do try to avoid wheat products and dairy. It helps.. But IBS is malfunction of nerves in colon causing pain, nausea, general feeling of illness. Doctors don’t really know root cause. I do take ginger, and. Coconut oil (organic) as well as gas pills. Helps me a lot. Also I have rectocel from childbirth. This forms week area that catches stool and makes it difficult . I think the gas pills and coconut oil is making stool soft and passes easier. Get fiber from Cascadian Nut and fruit grain cereal daily. Lots of good natural fiber.

Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

Very common for tear or weak area in tissue between vagina and rectum. It creates a pouch area and stool can’t pass normally. Try pressing around area and see if that helps stool to come out ,more easily. Did not learn this from Dr. But other women

Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

Can not find this medication online amediaphen. Could it have another name?

Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

Has your Dr said if you have internal hemorrhoids? That can cause a lot of rectal problems. Cortisone suppositories would help also. If you are not currently seeing gastroenterologist I would urge you to get appointment with one.

Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

Glad to hear you are under care of gastroenterologist who will run necessary tests to rule out very deadly conditions. Call them tomorrow about cortisone suppositories and ask if they can band large internal hemorrhoids to cure the problem.

Oct 8, 2016 · Video Q&A about Your Guide to Selecting the Right Mammogram in Breast Cancer

I was told that breast cancer risk increases with age. I am 72 and my Dr. Makes sure I have mammogram every year. So talk to your Dr.

Sep 14, 2016 · Ill digestion linked to Parasympathetic nervous stress? in Digestive Health

Emotional stress can aggravate IBS but is not the cause. I have flair ups when peaceful and happy. It is a dysfunction of nerves and contractions in Bowel In my case it seems to be a genetic or birth defect I have had my whole life. I do try to eat small frequent meals, take gas pills, eat slowly, and exercise. It helps, but not a cure

Sep 14, 2016 · Has anyone used Align for IBS? in Digestive Health

Never helped me and very expensive. Bidus infantis is only bacteria and not enough. Go to Dr Oz site and look for link to lab he recommends. I have done well by increasing quality yogurt and soured foods. Like sauerkraut and refrigerated dill pickles.