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Feb 24, 2017 · Lumbar puncture side effects in Spine Health

Sorry Matthew to hear about what you are going through. Terrible headaches, some nausea and disorientation are what led to my husband’s lumbar puncture. Following it his headaches subsided but he became very incoherent so I cannot shed much light on side effects of Lumbar Punctures. An MRI and the persistence of his Neurologist revealed clots in his venus sinuses for which he continues to receive treatment and is much improved today. Hope you get some answers and relief soon.

Aug 28, 2016 · Mysterious Stroke Diagnosis and assessment of approach in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

@predictable @colleenyoung Forgot to mention that he also had an Echocardiogram done that indicated normal cardiac structure and function.

Aug 28, 2016 · Mysterious Stroke Diagnosis and assessment of approach in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

Thank you for your warm welcome and for your comments. We are charting new frightening medical territory here and so it is a real comfort to have access to a community of people with some experience with what we are going through. We live on a relatively small island so our pool of doctors and facilities although apparently competent are small. So you are right @predictable we are basically trying to build more confidence for what’s ahead. Through family contacts yesterday we got an independent review of the MRI images by a radiologist in New Jersey who confirms that the infraction in the right occipital lobe is in fact a small stroke and noted that his the left nasal area is inflamed. We would like to get a second opinion from another physician but plan to wait until our appointment on Monday (Yes soooo far away @colleenyoung). On Monday we are planning to ask about the new results we should receive then, the conditions they have tested for so far and if still unresolved what they intend to test for next – basically about their exploration and treatment plan. Thank you @soitis4590 for sharing your experience. I have been keeping all reports we were given in a folder but have also digitized them to facilitate sending. We would like a second opinion but want to get a BETTER second opinion so as not to court a misdiagnosis. So we are trying to assess the standard of his current care team and their plan to be able to rate what more can be done by whom. This task is a little daunting as neither of us have any medical experience.

Aug 26, 2016 · Mysterious Stroke Diagnosis and assessment of approach in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

My husband is 44years old and we have two beautiful children. On August 12 he started getting severe headaches for which several medications Panadol, Mortrin, Biprofenid, Baralgin, and Tramadol were all unable to stop his pain.

He has never had issues with high blood pressure nor is it present in his family history and over the years has only had a couple of borderline high cholesterol readings. In his family history there are sinus issues but he has never experienced this. He was in relatively good physical condition as his diet has been reasonably healthy and he exercises regularly.

At different times since August 12 he started feeling nausea, lack of appetite and a clogged ear sensation. Then most recently he experienced the image of what he saw last spinning in his mind and making him dizzy and also described seeing two images side by side confusing what he was viewing.
We visited three hospitals and had many tests several blood tests, a CT Scan and others which were normal. Until finally an MRI showed 1cm x 1cm abnormality which doctors believe to be a stroke. This is confusing to us as he had no high blood pressure nor high cholesterol neither did he experience traditional stroke symptoms.

He was then put on Plavix and Crestor and sent home while we await further results in the hope to find the reason for the event. We have a follow up visit on Monday for further results and were told to use Panadol. Now the Panadol is controlling the pain but is still there. We were told that in the event of worsening condition – stroke symptoms, listlessness or severe headaches to return to the hospital at which point a Lumbar Puncture will be administered.
I need to know if there is more that we could be doing as I am concerned that he may be on the verge of a major event that could be prevented. I also want to know about the certainty of the stroke diagnosis and how effective the approach I have described seems.