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Aug 26, 2016 · Urgently need 2nd opinion on Brain Surgery in Brain Tumor

he had been taking high dose of corticosteroids for last 3 months

Aug 25, 2016 · Urgently need 2nd opinion on Brain Surgery in Brain Tumor

At this point they have not suggested any alternate treatment to reducing swelling/edema or reducing pressure. We are really desperate to know any alternative and minimally invasive treatment for doing so.
As he has undergone Chemo for over a year and radiation (6 weeks) – he had been responding well to chemo however, this swelling has aggravated just within the last few days.

Aug 25, 2016 · Urgently need 2nd opinion on Brain Surgery in Brain Tumor

My father was diagnosed with Multicentric Glioma- Brain Cancer last year. Earlier in the month of May 2015, two lesions on the left frontal area of his brain were identified and were characterized as malignant tumor cells (through Biopsy). He underwent treatment at Apollo Hospital in Delhi, which included Chemotherapy (temozolomide)-(it been almost 1 year) and Radiation for 6 weeks and based he has been on chemotherapy ever since with a small gap. He had been responding well to chemotherapy and the tumor size had marginally reduced. However, last month his speech and cognition have been impacted due to the location of these lesions. The swelling post radiation is causing him to greater loss of speech and cognition especially these days. He is currently admitted in ICU at Apollo and undergoing series for scans to reevaluate his status. With the latest MRI scans show that the swelling and edema has significantly increased and the doctors are planning for awake surgery/craniotomy with de-bulking on Monday 29th August . However, this will have significant impact on his speech and comprehension as it is in a very sensitive area and has risks.

We are really looking for an alternative options to reduce edema/swelling in the brain and not surgery. Are there any options of minimally invasive treatments to reduce the pressure and swelling in the brain. We just have 2-3 days to make a decision. Please advice, will greatly appreciate any support.