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Aug 19, 2016 · All new too Liver and pancreatic Cancer in Caregivers

Im 38 my boyfriend is 59 yes he is much older.hes the best thing that’s happened to me.his parents passed away and so have mine so i don’t have to worry about them but i do have to deal with his kids which are near my age.they haven’t been mean to me yet.Gary has been more grumpy lately. I just figured its because hes in pain.he refuses to do kemo he says he would rather let nature take its course. Ive read up on cancer and kemo i understand where hes coming from. It just sux having to watch him slowly wither away from all the weight hes lost.i guess i just got so comfortable with having everything i needed and wanted i never thought id eventually loose him to cancer. Gary is the long hair and beard biker,tough as nails.a heart of gold.I don’t have a clue what ill do when hes gone.im disabled and can’t work, so im taking it one day at a time.The drs told us theres nothing they can do for him but pump pain meds in him,he went from 260 now hes 190.only time and waiting now, thanks for listening.

Aug 19, 2016 · All new too Liver and pancreatic Cancer in Caregivers

Its definitely going to be a long journey. Having to drive 2 hours to the cancer doctors then drive back, twice a week. Its hard im also disabled so our finances are getting bad. I did create a fund me page havnt had any luck with it yet.

Aug 18, 2016 · All new too Liver and pancreatic Cancer in Caregivers

We just found out 2 weeks ago My boyfriend of 5 years has liver and pancreatic Cancer, i have so many different emotions, just having to watch him slowly weither from loss of weight. His pain,listening to the moan and groans from pain.theres the thoughts of his family when i have to handle what everyone gets in his will.i get freaked out just thinking that eventually ill wake with his cold dead body next to me.i sit up for hours watching his stomach move watching him breath.im almost 40, im not young anymore it took me a long time to find gary,hes the best thing that’s ever happened to me.ill be lost without him.Gary is a old school biker,hard working and a loving man,he has his flaws but who dont.hes been here for me when no one else has.hes lost so much weight 260 to 200 in a month so what can i fix him that he might eat.does memory loss effect caner patients, talks in his sleep.very grumpy, and getting him to do anything that requires getting out of bed nope.my life is changing so fast.any advice yall could give.