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1 day ago · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

Nancy Shortahot) Hi Colleen, news is….I have had all the radiation that I can have for the rest of my life. Possibility of chemo or? I don't know. Cat scan showed growth in my right lung . They removed a liter of fluid from my left lung. Am able to breathe a litttle better. I will have a filter put in some vein on Tuesday 4/7 at OHSU surgery time 4+ hours. Doesn't sound fun! This is to stoop blood clots from getting to my heart or lung. I'm not looking forward to this at all. Necessary to be done. Will get back here when I can. Please let Teresa know. Thanks Nancy

Thu, Mar 26 5:55pm · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

Colleen this is Nancy (shortshot) Nothing to do with the virus…. wanted to let you know I will be having another surgery on April 7. They are putting in a filter so catch any blood clots that may travel. I will be off of blood thinner then. Couple weeks ago the doc removed a liter of fluid off my left lung. Then they went in with a camera on my right Lung and found spots where I've been bleeding and marked them for radiation. Tomorrow will be the 5th session of radiation and then I also have to go to the hospital for seven days to get the medicine in my port to supposedly kill the UTI . So far as many times as I've had the medicine it has not permanently killed the bug. Keeps coming back about every month or so. I'm really tired of it all. just wanted to keep you and Teresa updated. By the way my book is done. Proof copy coming in couple days. Then I will order. Thanks For listening Colleen. Nancy (shortshot)

Wed, Mar 18 6:25pm · Isolation: How Do We Handle it? in COVID-19

Nancy (shortshot) Yes we listen to the radio, we also talk and have good conversations.We listen to "talk" radio, several fellows that have people call in and talk on various subjects. So many conversations to react to. Most of the trip is through the mountain range between Portland and the beach. Lots of static through some of the route. The drive from where I live to the area I have Radiation in is 85 miles one way. So we sometimes solve all the world's problems. Sometimes I take a nap on the way home. Radio on something for my son to listen to. Sometimes we just bs…. Sometimes we see a herd of elk and of course deer. Once a bear. The drive is pretty even when it's raining. We drive along a beautiful river and watch the fishermen. Never a dull moment. Nancy

Wed, Mar 18 11:28am · Anyone out there living with stage 4 lung cancer? in Lung Cancer

Nancy (shortshot) I have two kinds of lung cancer. One is Mesothelioma, in my left lung, and small cell cancer and I was diagnosed in January 2016. I don't know what # it is but this has been a long fight. I will be 87 years old tomorrow and the fight ti hard. Jesus is my Friend and has helped me all this time. He keeps me half way sane in dealing with all this stuff. Tears just stuff up my nose and makes my eyes red and depression is not a friend. I can write my feelings here and sometimes it helps. I could gout in the yard, walk on the beach (hard with a walker though) my church is closed and most everyone is afraid to even use the phone. So no one to talk to. I can hardly wait to see how long I have to wait for my book to be printed. It is finished, also proof read and waiting for the first book to see that all is well and printing can be done. I want to have a book signing on my back porch. Will see how that goes. Best to all……. Nancy

Wed, Mar 18 11:09am · Isolation: How Do We Handle it? in COVID-19

Nancy (shortshot) Fortunately I live in a small town on the coast of Oregon. One of my son's live with me. He is 65 but also has Jack 2 Mutation and is on cancer meds. He does the shopping. He also drive;s me to my appointments. When I go into the medical facility I wear a mask. I have several Radiation Appts to go to., one tomorrow 85 miles away and Next week on Monday, Wed, & Friday. Hopefully all this stops the bleeding. The doc also wants me to have surgery to have "mesh implants in my groin, hopefully to stop any clots from my legs. In as much as this is elective surgery I don't know when the surgery will take place. It will be done at OHSU in Portland when it happens. I have had over my lifetime 35 surgeries and I really don't want any more, but guess what……. I must do what the doc thinks is best for me. Radiation tomorrow 3/19 which is my 87th birthday. Fun will be had by all. Nancy

Tue, Mar 17 1:53pm · Multifocal Adenocarcinoma of the lung-continual recurrences in Lung Cancer

Nancy *shortshot I've had Radiation before twice. don't know what kind but what the heck if it works. Nancy

Mon, Mar 16 6:53pm · Multifocal Adenocarcinoma of the lung-continual recurrences in Lung Cancer

Nancy (shortshot) Ha Ha…..Thanks I needed that. I had my son ddrive me 85 miles to a cancer place so I could have Radiation today. I also have to have it on Thursdaay, Monday , Wed, & Friday next week. Hope all this stoops the bleeding. Need Prayers! Nancy

Mon, Mar 16 12:27pm · Multifocal Adenocarcinoma of the lung-continual recurrences in Lung Cancer

Nancy (shortshot) You don't say how old you are and It doesn't make any difference. I am battling two different kinds of lung cancer . Each lung is different requiring different treatments.. Rally doesn't make any difference on how or what hapens. I'm 87 On this coming Thursday. So won't have to fight this too long I hope. Keep positive and follow your doctor's statements. God Bless. Nancy