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Jul 4, 2019 · Have you tried to quit smoking while undergoing treatment? in Cancer

July 4, 19 (shortshot nancy) Update…. I saw my oncologist lastt week, am doing just great as far as the cancer. Very slowly with PT for my hip. I requested of my primary to send me to more PT and so I have started on that. My urinary infections is a ongoing process. I have had at least five months of recurring infections, last one was a drug resistant . Each of the medications that I have had in the recent past has not killed the infection, so primary doc sending me to a "infection decease at OHSU in Portland. I go there on the 10 th. Hopefully they can find what's wrong. Also going to a urologist on the 30th. Cancer doc wants another CT on the last week of July, see her on August 8. So am getting things ready for that too. Other than all the above I'm doing pretty well. Am still working on my book am about half way. Just thought I would check in today. Happy Fourth of July everyone. Nancy

Jun 15, 2019 · Time for by CT Scan for Adenocarcinoma of the Lung in Lung Cancer

(nancy / shortshot) Good Saturday June 15 Morning. I finally found my way back here, Thank you Colleen! Have been having a bunch of urine infections for the past four or so months along with every thing else. Had to go to emergency Wednesday with horrible belly/bladder pain. Had been on medicine for the past seven days and found out the bug I had was a drug resistant bug. The doc changed the medicine and also gave me a drug to numb my bladder. Primary doc is sending me to a urologist to see what if whatever is causing all this. I'm tired of all of it. Also am going to physical therapy, to help me get back to walking. Didn't have only two weeks of PT after breaking my left hip. So that's what has been going on for me… Such fun! Everyone have a great day… Nancy

May 23, 2019 · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

(shortshot Nancy) Hi Colleen, I have been not feeling so sharp for the last couple weeks, nothing with the lung cancer, just don't know what, but am getting somewhat better. I tried to log in and they don't know my email address again. I must have upset the "emil god" any
way here I am. I had a cat scan and saw my doc's and I have to go back in three weeks for another blood test, then wait for six weeks for another cat scan. The last scan showed that my lung cancer had shrunk some and a couple of nodules had disappeared. So that's a good thing. So I have been working some on my book. Hopefully I will get it finished soon. Thanks Colleen for all your help. Nancy Bush
This also to Teresa (hopeful) Nancy

May 9, 2019 · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

Tereasa/ (Nancy-shortshot) Good Morning all, CT results tomorrow and I will let you know. My book is in the last stages before printing. I just have to get it in "the right time line" When I was talking and my friend typed, I did not think of the year and I just put things in the right order. So am working on that now. Memories are at times all mixed up. Anyway it's a start. I want to get this done. It is a beautiful day today and my youngest son is out in the ocean fishing. He fished yesterday also and we had fresh cod for dinner last night. He also put crab pots out yesterday so hopefully we will have a crab salad tonight too. Also with fresh strawberries and sliced tomato will make a great dinner. Don't know if you remember me talking of my granddaughter's husband with the horrible rare cancer he had in his sinus' cavity, anyway he had gone through a rough series of chemo and everything, anyway he is cured and doing well. They are trying to have a baby. They may have to use the frozen sperm. Not sure yet. Also the cancer was behind his left eye and now his vision is coming back, praise God on that and being cured of the cancer. More later….. Nancy

May 6, 2019 · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

Hoopefull33250 … Hello Teresa, Finally I found how to get back on here. Hopefully Colleen shared with you my email to her. I have been going through several things and it has not been fun… Last Wednesday I started coughing and coughing up thick mucus with dark blood. So called my doc and set up a cat scan which will be Wednesday and see my oncologist and radiation doc on Friday. Last Saturday was one year seance my husband passed. It has been a very emotional year. But things are slowly getting better. It just takes ime. I also have been losing some weight which I don't need to do. Will check that when I see the doc's. I have been working on my book, am getting close to having it published. It will be just for the family, but we shall see how that goes…. Will be back to keep you all in the know! Nancy"shortshot"

May 3, 2019 · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

(nancy-shortshot) Hi Teresa, It has been quite a while since I have been in here. I hope that Colleen updated you. I'm really glad that she had emailed me. I have been having a tough time for the last 3/4 months. Things are still somewhat unsettled but hopefully will get better with time. Tom morrow will be the anniversary of my husband passing. I'm getting better with the grief and getting better after my fall and breaking my left hip. Time will take care of things. I will get back here more often. Thanks for caring. Nancy

Dec 16, 2018 · Immunotherapy and chemo; Keytruda side effects in Lung Cancer

Nancy Bush/ shortshot0 Hi Colleen and Teresa) Howdy ladies, I'm finally back. It has been a while. I had immune therapy in March, April, May, and then went through a tough time with pain in all my joints. Doc told me that sometimes the immune therapy will do that, so have been on Prednisone off and on for several months. I have been trying to cut it down, then I start the pain again. Am on some sort of a merry go round for several months. . For the past couple of years that I've been going to the doc, they have put on a Christmas buffett with all kinds fo cold cuts, cheese's, crackers, hot chicken wings of two or three flavors, veggies, cookies, candy, punch, some "booze" if you want, just a great spread for patients and family. Very nice and much appreciated. Everyone had a great time visiting. Saw my doctor before lunch and my cat scan show no new growth, which is a good thing, and am trying again to cut the Prednisone down, however much slower this time. So it will work, just going to take some more time. I am feeling good, looking good and gaining more strength each week. I still do all my own clothes washing, folding etc, dishes and as much other things that I can get done daily. Have been working on my book, hopefully some time soon I can get it to the printers. I did have some news the other day. July I will be a "great great grandma! Wow, doesn't seem possible that could be, but I will spoil what ever kind I get! Doesn't seem possible that it has been seven months since my hubby died. Yes it does get lonely at times but it is better that it was. I have purchased my Christmas present which will be installed tomorrow. I have a new carpet for the living room. I am excited to have It installed tomorrow. It has been over 22 years since the last one. Something new always makes you feel great and also cheers up the home. I will be seeing the doctor again in about three weeks, then will see what the plan is going to be for me. Ladies, I'm so glad to be back here and join the conversation's, seems like forever since I was in here. Thank you Colleen for all the help, information to be back.
We have been having some wild storms here on the coast of Oregon, 60 mph winds, and lots of rain. Supposed to keep us wet for the next week or so. Have a great day everybody, I will be back in here soon. Nancy

Oct 10, 2018 · Loss and Grief: How are you doing? in Loss & Grief

Hi Teresa, (shortshot Nancy) My brother B is one and one half years younger than me. Last Friday he and his wife were in a small town on the coast, had spent couple days there, well on Friday he loaded the car and told his wife we need to leave and you need to drive, Get me to the local hospital. The doc's there wanted to life flight him to a different hospital, he told them no and to send him to Portland and his regular doc. Arrived in Portland , his doc met him and told him that there wasn't anything they can co expect start hospice. B called another brother G and told hi what was going on and not to tell me. He told him that I had enough problems. Anyway I called him to tell him about me, then I found out about him. He said "well dear neither of us is doing to well. Well G came to visit me yesterday and I found out he has bladder problems with blood in it. We prayed for each other and also for brother B. This year has not been to much fun.
More Later Nancy