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Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

I remember finding out about the squatty potty. It does work. My daughter is a manager at a Bed Bath and Beyond in Texas and she said they had it. So got one and it does work, the position completely makes a difference. You are correct about diet and what your doctor tells you but this stool is terrific.Thanks for enlightening all.

Mon, Feb 3 7:55pm · IBS-D in Digestive Health

Over about a 2 year period, I have been prescribed so many meds, which have not worked. Probiotics, the FODMAP eating plan, and a whole lot more. Finally trying Viberzi, a new script for IBS-D. 100mg twice daily. Not really helps. I do have bad spinal problems. L have had spinal fusion, L2-L7. I have cervical stenosis and need something done with that. I feel all of that has a lot to do with my diarrhea. I have a feeling my spinal problems have a lot to do with this, but I feel the doctors have gone as far as they want to.

Mon, Feb 3 7:55pm · IBS-D in Digestive Health

Have not had this. Please explain.

Mon, Feb 3 7:55pm · IBS-D in Digestive Health

I have had so many fecal tests and all come back with nothing. Do not know if this was part of those tests.

Mon, Feb 3 7:55pm · IBS-D in Digestive Health

Thank you so very much. This does help to understand more about IBS-D. You have been very helpful. It can just hit me without warning even watching all that I eat. When you think itI is calming down, well here it comes. I try and be very mindful of the stress and boy is that stressful. You take care and I do want to hear from and I will be gathering all information I can get to proceed further.

Mon, Feb 3 7:55pm · IBS-D in Digestive Health

I do not know but will see if any of the tests included this. Thank you.

Mon, Feb 3 7:55pm · IBS-D in Digestive Health

THanks for the info. I do see my doctor tomorrow. I have diarreah, when it starts, at least 6-8 times, nauseated and just miserable. HAve pain. I do have a very interesting thing i do. I can feel a trigger, like a sneeze, after that i have nausea and diarreah. I know its weird, but this really does happen. I have been on Verberzi, a new med, for the IBSD. IT helps, i guess, but i get constipated. So I see my doctor tomorrow. AGain, thanks for the info

Mon, Feb 3 7:55pm · IBS-D in Digestive Health

Well, i saw my Primary today and not much happened. Felt very down after. WE talked and I really thought he understood. His nurse made me an appt with a gastro doc. IT would be Sept 29. Okay that’s a long time when you are dealing with IBSD and pain. The gastro doc is one who is not really liked and is “rough with people”. I called to get anoher gastro doc and they did get me one but now it is Oct 13. I am really tired of dealing with this.