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Wed, May 15 1:22pm · dementia in Brain & Nervous System

Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. Yes, I do have Power of Attorney. But……my husband is an attorney so I'm having to be very cautious. I'm taking things very slowly and not reacting to things he says/does…when I can Haaaa. He is now taking Zoloft for "impulse control" and it has taken the edge off his anger…unless I provoke him which I'm trying to be very careful about. After his next neurology appt. in four weeks, I feel I'm going to have no choice but to use my P of Atty. As everyone is, I'm balancing his issues with my own health concerns.

Mon, May 13 11:57am · dementia in Brain & Nervous System

HE thinks he's just fine. Unfortunately, he has made serious financial errors, constant confusion and, for now, I've stood back because he doesn't want anyone to know he has ALZ. His next neurologist appt. is in June & I hope after hearing the doc urge him to allow me to handle business matters, he'll do so. If not, I'll have no choice but to become more aggressive which will make him very angry. I'm in an ALZ support group facilitated by professionals & have learned a lot. My mother lived with me for several years; she had ALZ but the dynamics were very different.

Sat, Apr 20 3:04pm · dementia in Brain & Nervous System

Cathy, Bless your heart; of course you're scared. SO many people are dealing with this. I would find a good neurologist, female therapist you can talk with, and share with all your girlfriends. You need a loving support system; don't isolate yourself. Live your life and have FUN.

Sat, Apr 20 3:00pm · dementia in Brain & Nervous System

It took us four months to see a good neurologist who spent two hours talking with us. He then ordered MRI, blood tests & EEG to rule out other causes. Then he set us up with a neuropsychologist who did three hours of verbal cognitive testing. The results from everything then allowed the neurologist to make a diagnosis of Alzheimer's. Prior to that I dealt with several years of denial on my husband's part. Everyone is different….my mother had ALZ & lived with me for four years. My girlfriend has it and is verbal and humorous about it.

Fri, Apr 5 1:22pm · Postherpetic Neuralgia (Shingles) nerve damage around eye, eyebrow, forehead & scalp in Skin Health

Wow! What a blessing for your mother. I'll give it a try; my pain/itching has not gotten better in nine years but medications take the edge off.

Wed, Apr 3 12:59pm · Postherpetic Neuralgia (Shingles) nerve damage around eye, eyebrow, forehead & scalp in Skin Health

I have same problem for 9 years!! Try Gabapentin 900 mg. One capsule morning; two at night. Compounded cream with Gabapentin + Lydocaine applied four times daily. I have used large frozen gel packs every night on that side of my face/scalp. Freezing cold helps. Also take stress rx. It requires an enormous attitude adjustment. I've explored neurosurgeries at major medical centers & won't go that route. I'm SO SORRY for anyone with post-herpetic neuralgia.

Oct 30, 2018 · gabapentin and muscle pain in Chronic Pain

That's unfortunate. I had that response initially, but after several years my only side effect is a bit of dizziness. My new neurologist told me to take double dose at bedtime and only one 300 mg in the morning. That helps a lot for me, especially combined with my lidocaine cream.

Oct 29, 2018 · Video Q&A about the Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer in Cancer

How likely is large mucinous cysts to become CA?