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6 days ago · Eyes and Neuropathy in Eye Conditions

@tcokeefe Am I correct in assuming that you've discussed surgery with a neuro-ophthalmologist surgeon? How long have you had the prism? I had one ground into my right lens two months ago, and I'm wondering how long I can expect it to correct my double vision. The ophthalmologist said that I would have to learn to live with it, but I believe that there are more options – one being a fresh prism in a new lens. I don't think that every doctor can keep up on all the possibilities.


6 days ago · Neuropathy in feet and limited toe movement? in Neuropathy


I know how frustrating it can be to wait for a call back.

It's a mixed blessing to have normal test results when you're hoping that they will tell you something. How are your toes? Some things we take for granted, so when various parts of our bodies don't work right, we come to appreciate what we do have.

I also have sfpn, and my toes hurt continually. I'm able to push down with them, but no other motion. I learned last week that I have spinal stenosis, which is squeezing the cluster of nerves that are in my spine. That may account for some of my pain. I won't know just how much until I have surgery to make space for the nerves.

When I was a boy, I remember visiting my grandparents, and in their church I was amazed by the organist. She was born with no hands, so she used her feet and toes instead, including playing the organ – playing the keys, not just the pedals.

What questions do you have for your doctor? I always have a list of things I want to talk about. Even with a list, I sometimes forget things. I could blame old age, but I've been a chronic forgetter all my life. Evernote on my phone is a real help for me.


Mon, Jul 6 12:50am · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain


Hi, Betty. I hope you're keeping safe from the corona virus. It sounds like Florida is being hit pretty hard.

I'm turning 70 in August, and I already have heard doctors tell me that "because of your age, you should…" I don't feel any older than I did at 60. I might even feel better.

Did you flex your shoulder in some way to make it hurt, and then start radiating down your arm? I'm no stranger to chronic pain. I have peripheral polyneuropathy, with bad pain in my feet and ankles, and last week I saw a neurospecialist who was going to talk with me about the next step in my treatment. But she had ordered an MRI of my lower back, and she showed me what my spinal column looks like. One disc is just gone, and the spine is squeezing the cluster of nerves that runs inside the spine, which could be what's causing at least some of the pain. It explains, as well, why I can't stand straight. My wife took a picture of me playing the piano at church a few months ago, and I look hunched over. I didn't realize I wasn't sitting up straight. The doctor said that opening up the space for the nerves could improve my posture. I'm surely hopeful that surgery will relieve some of my pain.

Pain specialists and management makes a huge difference for a lot of people. I haven't gone to a pain clinic yet. We live in the center of Oregon, a long way from any management clinics, but I've been seeing a pain specialist for a couple of years, and he has worked hard to find a treatment plan. I've heard lots of people tell how much their work with a management clinic has benefitted them. I'm glad you're one of their success stories.

I hope that you'll get the help you need on Thursday. I'll be interested in knowing what's going on with your shoulder.


Sat, Jul 4 1:32pm · ~ Depressed and scared, not making it financially ~ in Mental Health

@lioness I looked it up in the dictionary. They're name is actually coypu, from South America, and are the only aquatic rodent.

Sat, Jul 4 1:25pm · ~ Depressed and scared, not making it financially ~ in Mental Health

@marjou We saw a million of those cute little guys in Roosevelt National Park. Our curse is sage rats, AKA Townsend Ground Squirrels. My dog loves hunting and catching them. It's amazing watching her stand at point for minutes, then dig furiously to catch them. She would eat them, except she usually brings them to the lawn, where I see them and toss them into the burn barrel. I don't like her eating them.


Sat, Jul 4 1:15pm · ~ Depressed and scared, not making it financially ~ in Mental Health

@fiesty76 I fought the nasty stuff when we lived in central California. It was a losing battle for sure.

Sat, Jul 4 1:55am · Eyes and Neuropathy in Eye Conditions


Thanks, Hank. I know how to copy a link on my laptop. The problem is that I usually do email on my phone, and there's no cut and copy that I know of. I could get up from my recliner and walk down the hall to my study, where my new laptop lives, and do the link sharing. Sometimes I have the laptop in the family room, but I don't really like typing on it in my lap. I replaced my old one that was slowing down, with a new one with a touch screen, with my "help out the local economy check" from the government. (Sorry. I seem to have a mental block on what those checks are called, and I don't want to ask my wife because that just adds fuel to her fire, known as "you take too many medications. They slow down your thinking." I get tired of hearing that, so I avoid reinforcing her complaint.) The word will come to me after I turn my lamp off and work on going to sleep. If there's a way to share a link on my phone, I should figure it out. Maybe tomorrow I'll Google it.


Sat, Jul 4 1:20am · ~ Depressed and scared, not making it financially ~ in Mental Health

Nutria are large rodents, the size of a cat. Someone brought them to Oregon, with the plan of selling their fur. When it didn't catch on, they just released them, and being good rodents, they multiplied, and now they're a real nuisance. I'm not positive that they're rodents. Maybe in the beaver family?