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Tue, Aug 4 11:26am · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

Just a quick not to let everyone know how much I appreciate your support during my time of need. The situation is still ongoing but help may have arrived. I am hanging in there, trying to be positive and taking care of myself. Gee, this grandma stuff can be hard sometimes. Blessings

Sat, Aug 1 8:19pm · Brain Health: Keeping your brain active in Aging Well

Lioness, are any of yours still in publication? if so where can I find them?

Sat, Aug 1 7:22pm · Journaling - The Write Stuff For You? in Just Want to Talk

I love to write but as for delibert journaling I never got into it. I write a lot on anything I have laying around, envelopes, scrap paper, back of magazines etc. Thoughts and doodling can be found on just about everything. I suppose if I would organize it, it would make more sense. Think I'll hang around this site for while and get some encouragement and common know how. I'll be around. Jeanie

Sat, Aug 1 6:11pm · Anyone Else With PTSD? in Mental Health

Hello everyone, sorry for not posting for awhile, I have just been so involved with family over the past month or so I really just didn't have the energy to do much of anything. I have been posting to Mayos aging forum as I needed some help with that too. Through our communications I now have a good handle on my aging process, so one problem solved. I just wanted to check in and let everyone know I am still among the living and I'll be back with a post a little later. Hang in there. Jeanie

Sat, Aug 1 11:45am · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

Great idea, thank you for the advice and thank you for changing his name for me. I was aware to just use his first name and to refer to his parents as mom and but yours is a better idea. I will gladly go to the mental health group. thanks again.

Sat, Aug 1 11:41am · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

Thank you, sound advice. My family has been struggling with mental health issues for years, especially this granddaughter. I have always been there for anyone who needs me and have taken a large roll in helping to raise her kids, ( with her blessing )but on some issues she just doesn't stop and think what could happen in the future after making some of her decisions and I feel badly because her mistakes are at the kids expense. It's not their fault. But I have learned detachment and am willing to lend suggestions and if they are taken fine if not I have to step back, reluctantly but step back I will. Then I'll be there to help pick up the pieces like I have been doing. thanks again.

Sat, Aug 1 11:19am · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

Thank you honey for your understanding, You are right all we can do the best we can do and the rest is out of our hands. I am there for my granddaughter without advice or suggestions. She is understandably concerned but we both have been there down this so many times before that it almost comes second nature. I guess we just keep hoping for better results. Yes you are right, hge is dealing with normal teenage stuff as well. I know it's not easy for him, I wish there was a way to make it easier but we all have to go through puberty at some point. And I do feel better about them both being safe for now. Thank you for your quick reply..

Sat, Aug 1 11:03am · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

It might also be worth noting that I have told my granddaughter many times that I didn't think it was a good idea for A to be talking to his friends all night and I encouraged her to find out who he was talking to and get the jest of their conversations, he and his brothers also play video games that I would not allow but that fell on deaf ears too. NOW, mom is saying. " I think A is listening to these friends of his and they are putting stuff in his head." It's easy to forget that A has mental illness and is mentally not 16 but more like 11 or 12 years old, The Dr's said he was delayed about 4 years. Mom and dad bought A an old clunker of a car last month, it doesn't run but it gives dad and A some together time while serving as a teaching aid. All well and good but here's MY point. What the H3ll are these two loving, caring parents thinking? They have an 11 or 12 year old boy in a 16 year old body. He can not process things like a normal 16 year old. He is by no means ready to drive a dang car than his 11 year old brother is. His decision making skills are corrupted with mixed messages that he can not process, he is confused about life and about he himself. His mind is in overload, trying to figure things out. He has been given too much freedom to make decisions that he doesn't understand. And with most kids, they blame everything on mom and dad and why not, after all they are the ones that make him clean his room. I feel with time A will come around, until the next time and then one day he will be an adult and when he is made to do something he doesn't like he can go to jail. When this generation reaches adulthood, I shudder to think what will happen. Our mental health system leaves a lot to be desired and with budget cuts it's getting even worse. The program he is in now is only 7 days, they will reevaluate him then and if he has shown enough progress he will be released to go home. If not they will send him somewhere else that has a longer treatment period. I have had plenty of experience with this type of facility and believe me they do very little to help these kids. The staff is usually hired off the street and given very little if any training, the pay is low and the attitude is, it's just a job. The Dr. sees the kids very rarely and makes his diagnoses based on the notes from the techs and the nurses. Medications are given but since the program is only 7 days long there is no time to monitor it, especially when it takes 4-6 weeks for the meds to make a difference. ( 2 weeks for some) Then they go to another facility where they have a new Dr. with opinions of his own. He changes the medication in most cases and we start all over again. There is very little therapeutic benefits. Now, I know there are some good places out there that genuinely care about these kids but it's a roll of the dice whether the one your child is in is one of them. Well, I am sorry for writing a novel, I just intended on sharing with you what's be going on in my life lately. Having said all this, I just want to add that I am trying to stay in good spirits and taking care of myself. But I am still just , well you know. thanks again… Jeanie