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Mon, Feb 3 7:55pm · IBS - D in Digestive Health

Sir, I appreciate all your wise advice, however, I have had IBSD for well over 20 years and never could tolerate Veg. or fruit, cooked or raw. One piece of fruit or veg. and within 10 minutes I am in full blown IBSD crisis. I do ,however, like the fact that you have found a concoction that works for you via your liver. Please tell me where I can get it and how do I begin a regime for myself. Fiber is also my enemy. The truth of it is, no matter what I eat, I have a problem, but fruit and vegetables are number one on my list of no nos. thank you for all your very inspiring words of wisdom. And I thank you in advance for any information you would care to share regarding your formula for a healthier life style.

Mon, Feb 3 7:55pm · IBS - D in Digestive Health

I have had IBS-D for over 20 years, I have had tests after test and they still diagnose me with IBS, I am taking Atropine 0.025/ Diphenoxylate 2.5 mgs. which has helped, but only for so long. I spent last Tuesday night in the hospital with severe diarrhea. I was of course dehydrated, and my potassium was very low from loss of electrolytes. It has been an on going battle, I use adult disposable pull ups, and that at least gives me a little security when going out. I like to wear my own under wear over top, it just makes it feel better. Stress plays a major roll in IBS-D as well as the foods we eat, however, as for me the type of foods I eat really makes no difference, I can eat 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich and I am headed for the bathroom. I do know that fruit and vegetables seem to trigger it most. I have found personally that if I take my usual medication for awhile then switch to something else for awhile then back to my usual, that seems to help also. But for the most part, finding what works for you is the only way to deal with this stuff. If you get the pull ups, I have found that Food lion has a brand called Healthy Accents that are very good and very reasonable in price. The truth is there is no cure for IBS, all you can do is treat the symptoms. Find what works for you, and use the pull ups for more protection. It wouldn’t hurt to avoid stress as much as possible and be aware of what your triggers are. As for your back problems, I too have back problems but the two are not related. Having back problems does not cause IBS and vise versa. I wish you all the luck in the world, you CAN learn to live with IBS.

Aug 20, 2019 · Small Fiber Neuropathy BOOK! in Neuropathy

Jager, thank you for your reply, The Dr. has not given me and cause for my SFN, My daughter is 53 years old. Genetics can and do play a roll in developing the disorder but is only about 5 % to blame, for the most part SFN is still a mystery. There is so much more to learn about this disease. While research is ongoing, for those of us who have it, the results can't come soon enough. I was borderline diabetic for years(5) with an A1C never over 6, I took Metformin for about 5 years till my A1C came back under 6 and I was having episodes of hypoglycemia so the Dr took me off the med all together and I've been fine, so I have to question diabetes as the sole cause of Lg Fiber Neuropathy.. When I ask what the cause was, I was told it could be this or that , in other words they don;t know what caused it. As for environmental risk factors, the only one I would know of is that I smoke and so does my daughter which doesn't help I am sure, but is not the cause.. All my lab work comes back fine as does my daughters. Guess we will just have to wait and see. thanks again for your reply, God Bless, Jeanie

Aug 20, 2019 · Anyone Else With PTSD? in Mental Health

Ginger, yes it did remind me of my accomplishments but it also reminded me of the abuse. which is par for the course for anyone who has PTSD. But that's ok. It is a part of my life, but more so a part of my PAST. I can't change what has happen even a second ago but I can change how I react to it. The pain is no longer debilitating. Yes it's still there but I have learned to dismiss it by ask myself' Is there anything I can do to change what happen in my past?" The answer is clearly no. so ok if I can't change it then I have no other choice but to let it go and learn from it. How can I protect myself from it ever happening again. How can I put myself first, how can I take care of myself physically and mentally. How can I use my past to help others. Thank you for you sweet reply. God bless

Aug 20, 2019 · Anyone Else With PTSD? in Mental Health

Peach, thank you for your kind words, I knew when I was going through the roughest times that I was not alone. Everyone I knew was in the same situation, like I said, abuse was the norm for many of us. Sadly, back years ago there was absolutely no help, The police couldn't do anything, The courts couldn't do anything. No one could help, I've gone to the door beat and bloody but the police could only ask him to leave but they couldn't stop him from coming back, and when he did there was another beating because the police were called. Part of living with an abuser is the fact that he isolates you, no phone, no car, no money. So even if there would be help out there we wouldn't know it. That was the case in 1986 when I ended up in the shelter I wrote about. I made it to the nearest phone and dialed 0, I ask to be connected to a crisis center, The operator ask if I was safe, when I told her I was for the moment , she said stay where you are as long as you are safe and someone will call you right back, it was less than a minute and the phone rang, on the other end was a concerned voice that gave me directions to," somewhere". I had no idea where I was going but followed her lead, ( one of the rare times I had a car) Once I got there, a woman was waiting outside in the parking lot with an umbrella, It was raining of course. She walked me across the st.and we entered a house, She ask me about what happened, took pictures of my wounds and showed me to a room with 2 sets of bunk beds, She gave me some tylenol for pain and introduced me to my bunk. I had no idea there were such places. I was told it was a shelter for battered women and that I would be safe there. I had been kept in the dark so long that I didn't know Shelters even existed, and let's face it they don't exactly advertise their services. Now a days, women, are more in tune with what help is available and thank God the police can now arrest and charge the abuser with domestic violence without the woman having to do it. While abuse is still of epidemic proportions, at least there have been some improvements with getting some help. There is still so much that needs to be done but at least it's a start. I am happy to say that I am no longer a victim but a strong survivor. While PTSD is life long, it no longer defines who I am. I have learned to love myself, The depression and anxiety while uncomfortable such beats the abuse that lead to it. Thanks again for your heartfelt reply, Hoping and praying you have a blessed day. I look forward to hearing from you again.. Jeanie

Aug 20, 2019 · Small Fiber Neuropathy BOOK! in Neuropathy

I have both large and small fiber neuropathy, What do you recommend for pain? and can someone share with me what symptoms I can expect. The neuropathy is not bad, just a little in my toes. I have leg pain especially at night. I am taking Gabapentin 300 mg one in the morning and three at night., most recently Tramadol and Robaxin to take with severe pain only. I am also taking probiotics since I have ask for something more natural. Can anyone suggest anything else and advise me as what to expect as the disease progresses? My daughter was recently dx with small FN. how are these two different.? Thank you in advance. Jeanie

Aug 19, 2019 · Anyone Else With PTSD? in Mental Health

I have had PTSD for many years now, I was physically, verbally and emotionally abused for 40 years, beginning with my father. I was also raped at 17 years old while my new born baby slept just feet away. I looked for love in all the wrong places trying to replace the love I never got from my father. When I was growing up I was not allowed to cry, no matter what the reason, I was the oldest of 4 and when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I took on the roll of caretaker for my mother and my younger sisters and brother. When my mother died at 33 years of age, I didn't cry, I buried the pain and the tears in order to stay strong for my siblings. I was 16 at the time. My life was already in shambles so over the next 30 some years abuse became the norm for me.I was married 4 times and involved with 3 other men. I spent my life in fear, compromise and total ignorance of what a normal life really was.I would see couples walking holding hands and smiling at each other and wondered how they could be so happy, I envied them, I would watch tv and see a pregnant woman, her husband listening to the baby by putting his ear on her belly, or see other people paying her a lot of loving attention, it would make me so sad because with 3 pregnancies and 2 live births I never had any of those things. I would watch this foreign behavior and wonder why, why did some women have all this love yet others had non. Was it something I had done wrong? if so what did I do? My father used to tell me I was never wanted and I should just shoot myself in the head and do the world a big favor. it was times like these I wondered why he would say those things, maybe he was right, I mean my life sure wasn't the loving, caring life I had seen people on tv have. There was a time I was bitter, full of hate and anger. I spent 30 days in a shelter for battered women. Once I could pull myself out of the corner I was faced with a new feeling, one I had never felt before. As I pondered what this new feeling was, I noticed the other women in the shelter, they were smiling, walking freely around the house, chasing their kids and talking among themselves, I wanted to join them but didn't really know how, I caught myself smiling too, suddenly I realized I wasn't fearful, I felt safe, for the first time in my life I actually felt safe. What a wonderful feeling. OMG, I couldn't believe what I was feeling, it was a good feeling and I wanted more of it. Throughout the next 30 days, each day brought a new feeling, I felt myself grow stronger, more determined, A feeling of freedom and a sense of,I think I might even make it now. wow, who was this new person I had become? It was during those 30 days that I developed the mindset that I would not allow myself to be abused anymore, this was it, it stops here and now. I now recognized myself as a valuable person, I was smart, energetic, and at 42 years old I felt young and vibrant. I finished nursing school and joined the Navy. By this time I had 4 grandchildren and I planned to be around to see them grown. I will find happiness, I will lead my own life, I will be free to make my own decisions, right or wrong I will learn what life is all about. Going to that shelter was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I walked in a battered, broken woman but I walked out a new person determined to be my own woman. I wasn't easy, it has been a hard journey, I have fallen more times than I care to mention but I have always gotten back up. PTSD is a life long illness but I am living proof that there IS life after abuse. Never, ever give in to PTSD, grow strong by finding something meaningful to focus on. Keep your spirits up, realize you will have bad days and good days. Don't let the bad days outshine the good. I am happy to say, not only have I seen my grandchildren grown but I have 7 great grandchildren, they are my joy. I still to this day have my moments but I owe my life to that shelter, What I learned there was remarkable, Sorry for such a long post, I really did try to keep it short. But I hope my story helps someone. There's so much more to my story as I am sure there is to yours. Mine is a happy ending and I pray that yours is too..Thanks for taking the time to read this… God Bless..

Aug 19, 2019 · Pain in the butt - Can't sit down in Chronic Pain

After reading several posts, I am here to say I have a similar yet so different type of problem. The similarities are that it started in my butt crack, however, it involves the surrounding skin and it's the skin that is so painful. It feels like the cheeks don't separate when I sit down and that I am actually sitting on the tissue ( folds) at the coccyx area. This leads to skin breakdowns and has bleed at times. I have tried using large bandaids to try and keep the crack open but that doesn't work. I have tried other things to try to open that area when I sit but nothing has worked.. The only thing that gives me any relief is sitting on a donut shaped pillow but that relief is short lived because it starts hurting my buttocks. I am having to sit on one cheek or lay on my side when in bed. I am hoping that I can find something that will help this but I am also very concerned that with age that area will produce a decubiti and will be very hard to heal. I am 71 years old now and still active but there will come a time when that will change. hopefully not for a long time but still I have to be realistic. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this and if so I am open for suggestions. thank you