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Aug 29, 2018 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

How do I find the latest comments? all I see are dated in 2016

Aug 29, 2018 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Please don't take what I am about to say the wrong way, I am very sincere in my desire to help. You said you pray and turn your life over to God on a daily basis. If you TRULY turn your life over to God you should not have to repeat it every day. Now, having said that, the next time, try letting go and letting God handle it 100%. My granddaughter suffers from headaches, hers is caused by having a sumo tumor. Nothing works for her either except having a spinal tap to relieve the pressure. Have you been checked for this disorder? Also, have you considered your medication? It could be one or more of the medications you are taking could use a change in the dose or you could be having a reaction to one or more of your meds. Have you been tested for allergies? if not, please consider doing that. Something is obviously causing your pain, medicine is a practice of the process of elimination, it sounds like you have done a lot to find something to ease your pain but leave no stone unturned in finding the cause. It could be such a small thing that is at the root of your problem, something as small as a single food allergy can reek havoc in one's life, Or, an allergy to the dye used in foods and materials can be the culprit. And like it or not it could all boil down to being psychosomatic. Stress, depression, and anxiety are no stranger to chronic pain, making the situation worse. I see where you have tried a multitude of self-help techniques and none were successful. I personally, use help healing, prayer, and mind over matter which has helped me with my pain. Self-help is not for everyone, you need to be very dedicated and you need to be totally open about it. Believe strongly in what you are doing, pick one technique and stick with it. One that you can be completely dedicated to. Keep the faith, work your self-help program, and get tested for allergies and have your Dr. evaluate your medication. I wish you all the blessings that God brings you, and know I will remember you in my prayers.

Jun 3, 2018 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Hello everyone, it's been awhile since I have been here but I am here today to tell everyone something very important. I also have chronic pain and have for years, I have tried everything but it's still there. But that's not what I am here for today. I am here to plead with everyone to make a good effort to relieve your pain with natural remedies, I know they don't always work but try anything and everything before taking narcotic pain relievers. My sister- in- law and my best friend refused anything natural, she claimed she only got relief with large doses of Percosets and Klonopin for her anxiety. She tried Methadone and Subutex and did very well on both, for a while but they stopped working for her and she was back doctor and hospital hopping to get more of what she said helped. It got so bad that she was asking strangers for a ride to the hospital because she had called EMS so many times she didn't want to call them again. She went to the hospital twice in one day, for a while, then they threatened to have her picked up if she came back again. The hospital refused to give her any narcotics and the Drs in town knew her well and they too refused to give her anything. Once in a while, she would find a Dr. that didn't know her and would give her narcotics, but once he found out she had gone through 90 Percosets in less than a week, he too refused to give her anymore. She spent her bill money every month, ( she was on SSI ) on pills, I did everything I knew to help her, but the drugs had too strong a hold on her. My sister-in-law died last week in her sleep. No matter the cause of death it would be drug-related. She was 58 years old. A wonderful woman that I love still and will miss always. I saw a woman go from 0 to 10 in a matter of weeks. Her addiction cost her her life. Yes, she had chronic pain, but X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, showed arthritis, maybe some Fibromyalgia but nothing that would have caused her as much pain as she claimed to be in. It was her addiction making her pain so bad. Not that she wasn't in pain, because the pain was very real to her, but her need for the pills outweighed everything else. She gave up on herself, the depression and anxiety became so bad she refused to bath or change her clothes, she wouldn't eat, saying she was in too much pain to eat. She wasn't sleeping much, she would wake up every 2 hours and would find it hard to go back to sleep. She lost weight, her complexion changed, She would take the pills and sleep for hours during the days, hence her not sleeping at night. She smoked and would fall asleep with a cig. in her hand and had burned holes in all her clothes, floors and her bed. I tried everything I could, I sought the help of Dr's, DSS, Social workers and even went to the magistrate for advice but no one would help, She was a drug addict and that's all they could see. They overlooked the fact that she was a human being with a huge problem. No one cares when you are an addict. I am telling this story in hopes of saving lives. Yes, chronic pain is bad but so is the addiction. Pain won't kill you but addiction will. And I might want to add, no one starts off with the intentions of being an addict. It happens slowly, you start taking narcotic pain relievers as directed, one day it just doesn't seem to work so you take one extra, ok that helped, then one day you discover your pills are running out before time to refill, what happened to them? you didn't take them, or did you? you certainly wouldn't take all those pills, someone must have stolen some of them. You begin to think about who was in your home that would have taken them, you turn on your friends because they stole from you, how dare they. You are in pain and have nothing to take, damn people, stealing your pills. You get more pills and for a while, they are working fine then it starts all over again. One just isn't enough anymore, call the Dr. but he says he can't give you anymore and the cycle begins. Then one day you don't care about anyone or anything except getting that next Percoset. You are now in a living hell and the people that love you feel it too, they worry, they plead with you, you begin to lose weight, you have no concern for your appearance, you don't bath, your hair begins to smell bad, you are in more pain now than ever before, you go from Dr to Dr. hospital to hospital, you beg for something for your pain but no one listens. Can't they understand the pain you're in? They offer you something else for pain, Are they frigging kidding? your pain is far to bad for anything else except Perocet, after all, YOU KNOW they work, whats the matter with everyone? People have changed, And life just lost its meaning. You forget things, you hurt and no one will help you. Then one day you go to bed and your problems end. You are no longer in pain, you are happy and healthy. What about the ones you left behind? you know the ones who love you so very much. what about them? The heartache, the tears, the emptiness. So folks, please, stay away from the narcotics. I know, I know, you got it all under control, you would never abuse your meds, not you. Okay, have it your way. Do me a favor though, get your will and your insurance up to date. I hope this will touch someone's heart and save their life.

Apr 28, 2018 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Very well put Justin. I and my sister-in-law both have been dx with chronic pain. We have both had back surgery 3 months apart. But here's the difference. I make every effort to get better. I went to physical therapy, I took my medication as directed, I do my PT exercises at home and I try to eat right, drink plenty of fluids including water every day. My sister in law, on the other hand, wants to stay in bed, eat junk food if she eats at all, only drinks Mountain Dew and has overtaken her meds to the point Dr. and hospitals refuse to give her any more.She complains constantly but rejects any suggestion anyone gives her by saying, "you/ they just don't understand, I am hurting" She lives in utter filth because she claims she hurts too bad to scrap her plate after she eats. I understand she is depressed and has chronic anxiety, PTSD etc. But she is so very non- compliant that no one can help her. Her diabetes is uncontrolled to the point that it has caused her to have to have part of a big toe amputated, her circulation is so bad, both her feet and legs up to her knees are purple and without pulses. She manipulates everyone she comes in contact with and no one will help her anymore. I am and have been trying to take care of her for the past 5 years. I have bought her food, paid her bills, cleaned her house, taken her from one Dr. to another. I have made appointments only for her to cancel them saying she just doesn't feel like going. I've tried, love, patience and understanding, I tied tough love but nothing works. I am the only one that looks after her, period and I have to confess, it is taking a toll on me. I have been told by HER Dr.s that I need to take care of myself first but I find myself back in her clutches again and again. I have bought her 2 cars both of which she wrecked within one year apart due to taking too many pain pills or Benzodiazepines, in her case Klonopin. I have given so much of myself to this woman, my family is almost ready to disown me. I simply have nothing else to give. Yet I find myself buying her soda and Cigs. both I know full well she doesn't need. I have tried to break free but can't leave her stranded. She had one other friend but she used her too many times, talked bad about her behind her back and the thing that broke the camels back was she put her cable bill in her friends' name without her consent, that did it. Her friend wants nothing more to do with her. I do understand she is in pain, but she thinks the only thing that will help her is pain pills and Benzos for her anxiety and the Dr. and hospitals are wise to her and refuses to give her anything. Writing this is my last attempt to find help for her. If anyone has any suggestions I would deeply appreciate it. I am a retired nurse so I do understand pain and anxiety and HAVE pain and anxiety myself and have for years. I have the patience of Job but I am making myself sick in my efforts to help her. I seriously feel that I am going to find her dead one day when I go to check on her.And I feel that time is getting nearer each day. Thanks for reading this. any suggestions.

Apr 28, 2018 · Long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

Greetings, I am not new to the Mayo clinics site but I am new to this forum. I was dx with PTSD following a lifetime of abuse, naturally, depression comes with PTSD. I decided one day that I had had enough of feeling depressed and anxious, I went into my bedroom, shut the door, and I cried, I cursed, I prayed, I slept and when I woke up, it started all over again. In my case, my depression was caused by other people so in order to fully recover I needed to forgive those that hurt me.I finally forgave those people, but it wasn't easy, it took time to be able to forgive the monsters who had caused me so much grief and pain, but I am here to tell you there IS life after abuse.I still deal with depression and anxiety but it is very controlled. What helps me the most now is knowing my God the way I do. I know without a doubt that he will be there for me and every day, several times a day, I count my blessings and yes I have been truly blessed. I am 70 years old now. It took till I was in my late 40s and 50s to get a real grasp on life, but. I now own my own home, my car is paid for and I am a retired nurse. I've come along way from the scared, fragile, nervous woman I had become, to, the calm, self-caring, loving woman I am today. My life was in utter shambles for the first 40 years of my life, depression, and anxiety was all I knew. My hate and distrust ruled my life, but now I use that hate and distrust to my advantage by forgiving but not forgetting and using caution with people and places that just don't feel right. I have come to recognize my own strengths and weaknesses. I have stood up and challenged the world, I will never allow myself to be beaten down again, I will only invite loving, caring, people into my world, I surround myself with the beauty I love, things that make me feel good, things that give me the most pleasure and I remember, I am a strong woman but I could not have done it without my higher power. God by any other name is still God. I hope my story has helped at least one person. I have so much to share, so many ideas and strategies and so many experiences. I will be back. Thanks for reading this post..My name is Jeanie.

Mar 20, 2018 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

In regards to apple cider vinegar, it is also good to add to your bath water. about a cup or so. It helps with joint pain due to its medicinal properties and the warm bath water just makes it all that much more soothing. Just soak it in for awhile and relax. You'll be surprised at how much better you will feel.

Dec 5, 2016 · I have recently been told I have breast cancer in Breast Cancer

Hello, everyone, I go tomorrow for an MRI of my right breast, A few weeks ago my right nipple became inflamed and was full of puss, I managed to bite the bullet long enough to force most of it out, it began to feel better but there was still something wrong. I made an appointment to see a breast specialist who checked my prolactin, it came back high normal, she noticed that my nipple was inverting and now wants an MRI to rule out cancer. My mammogram didn’t show anything that raised a red flag. Do you think I need to be worried or is this just something that happens. How would I know if it has spread to my lymph nodes? would there be swelling, would I have trouble swallowing. My Dr. also wants to do more blood work, so maybe the results will show what’s going on. Does anyone have any words of wisdom? I am a Christian and I know God is watching over me.Are there any other tests that I should ask for? And last be not least, if it turns out that I am positive, what are the chances that I have caught it in time? Thank you in advance..

Dec 5, 2016 · Severe IBS-D and pain in spinal area in Digestive Health

Sir, I appreciate all your wise advice, however, I have had IBSD for well over 20 years and never could tolerate Veg. or fruit, cooked or raw. One piece of fruit or veg. and within 10 minutes I am in full blown IBSD crisis. I do ,however, like the fact that you have found a concoction that works for you via your liver. Please tell me where I can get it and how do I begin a regime for myself. Fiber is also my enemy. The truth of it is, no matter what I eat, I have a problem, but fruit and vegetables are number one on my list of no nos. thank you for all your very inspiring words of wisdom. And I thank you in advance for any information you would care to share regarding your formula for a healthier life style.