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Should the normal, everyday person be avoiding gluten? Is gluten actually bad [...]

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Mar 21, 2014

Should the normal, everyday person be avoiding gluten? Is gluten actually bad for you? Most doctors say that going gluten-free is not necessary unless you have coeliac disease. Read more about gluten and coeliac disease in this Gizmodo UK – Health article.


Gluten is def bad. No one’s system can manage it. Research Dr Mark Hyman’s blog and Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever (actually good medical references in this book and explains food sensitivities). Research of gluten protein will show our bodies were not engineered to break down gluten protein.

Also my personal journey has been an amazing testament to giving up gluten and lactose. I cut both out 100% in late 2011 and I have seen miraculous results. Starting w colonoscopies and inflammation. I had raging inflammation (evident in both visual and biopsies) in 8 colonoscopies over 16
years…after 2.5 yrs off gluten/lactose last colonoscopy showed ZERO inflammation visual or biopsy. All blood work turned around…no more fatty liver, no more “almost” type 2 diabetes, white blood cell count (eosinophils) normal and very important my C-reactive protein dropped from 15.5, to 13, to 11, to 9 and was at 7.6 last ck in Dec. it needs to be a 1 for women so I have a long way to go but reducing internal inflammation
takes resolute commitment and time. I am now suffering with diverticulosis due to years of inflammation so there are going to be problems to deal with. I am expecting colon surgery in 4 weeks. I’m really struggling w the diverticulitis infection now.

Thank you for sharing your personal journey, @jenniferedodd. Anyone else have a personal journey to share about giving up gluten?

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