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Kelsey Mohring

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Beyond pregnancy prevention, there's a lot that birth control can do for [...]

Posted by @kelseydm, Sep 17, 2015

Beyond pregnancy prevention, there’s a lot that birth control can do for women. Do you want lighter periods? Protection against sexually transmitted diseases? Are you looking for a birth control pill that fights acne? …”Some women are looking not to bleed at all, and for other woman, it’s very concerning,” said Dr. Petra Casey, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology with the Mayo Clinic. “So what one woman thinks of as an advantage of some contraceptive methods is a disadvantage for others. It’s very individual.” Once you’ve zeroed-in on your must-haves, really push your care provider to spend time counseling you about the various options, Casey urged — maybe even schedule it as a separate visit from your annual exam. This is a big deal. Don’t let anyone rush you.

Are you questioning your relationship with your birth control?


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