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2-time transplant survivor's new heart ready for a wedding - KMSP-TV

Posted by @LeeAase, Jan 8, 2015

In a 100-year-old home in Rochester, originally built for one of Mayo Clinic’s first surgeons, is where Alyssa Sandeen spent 5 months of her life.

We first told you about Sandeen in the summer of 2013, not long after she got her second heart transplant. She got her first at age 8 in 1998, a heart that lasted 15 years – but barely.

Heart attacks in 2011, 2012 and 2013 landed her at Rochester’s St. Mary’s hospital for 6 months waiting for a donor. Then, just as she had done as a little girl, she moved into the Gift of Life Transplant House in Rochester for a few months. It’s a place to stay, as doctors want their patients nearby for a while.

Now, Sandeen is opening up about her new heart that’s fully of new love.

See the TV story online here:


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