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Anyone with head sweating, dripping water with no to little exertion?
Post Covid I developed head sweating with little to no exertion. Sometimes my forehead turns red and hot, sometimes cheeks, sometimes only one cheek. At...
Last active: Mar 4 3:34pm
Did my Covid vaccines change my sweating permanently? I AM A HOT MESS
It has been well over a year since my second and last Phizer Moderna vaccine. In that time, I have not stopped sweating and I...
Last active: Feb 18 8:47pm
Forced physical exersize
A week or two ago I reported my personal story about working my way (almost) out of 4 years long covid.I was still so badly...
Last active: Jun 27 12:11pm
long covid
I have been having problems ever since I got my first two covid shots over 2 years ago. I have the typical brain fog and...
Last active: Dec 11, 2023
Night sweats after COVID
Hello everyone, A few weeks ago I got COVID for the first time (as far as I know). It was mild and I have fully...
Last active: Jun 7 9:28am
I'm looking for your help from your experience
My name is Carol. I reside in Charleston SC. May 6 to 11 2024 I went on a cruise. Monday May 14 I felt awful...
Last active: May 26 5:12pm
Anyone have severe fatigue then next day sooo ugh!
I got COVID 3 years ago, then a second time this fall. My fatigue is so bad after almost any regular day, I sleep for...
Last active: May 17 10:39am
Post Covid sweating: Is this common for others too?
I am experiencing profuse sweating off during the day and nightly. Is this common post Covid?
Last active: Jun 8 9:00am
COVID-19 Long Haulers: Symptoms lasting 30 days plus
My name is Lindsay I’m 38 and a physician assistant. I most likely contracted Covid from a sick patient I was caring for. I started...
Last active: Jul 18, 2020
Any ideas how to get low cost care with insurance?
I originally got Covid Jan 2, 2022. As I had kidney stones 5 days later, I didn’t realize how sick I was. After a month...
Last active: Apr 23, 2023
Common symptoms, no cough
I think im going to get tested in a few days. Ive felt a siege of crappy symptoms including, hot/cold, sweaty, chills, night sweats, loss...
Last active: Nov 22, 2020
Will feel great. . . short lived. . . poof it's gone!
I see another member posted the same experience, ditto for me on several occasions and then poof. . . it's gone! I just don't get...
Last active: Jan 6 10:40pm
Has anyone experienced ALL of these symptoms after Covid?
Has anyone experienced ALL of these symptoms together since having Covid? Continuous Postnasal drip (thick and thin), fatigue, nausea, hair loss, chills/sweating, diarrhea, hands tingling/falling...
Last active: Jan 7 4:16pm
COVID test negative: How can I be sure my symptoms are long COVID?
A pulmonologist diagnosed me with Adult Moderate Persistent asthma a few months ago. Now I’m not so convinced. I remember having debilitating chills, night sweats,...
Last active: Dec 6, 2021
This one's for the ladies... symptoms swing with hormones?
I've noticed that many of my symptoms exactly line up with fluctuations in my menstrual cycle. Especially the POTS ones and brainfog. Anyone else? I've...
Last active: Dec 13, 2022
Post-covid neuropathy, Pan-colitis, now fast heart rate upon standing
I’m a 47 yr old fairly healthy woman. Diagnosed with Covid on 1/13/22. The first 2 we’re mild symptoms. Most fatigue and muscle weakness. None...
Last active: Oct 21, 2022
Can I infect anyone?
Two months since positive Covid with mild symptoms. 76, fully vaxed and boosted, healthy, and active. No reaction to any of the injections and came...
Last active: May 30, 2023
Long Hauler Worsening Symptoms and Doctors are Stumped
So the TLDR is I(And a very solid portion of my battalion) developed obvious covid symptoms simultaneously in December of 2019. Since then I have...
Last active: Jun 1 10:04am
Possibly autonomical dysfunction
Hi. I tested positive for covid on 1/13/22. The initial 2 weeks were not typical. No cough, no loss of taste, just minor body aches...
Last active: May 14, 2022
Nocturnal anxiety, panic attacks???
I’ve been having a horrible time with different symptoms from this long Covid since February, and recently was diagnosed with POTS…and it’s severe where I...
Last active: May 2, 2023